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Things to check before going live

Every new cam model needs a list of things to check before going live. Follow my guide and you’ll be ready to kill it on cam!

  • Completed your profile setup? – Add your bio, stats, settings, rates, tip features, profile images and payout info. Start only when all of this is done and approved!
  • Room tidy? – Be well-organised and clutter-free. A nice looking room will make you appear professional and it is pleasing on the eyes to the viewers.
  • Set up for best framing? – Great camera view is important. You want to show off your most flattering angles. Set up your work station and angle the webcam so you can look directly into it. This enables you to connect your audience with eye contact and encourages interaction from them.
  • Clear of any distractions? Make sure any pets in the house are fed and watered. Deal with anything else that might otherwise disturb you if not taken care of. Eliminate any annoying background noise.
  • Music playlists ready? – You’ll need music to help create an atmosphere. Use a speaker if you have one, but do not have the music too loud. Your viewers will want to listen to your voice moreso than your music.
  • Toys out and placed in reach? – Get everything you’ll need for cam shows out and ready. Ensure toys are sanitised and powered up. Vibrating toys need enough charge for the session. Having props within reach will avoid you having to scrabble looking for things.
  • Heels and stockings in reach? – Stiletto shoes, boots or stockings are common requests, have these to hand.
  • Snacks and a drink handy? – Keep a drink and snack beside you. This reduces the inconvenience of having to disrupt stream to pop to the kitchen.
  • Did you do enough reading and research? – You need to brief yourself on how to be a cam model to make a solid start. Read the articles on this blog and be informed. I am here to help!

  • Set up lighting sufficiently? – Room must be well lit with even lighting.
  • Restarted laptop/desktop and run through updates/scans? – Do this to minimise risk of running slow and stream lag issues.
  • If running on ethernet, have you switched off wifi setting on laptop? – You can do this in the network and internet settings. Allow machine to run solely via ethernet cable and not have the wifi interfere with hardwired connection. This is for best continuity of stream.
  • Installed correct browser? – Some cam sites have specific browsers optimised for use with. Check which browser you need as other browsers may not be able to support all of the features of the site you’re working on.
  • Run speed test? – Ideally you’ll have done one prior to signing up and checked minimum upload speed requirements. If it falls short you need to communicate with your site’s tech team. You may also need to speak with your internet provider.
  • Shut down any other browsers, software or applications that might interfere? – When you’re camming, shut everything else unrelated on your laptop down including anything that runs scans in the background. This is so as not to cause unnecessary slowing down of the machine.
  • Selected right camera in broadcast settings? – This is how you present the best quality picture on cam. If the camera you’ve plugged in is not showing in the settings, plug it in again. Refresh your screen, log out and in again, then look again.

  • Right mindframe to work on cam? – You want to be rested, happy, positive, excited and keen to do this! If not, you will resent being online and won’t make money.
  • Feel physically well? – If under the weather with any health or wellbeing issue, wait until you recover. If you do not, you risk starting on a negative spiral and won’t give it your best energy.
  • Wearing something you feel comfortable and sexy in? – Try on different outfits. Go with the one that makes you feel most confident! If you have a favourite lingerie set or something new, this will help you start strong!
  • Done makeup? – Heavy makeup not essential. A little light work on the face to prevent shiny skin and accentuate your best features will make you look and feel confident online.
  • Taken care of personal grooming? – This includes styling your hair, doing your nails, shaving/waxing legs/armpits/ladybits. Lack of attention to these things leads to self-consciousness.
  • What are your camming goals for today? – Self-motivation check! Be sure to have clear in your mind your motives, goals, income target and visions of your success. It is your commitment and consistency to being on cam that will help you achieve all your heart desires!

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Wisdom of the LVE cam models

Read on to tap into the wisdom of the LVE cam models. Helpful advice and guidance here for models finding their way in the adult webcam industry.

CAM MODEL MENTOR is owned by LVE Models, an established cam model studio based in the UK. 

We work with some of the world’s elite online performers from the UK, USA, Canada and Europe. 

Proud to have built our reputation on the satisfaction and success of our models, we assist budding and experienced cam stars to thrive in the industry. 

LVE Models provide all the tools and guidance models need to become established. Many go on to make sums of money they never imagined possible!

Word of mouth recommendation is how we grow our business. 
Quite simply, camgirls come to us because they hear of the great things our models achieve and they want to be successful, too.

We have built our studio culture around empowerment. 
Our models are like-minded females who strive to make it big as individuals. 

LVE Models empower each other to rise up and achieve, as a collective. In an industry where competition can be brutal, this is a beautiful thing!

Some of our models have come forward to share their insights and experience with you.

Here is a bunch of wisdom of the LVE cam models!

Tristan Blair

Andrea Nicole

Nova Ramone

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Jillian Mae

Honey Martinezzz

Hanna Orio


Gigi Tyler

Juicy Lucie

Kitty Star

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What to do when it’s dead online

Models often ask me for advice on what to do when it’s dead online. Here are some tricks to help your chat room pick up when the site is slow.

We are entering a time of year where cam sites are notoriously slow. Year on year cam sites across the board see a downturn in traffic over the summer months.

Members head on out to enjoy fair weather and light evenings, family gatherings, gradulation parties, summer vacations and school holidays.

I always reassure our models that this is normal and not to take it personally if their regular spenders are around less often.

Many models are demotivated as they struggle to make the same weekly figures they made in March through May.

During these times it’s all about managing expecations learning to be content with lower average hourly rates.

On the big live stream sites, there are thousands of cam models online at any one time, hustling for business.

There are also still hundreds of newbies joining cam sites every week, all with big money aspirations.

For established cam models, these slow times are a frustrating slog with fierce competition from their established peers.

They also have the issue of the new girls up and coming, and guys who normally spend money keen to try out the “fresh pussy.”

Members love choice, as this is what cam sites are all about. All cam models have to get their head around this.

The models who are smart will not let this get them down. Instead, they up their game.

Try new things to encourage greater earning potential and attract new spenders.

For the new models, summer can be a tough time to join. They might be just one slow chat room amongst thousands of others. Cam sites are a numbers game.

Such models need to focus on building their following in the early days. I understand the need to make enough money to maintain motivation, but there is no overnight success in cam modelling.

Many join sites expecting it to be instant easy money, but in reality its not like that. The rewards of patience and persistence online may not be realised until 6, 12 or even 18 months down the line.

As an experienced cam model I know first hand how demotivating it can feel when there’s not much going on. I’ve had online hours SO tedious that I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than be stuck talking to a bunch of zombies who don’t respond.

Now this is an important bit of field research here: I noticed that the more fed up I felt and the flatter my energy levels became, the slower my room got.

As difficult as it is to stay enthusiastic when it’s dead online, the absolute last thing a cam model should do is let her energy slump.

Looking bored, irritated, scrolling through the phone, sitting/laying in a lazy manner will do nothing more than encourage viewers to mirror the same energy.

As a result, they leave the room or become more complacent and less inclined to interact.

Energy attracts energy of the same frequency, so up-tempo your vibe and kick-start your viewers into action!


Be aware of this and keep it positive and approachable. Switch up the body positions from sitting to laying, move around in the camera view to display movement and stay energised.

Keep the facial expressions interested, smile and be sexy. All of this gives the illusion the room is busy even when its quiet. It also encourages anybody popping in for a look to stick around rather than click out uninspired, a few seconds later.

So nobody’s talking back, who cares! Chat anyway! Learning to be comfortable with talking to oneself is a really valuable skill to learn as a camgirl.

Chat about anything. What you did at the weekend, what music you’re listning to, how much you love your new sex toy. Any topic that’s engaging and fun for the viewers is good for keeping their attention.

You can even make stuff up for jaw-dropping effect or comedy if your mind works in cheeky ways! Nobody will know whether it’s your real life or not.

Do something fun or crazy to grab members’ attention and make them feel more inclined to interact. Here are some ideas:

  1. Melt ice on your butt/cleavage, talk about how warm it is and ask if they’d love to see a naughty show with ice.
  2. Do a squats workout, ass to camera, in some hot pants or yoga pants. This sets pulses races!
  3. Eat a banana seductively, or some strawberries or grapes. Ask your audience if they’re into food play.
  4. Rub your feet over a dildo and talk about how much you love foot massages.
  5. Show your sex toys and talk about them, share some experiences.
  6. Rub oil/lotion on your body. You don’t need to strip. Wear a bikini to spark their imagination.
  7. Do a hot fashion show, trying on different outfits and asking for their feedback.
  8. Do sexy stretching, splits, headstands or anything else athletic if you’re a fit girl.
  9. Do something articstic like drawing if this is your thing, or play a card trick/game.
  10. Do some preening – curl your hair, paint your nails, do a pedi etc.

Whatever happens, keep that sparkle as this makes potential tippers warm up, rather than go cold and leave.

Personality is what usually wins fans over on cam sites. Make you cam persona appealing and maintain a consistent good attitude no matter how slow or busy.

A cam model with a persona that sparkles always stands out versus those who do not know how to be personable or engaging.


Please, go ahead and try out my tricks! You may not set the world alight in every session, but some improvement is better than none when it’s slow.

I would love to hear if my advice helps your chat room pick up. Please let me know in the comments!

Lastly… Always remember to adjust and manage your expectations during the slow times.

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First day on cam

It’s your first day on cam and you’re feeling nervous. Allow me to offer some guidance to help you make ‘taking the plunge’ feel less daunting!

At LVE Models we coach new models every week. Many of the models joining us have webcammed before, however some have not.

Feeling nervous when faced with the prospect of going on cam for the first time is totally normal.

The vast majority who come to us suffer first day nerves to some degree, whether they have cammed before or not.

Everyone was once a newbie facing the task for their first time, so you are not alone!

The reason for ‘first day on cam’ nerves is this: feeling nervous is the body’s natural reaction to the unknown.

In most cases, this fear is mostly due to not being prepared. Things that are straightforward to do and learn can seem overwhelming if information not available.

How to set up a profile, how to go online, what to look for and how to engage an audience… These are basic training requirements that should be covered prior to going online.

Unfamiliar territory can bring a host of anxieties based on fears over things that have not yet happened (and may not happen).

If you’re thinking these thoughts, don’t worry, it’s perfectly rational and you are not alone!

This is why a support network is essential.

Most cam site interfaces are not as complicated as they might look on a first glance. Take some time to click through each screen, read and understand. If it’s a good site, it will be user-friendly.

There will always be training information available, whether this is via a link or another type of online document. If it is not supplied on registration, ask the site admin or agency you signed up with.

If anything is not clear within the performer account, there will be an admin team, either at the site’s head office or through an agency or studio you registered with.

Ask, ask and ask questions! Nobody minds! These people are there to help you get familiar with how to operate your login features and navigate your profile.

Observe how the site works from a member’s perspective to see what they see when visiting cam models.

Look at how models are displayed. Check this both on the home page and when viewing individual profiles.

Take note of where to find key features such as tip menus and games. Identify where a member would go to take a model into a private show and how they would private message a model.

If you do all of this, you will know where and what to direct members to do when they visit your profile.

Some members, just like you, will be brand new so take a proactive approach in understanding your own site.

This will help them to spend their money – which is precisely what you’re there for.

To assist you getting through your first day on cam, seek to connect with other cam models on your site.

Group chats, forums and social media neworking groups are universal things on most cam sites. Ask the site admin or your agency how you can join these.

These groups are where you’ll find like-minded models who, like you, were once brand new and nervous.

Connecting with other models who have been through the same motions is invaluable.

You can draw on their experience, share your worries and have your mind put at ease.


We have a community here at LVE Models where models, both new and experienced alike, are joined together via a WhatsApp chat.

They swap ideas and experiences, offer motivation to one another and look out for the newbies.

I know in some cases, having this chat group has been the difference between certain individuals dropping away and going on the be successful models who make four figure weekly payouts.

There is no point in going online if you’re highly strung. You’ll be in a weird vibe and as such, struggle to get people spending.

To draw people in to part with their cash you’ll need them to feel relaxed and comfortable in your presence.

This starts by making yourself comfortable in the hours and minutes before you go live.

Whether it’s a workout, taking a bath, breathing exercises or pouring a glass of wine; do what you need to do on your first day on cam.

Steadying the nerves can be done in various ways and we are all different in that sense. Choose whatever makes you feel chilled.

If you need to take your time getting ready and thinking about how to approach your first cam show (over a glass of wine), do so!

You can always watch some other cam models for ideas and inspiration, whilst getting ready.

Once the preparation is done and you feel ready, take some slow deep breaths and go for it!

Be bold, commit yourself to the time you’ve set aside to cam, and persist.

There is nothing to lose and a wealth of potential to gain.

Your new opportunity brings a new path, a new money source, a new following and new doors opening. This is all very exciting!

All members love meeting the latest models joining their site because this is exciting for them. Enjoy the buzz of connecting with new people. Tell them you’re new and learning.

They won’t expect you to know everything on your first day. Many will be keen to support you if you’re personable towards them and appreciative of their support.

Remember what motivated you to start in the first place and hold this thought.

You’ll get through initial nerves if you focus on the reasons you’re there.


It’s your mission to accomplish and you are accountable for your own success (with a little support and guidance)!

Once you’ve got your first day on cam out of the way, you’re already one day experienced! This means you’re one day more knowledgable than you were prior to starting!

Each day thereafter continues the learning curve on your journey into webcamming.

Over time, your understanding grows as does your confidence.

Girl, you got this!


Here are some helpful articles for brand new models preparing for their first day on cam.

How to be a cam model

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Wisdom of the LVE Cam Models

Your success on cam hinges on…

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Managing mental health on cam

It is challenging, managing mental health on cam. The industry is cut-throat and not everybody is kind, helpful or loyal.

As CAM MODEL MENTOR, I have experienced first hand a number of the industry’s downsides and lived them again through the eyes of my cam model peers.

There are common causes for intermittent low mood or worse still, a downward spiral of mental health. For this reason, managing mental health on cam is something I am not only sensitive too, but continually mindful of.

With poor mental health, be it a temporary or long term infliction; clarity of thought and judgement can be shrouded. Overwhelm can set in.

Many females in the world of cam suffer the same troubles and come to me for advice. I do my best to guide them and help them stay resilient through the bumpy times.

In many cases they are able to push through and continue working on cam. There are also occasions where a week, a fortnight, a month or even more offline is necessary in the name of self care.

I am thankful to my years in the industry, exposing me to the highs and lows of camming. I have personally hit some low points and always bounced back thanks to having great support around me.


At times my self-belief waned and I had to give myself a good talking to; even a shake. Part of the mental battle is putting in the work changing the perception of things.

I can hand on heart say “I’ve been there” with many of the problems cam models suffer. Having this advice to offer them is the reason I am privileged to be in the position I am in today.

As much I want to resolve every cam model’s headaches; certain things will always be outside of my control.

What my experience tells me is this: Where there is high expectation there is always going to be disappointment.

Managing mental health on cam is evidently about identifying what’s causing turmoil, working out solutions and managing expectations.


CONFIDENCE is: The feeling of belief that one can have faith or rely on someone/something.

SELF ESTEEM is: Confidence in one’s own worth or abilities.


Confidence and self esteem go hand in hand.

Many cam models suffer lack of confidence or self esteem to some degree. This is especially the case in the early days whilst learning, and very normal.

The common effects of lack of confidence or self esteem are anxiousness, subdued mood, reluctance to speak, flat energy levels and closed body language.

Site users pick up on these and feel inhibited too.

I remember times on cam where I felt self-conscious, doubting myself. During these moments I would struggle to make money.

I realised that this was every bit to do with the vibe I was in. Low mood due to PMT were the worst times, so I was mindful of the need to manage this.

In contrast, the times I was in my most high vibing state of mind, I would always do well online. Members would gravitate to my confident energy and tips would roll in.


Self help for low confidence or low self esteem starts with mindfulness. Try to identify on the cause, be aware of your feelings and how you normally respond or react. Your gut will tell you if something doesn’t feel right.

If there are issues with self-motivation, learn how to self-motivate. Have a read of this article.

If it is lack of understanding, you can gain understanding by doing research. Ask advice from a mentor or experienced cam models.

With camming, preparation is everything. Details like the hair, nails, makeup or outfit not feeling on point can feel like a big deal.

TIP: Always allow enough time to get ready prior to going online. Not doing this can cause the feeling of being unprepared, which is an apprehensive, unconfident state to be in.


Great preparation comes across in positive body language. It presents a more satisfied self-image which translates to increased confidence. This in turn means improved self-esteem, which is constructive to good mental health.

I wrote an article with my tips on how to bring out self-confidence naturally, here. Please have a read of this. I am sure you will find this super helpful.


While having a high degree of work ethic is paramount to success as a cam model, the issue of burnout in this industry is very real.

Be mindful of the importance of work-life balance, especially if juggling camming with motherhood or another job.

You’ll know if you’ve reached boiling point and need to drop out of camming for a while. This point usually materialises in complete lack of desire to log on.

Never hesitate to take time out from camming when you need to recharge. Your wellbeing always comes first!



Plan each weekly schedule to include designated time for self-care activity. Do this every week because an hour each day doing something relaxing is the most effective way to prevent burnout.

Whilst doing longer length sessions on cam is usually the best way to make money, structure these with breaks.

For example, if planning to work a 7-8 hour full day or night on cam, do 3-4 hour bursts. In between take a 40-60 minute break away from your computer, as you would with any other job.

TIP: Take a walk in the fresh air during break. Moving the body outdoors is energising and calming for the mind.


Some models find doing split sessions works well for them. For example, 3-4 hours in the mornings, then spending the afternoons offline to do other things.

They come back online in the evening and work 3-4 hours, showing enough commitment to their camming to earn respectable earnings.

TIP: Split shift models meet different members online at different times of the day. This is a smart way to build the following and capture good traffic across various timezones.



A chat room that’s slow as hell is thoroughly demotivating. I know, I’ve been there.

Every cam model can relate to being sat for an hour, two, three or even more with hardly anybody in the room. Worse still when there are viewers in the room and nobody is chatting, let alone tipping.

When it feels dead online, it is a real test of resilience and patience. Moreover where there is an apparent lack of motivation on the part of the cam model, the response is generally lacklustre too.

Please never take the slow times personally as they hit every model on every cam site. It is just the nature of the industry.



Inevitably, slow times come and go. As tough as it is, maintaining a positive vibe is essential in order to attract positive energy back from any potential spenders.

To help with this, start by staying hungry; focussed on your goals and targets. These are your motives to work.

In a physical sense, it’s all about working to create engagement.

TIP: Throw out some random ideas, mix up the personal style, try some different show types or do a fun cosplay.

Design some offers and flash sale discounts to encourage members to interact and spend their tokens/credits.


Change the perception: Put a positive spin on the slow times by looking upon each one as an opportunity to be creative.

It is amazing how you can turn things around when the imagination comes out to play.

REMEMBER: Cam site members feed off the energy of cam models and respond like for like. If a cam model’s energy is flat, the energy is mirrored by her audience.


I’ve coached models who appear bored in their rooms. They don’t move or speak much, sit down looking at their phone. From a viewer’s perspective this is uninspiring; and it usually turns into a visious cycle.

The moment cam models understand how a dull demeanour does nothing but feed their slow room and make people complacent; is the moment they level up.

With increased effort and interaction the situation is more fruitful, thus creating a more positive sense of mental wellbeing.

TIP: Be assertive! Many members on cam sites do not take the first step interacting with cam models. They will ‘lurk’ if they are not engaged.


I have an article here about how to manage the slow times so please read this for further advice.


Unfortunately not every person using cam sites is a kind and respectful person. Amongst the millions of well-behaved members, the industry has its fair share of trolls and idiots.

I’ve come across members with drink and drug abuse issues and severe mental health problems who have been banned from multiple cam sites.

Such people do not act in a decent or rational manner. When a cam model is targeted, this can be stressful.


The easiest way to remove another person who is causing harm is to ban / block and report to admins. If they cannot make further contact, they cannot continue to be a nuisance.

Over my years of camming I blocked a few hundred people. I would not say that these were all trolls, the majority were just users I found annoying. Nonetheless, they had to go because I found them draining.

Running a tight ship on cam provides a greater sense of control and sets the standard on how you as a cam model expect people to behave. This in itself is empowering and instrumental to managing mental health on cam.

Read my article here for more guidance on how to deal with internet trolls.


A common issue causing unhealthy minds in cam models is falling into the trap of depending on regular clients more than they should. Worse still, trying to force them into exclusivity.

Men using cam sites are there to fulfil their needs, be these physical or mental needs. They will visit a number of different models to feel satisfied.

A cam model’s role is to fulfil whatever they require, at that given moment. She exchanges her services for money online, that is her job.

Members using cam sites will often tell models what they want to hear, including that they will not visit other models.


Some site users can be manipulating in order to seduce models into emotional dependency. Be on guard never to fall victim to this.

Cam sites are all about promiscuity with multiple people. Cam models entertain lots of different men for money and site members know this.

Therefore, expecting exclusivity from a regular client on a cam site where exclusivity does not work both ways, is a false sense of security.


Cam models should not be concerned by the behaviour of regulars. This includes if they visit other models, and if they do not make an appearance for a while.

I hear of cam models burning their free time watching other chat rooms to see if their regulars are ‘cheating’ on them.

Doing this only sets onself up for (self-infliced) mental harm, as a result, becoming consumed by the negative emotion associated with it.

Cam site members have their own needs, they also have private lives. Wives, girfriends; it is what it is.

Once cam models accept that their “regulars” are not their personal property, the healthier their minds are on cam!



Managing expectations means to seek to prevent disappointment by establishing in advance what can realistically be achieved or delivered.


The adult webcamming industry is dynamic. Sites, including the members and other models within, do not always provide consistency.

There are good days and there are bad days, it is the same for all cam models.

If something has happened in your camming world that’s to pushed you off your game, you need to address this immediately.

Depending on the nature of the issue, raise and discuss it with someone who has experience. Site admins, technical support, a mentor or fellow cam models you trust.

Doing this helps make sense of what’s going on and carve out the action plan.

The second step is to manage the expectations. Whatever the situation, take a realistic view that there may need to be a work around put in place, or a complete change in course to suit you going forward.

Thirdly, no matter how bad things feel, keep the faith. Stay optimistic that things will work out. Think only positive thoughts and positive outcomes will be more likely to occur.


RESPOND: To say something or take action in return, to show a favourable action. (Positive)

REACT: To exert a reciprocal or counteracting force of influence, usually used against. (Negative)

Know the difference between the two. Try to always respond to anything that’s causing poor mental welfare in camming. This helps more effectively manage the sentiment along with a clear view for dealing with problems.

Avoid reacting, as reaction is often knee-jerk and can produce an undesirable outcome.

TIP: Respond not react will see you acquire a greater sense of control over thoughts and emotions.


To start training the mind to respond rather than react, work on improving the perception of the issue.

Perception is how a person sees, hears or becomes consciously aware of a problem.

In short, the first part is to look for the positives. There will be some positives, as every negative has a positive.

Hold the positive thoughts and the negative ones should become less prominant.

Respond in a positive manner

  • Rule #1: Stay cool.
  • Rule #2: Do not respond immediately. Take time to gather thoughts.
  • Rule #3: Do, say or action whatever is required to fix or manage the problem in a calm manner.

TIP: Responding positively in in place of reacting negatively helps the perceived problem seem far less of a burden.


Where there is a lesser sense burden, there is a healthier mindset and greater encouragement to carry on whilst issues are being dealt with.


Please do not ever bottle things up, or they never get resolved. Nobody should feel ashamed to admit when something is not going well.

Camming is a tough job and the industry is challenging. I have lost count of how many uncomfortable predicaments I’ve come up against in camming over the years.

Every single one got sorted. Either resolved completely, or I accepted certain issues were not going away and learnt to manage my expectations.

Having a cam model mentor or support group is priceless. It’s often the differnce between make or break.


With mentors and support groups, you have safe environments to unload thoughts and air concerns.

Not every cam site has mentors or support groups and for this reason many cam models sadly feel they are alone.

When women feel unsupported in the industry, they are the most at risk of poor mental health. Usually these are the ones who slip away and never unleash their true potential on cam.


It is a blessing to find camgirls who are team players, who are helpful to other models and build each other up.

In my experience I have found there to be many such women in the industry.

At LVE Models we have worked very hard to instill a certain mindset and ethos in our models. They pull together as a sisterhood and welcome new models coming into the organisation.

Managing mental health on cam is best done with support, and we do exactly that.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.


How to manage slow days

Learn how to manage the slow days on cam in order to stay disciplined, motivated and focussed on your goals.

All cam models, whatever their level of experience, may find some days online seem more arduous than others.

Live stream cam sites can vary dramatically in volumes and patterns of traffic and every site has its typical peak and off peak hours. With models working in different timezones, not all are able to be online during the peak hours. Because of this, they may feel the site is ‘slow.’

The key to staying resilient and pushing through this is learning how to manage slow days.

I will say that despite the peak and off peak patterns, any site with high traffic (which is most of the live stream sites) will have thousands of users online 24/7. For this reason there is always the potential to make money no matter what time you log on.

For maximal potential to make money no matter what time you’re online, the power is entirely in your hands. Here’s what you need to do:

Members will feed of your energy. Bear in mind if there are people in your room who are not bringing value, they will often be reciprocating your energy.

Always remember that energy attracts the same type of energy.


First and foremost: create a spectacular vibe. Put out good energy this will make people warm up and feel more inclined to bring value to your day. You can start by creating a pleasant atmosphere with background music.

Dance and shake your butt, movement helps prevent the atmosphere feeling flat.

Keep body language and body positions open and receptive. Smile and be appreciative of your viewers’ presence.

If you find viewers are not talking back, work harder to get them being interactive. Up your game with the chat.

Try to directly engage them by usernames and break the ice with small talk. Ask how their day is, where they’re from.

You’ll need to master the art of chatting to yourself. Get busy doing your nails or taking selfies to upload to your followers on social media with a shoutout that you’re online. Talk through what you’re doing.

Chat about your tipping options, on-sale media, Snapchat subscriptions and anything else you can promote.

Chit chat as though you’re talking to an imaginary friend. Nobody knows who you’re talking to, and this trick is often a game-changer as it keeps you appearing occupied!


The psychology behind this is: you’re actively engaging a person (be it a real person or not) and this makes others want your attention. They will want to be a part of your session if they see you’re interesting and fun to chat with.

Don’t let potential tippers step into your room and see staring down at your phone or looking fed up. They will find this boring, and leave.

Make your chat patter a regular habit and all of a sudden one or more people start to interact back, and interaction leads to tipping and private shows.

The onus is on you to be positive and don’t let the traffic lulls be a problem for you. Always be of the mindset that slow times won’t last providing you work hard to make your room busier.

Be constantly mindful of your vibe and think how you can up your game. Work hard to be the stand-out model online.

Stay optimistic with a good attitude, every hour will bring different members logging on. One slow hour does not mean the next one has to be.

Never lose site of your goals, even when it feels like you’re flogging a dead horse online.

Remind yourself you’re there to work and you will get the very best out of your sessions providing you bring good energy, work hard to be interactive and display positivity.

Do affirmations, write your goals down, DO IT ANYWAY! The best way to self-discipline, self-motivate and stay focussed is by giving your cam session a purpose.

Your goals are your reason to stay online and complete your scheduled hours. They are your motivation to keep your hustle game strong.

You never know who is about to step into your chat room and love your amazing vibe. He could be your next big tipper or long term regular!

If you slip into a negative vibe or log off, he will never get the chance to connect with you.


Sometimes a break is all that’s needed. If you’ve been online a couple of hours and find your efforts seem in vain, take a break.

Go for a walk, do a workout, meditate, listen to music, read a book, bake a cake, do some visualisations and goal setting. Do whatever makes you feel energised and positive.

When you log back on you will feel fresh again and it will likely be a whole different crowd. Tell them what you’ve been up to just now, ask them how their day is going. Notice the shift in energy and be appreciative for their receptiveness.

If after trying all of the above it is still stagnant in your chat room, give yourself complete overhaul. Try something new with a change in shows, tipping options, outfit or personal styling.

If you have cam model friends, bounce ideas off them. If you have a mentor or coach, as them for guidance. A good coach will assist you with ways you can encourage greater interaction and tipping.

It can often be of benefit switching up the hours. Going online at a different time to your usual time means you can meet a whole different crowd. You can gain new followers and expand your presence online.

As CAM MODEL MENTOR I am hands-on with our LVE Models. Active in their chat rooms, assisting and directing when needed.

Also being experienced cam model who learned first hand how to manage slow days, I have all the tips and tricks to pass on.

This is empowering for me and it is empowering for them to learn that my methods work for them too.

Their slow days become fewer and farther between. More frequent are the days they are busy, killing it on cam.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.


Secrets of self-motivation

What are the secrets of self-motivation? We all have days where we’re ‘not feeling it,’ but persistent lack of self-motivation means lack of earning potential. Here’s how to tackle this problem.

It is the ability to fulfil a motive. It is the drive to do something based on the benefits it will bring.

Self-motivation is telling yourself, “no matter how I feel, I have a mission and I am going to do it anyway!”

In order for self-discipline to be motivational and engineer the desired results, it must be supported by regular reminders. These reminders are reasons why you must do it anyway.

Getting ready and logging online sounds like an easy thing to do. In principle it is, however one of the biggest barriers to success is where lack of self-motivation results in not showing up.


During my time in the industry I have discovered many factors that cause this problem and unravelled the secrets of self-motivation. This awareness has led me to identify ways to help de-motivated individuals. Making sense of how they feel and understanding why they’re stumbling is the first step.

I have mastered techniques designed to renew the sense of self-motivation. If done correctly and with care, these empower individuals to march strongly onward and reach their goals.

First I want to talk about some of the common causes of lack of self-motivation in cam models.

Lack of self-motivation is a negative and unproductive state to be in. It often stems from self-limiting thoughts or beliefs.

These are thoughts and beliefs lacking the positivity and confidence required for a person to achieve.

Thoughts and beliefs starting with “I can’t,” “I’m not,” “I won’t” for example, are prime culprits.

Where there is lack of willing or faith fuelled by negative thoughts; individuals will often opt out (elective failure).

There can be a whole catalogue of factors that trigger self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. Phyisical, psychological and emotional barriers are the main sources.

For example, there might be inconsistent moods due to hormonal ups and downs, personal or relationship problems. There could be tiredness of feeling physically out of sorts. Underlying mental welfare issue such as anxiety or low self esteem are common denominators.

There could have been a few poor sessions on cam, or a bad experience with online trolling.

We are all human beings and it’s normal to have ‘off’ days. We should never feel bad for taking time out when we need to rest.

Self care is crucial, but staying focussed on our goals is one of the secrets of self-motivation.


While mindful of creating a healthy work/life balance, money moves can only happen if the effort is not put in.

Hold this thought at the forefront if success is desired and know you have the power to push through the difficult times. This is essential to growth.

Often this simply involves giving ourselves a shake, dressing up and showing up. Be that badass cam model queen who achieves her goals no matter what!  

I believe it is important to have a support network and/or a mentor when camming because sometimes all that’s needed is a little friendly support or encouragement.

Take inspiration from those who know how to push through the tough times. These are the models you see grinding out their sessions online, making bank week after week.

For sure they get their ups and downs, but have mastered the ability to stay self-disciplined and motivated.


If I lost £1 for every time I felt like flaking out, even with a fleeting thought… Damn! I would not have reached my goals thus far and not be in the comfortable position I am in today. 

That symbol of £1 lost for every time is in reality worth a far greater loss because every working day on cam had far greater value than £1 to me.

It translates to thousands of pounds of lost income over time if every off day was a day I chose not to commit to my goal.

There are numerous times I have worked on cam with PMT. Others I have worked feeling low after bad news. Endless occasions I have worked on cam with sleep deprivation, but the show has gone on.

Nothing would stop me putting on my Cam Queen hat and working to my schedule. Only exceptions being in cases I genuinely was too sick to work, or my child was sick.

My secrets of self-motivation include my unfaltering determination to be successful.

Never satisfied with not hitting my income targets or reaching personal goals, knowing these are things I have complete control of.


No matter what, the show must go on!

DO IT ANYWAY is a a Boss mindset. Filled with purpose, determination, resilience and prosperity!

DO IT ANYWAY sees me smile and give myself a pat on the back! It is a sense of pride and accomplishment on completion of goals!

DO IT ANYWAY continually asserts me as a professional and a role model!

DO IT ANYWAY is uplifting, empowering and feels incredible!

Adopt DO IT ANYWAY is one of my secrets of self-motivation! The steps below open the door to life-changing results!


Take 30-60 minutes for relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and mind. I recommend a walk in a natural setting or an energising exercise session.

Go for a massage, do meditation or listen to music or motivational podcasts. These are superb ways to unwind. This ie because they open the positive mindset channels in preparation for successful working.


Spend five minutes visualising all of the things you want to achieve (goals) and necessities you need to cover (costs of living etc) as a result of working on cam. Do this because these are your key motives to work and you should remind yourself of them continually.

Without goals, there is no ambition and as a result, no purpose to work. Set some if you have not already, add quantifiable measures along with timescales. I share more about how to do this in a few moments as you read on.

Goals and motives are one of the primary secrets of self-motivation as without these, there is not much point in doing anything… at all.


Nobody likes the word failure. Consider the things you would miss out on if you were to give way to self-defeat and not work. Giving in to self-defeat is the worst type of failure, as it is elective failure.

Think about details, pictures and emotions along with what the loss represents in monetary terms because this serves as a kick up the butt to get going.

Not being able to afford that holiday with the girls next summer, having that loan forever hanging over your head, not being able to get that new car… These such thoughts make me sad and more determined not to let this happen!

Do you see how focussing on doing anything but failing is such a powerful secret to self-motivation?


Along with the physical losses that happen as a result of lack of self-motivation, I need to tell you that the subsquent regret is not a nice feeling to experience. This can often be the culprit for the forming of negative, self-defeatist habits where lack of self-motivation is the default setting.

Be mindful of the implications of regret but focus on the opposite feeling – satisfaction. This encourages a positive sense of self-worth. Linger on on the satisfaction you will experience on the achievement of your success and become emotionally involved with that feeling!

It is easy to see wht focussing on the feelings of satisfaction are one of my secrets of self-motivation.


You have your goals and motives… Clarification and reassertion of these will continue to set the intention of the purpose and the positives therein you will gain.

Whilst getting ready to go online, think exciting empowering thoughts about your goals which reinforce why you need to dress up, show up and get the job done in order to reach those goals.

This constant reminder makes your camming mission 100 times more meaningful and helps with setting a schedule in order to fulfil the required hours online.

Your purpose is the choice you make to see it through with a strong motive which leads to the end gain.

Clarify and reassert the purpose by way of affirmative mission statements in order to self-program and place yourself firmly in that driving seat.


Set out exactly what you want to achieve in specific, quantifiable measure. Include these five elements:

  • TASK – webcamming.
  • PURPOSE – why you’re doing it along with the target earnings you require.
  • TIME – number of hours you are going to persist for.
  • OBJECTIVE – the ultimate goal that needs to be met.
  • EMOTION – the pleasant outcome in terms of the feelings that compeltion of the mission will bring.

Form a strong, affirmative, motivational mission statement including the above elements. Make this affirmative (affirmative = “I will”) and filled with enthusiasm, as a result this elevates the positivity and unleashes this powerful secret of self-motivation.

Here are two examples to guide you.

1. “Today I will work on cam and make the money I need for my holiday (PURPOSE). I shall persist online until I have reached my target earnings, this will be for a minimum of 5 hours (TIME) in order to pay the sum of £xxxx I need for the flights (OBJECTIVE). Knowing I can book my flights thanks to my work ethic, will make me feel on top of the world!” (EMOTION).

2. “This day is devoted to working on cam (TASK) and I do this as I am a professional (PURPOSE). I will work for 8 hours (TIME) and make £xxxx to pay off the rest of my loan (OBJECTIVE). Finally I shall be debt free and celebrate this weekend! This is the greatest sense of freedom and happiness I have ever experienced!” (EMOTION).

Can you feel the enthusiasm in these mission statements? They’re specific, quantifiable, with a positive emotional attachment. Do you know understand why mission statements are one of my secrets of self-motivation?

You do?

Now go ahead and have fun creating your own, clearly define your goal(s) and WRITE IT/THEM DOWN!


… Now REPEAT your mission statement ten times.

The act of repetition is one of my secrets of self-motivation. It is a key part of mental programming because not only does this make create a prolific thought in the conscious mind, it also helps that thought become ingrained into the subconscious mind.

Our conscious mind is the mental compartment for thoughts we can control. We can choose what we think about by switching and replacing one dominant through with another.

That elusive subconscious mind is the trickier part of the mind to convince. It is the part of the mind that controls the feelings, actions and behaviours of an individual, i.e. the subconscious habits.

Thoughts provoked by subconscious habits are difficult to control because the average person does not know how to control or change them. Most people are not even aware it is possible to do so. It takes training.

Subconscious mind reprogramming is an in-depth subject I go into, for instance with one to one mentoring training if this is required.

Make daily self-motivation with mission statements and repetition a positive habit. You will be on your way to striking gold, armed with effective self-motivation techniques!

I am rooting for you and all the unlimited potential you will unlock as a self-motivated, goal-orientated cam model!


I hope you find this article helpful, I have only scratched the surface of my secrets of self-motivation. There are layers of issues that cause lack of motivation because this is often a complex issue.

Where there is a persistent lack which results in the inability to work on a frequent basis, with or without low moods or feelings of indifference, I advise to very carefully about whether camming is the right avenue.

I am a great believer of if something doesn’t feel right or there are too many off days, it is just not going to work out.

To learn what webcamming success depends on, read this article.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.


Manage distractions make more money

Keen to learn how to manage distractions and make more money on cam? Here’s how…

I often notice major spoiler issues overlooked in online chat rooms, even by experienced cam models. My top five distractions listed below are common stumbling blocks to successful camming.

These typically translate to wasted time and missed earning opportunities.

The number one culprit! Either leave it alone, or put it out of reach to avoid the temptation of surfing and scrolling.

When members look in chat rooms and see models looking down at their phones they assume the model is bored. Cam models who sit or lay using their phones often find they have no interaction, then wonder why they can’t make money.


Members gravitate to chat rooms that appear busy with models paying attention to their audience. Keeping an eye out for potential spenders and working immediately to engage them shows interest. They are more likely to spend, thus the model is able capitalise.

Keep pets out of the room as this is distracting for the model and off-putting to viewers. When members are keen to get sexy, they don’t want to see a dog or cat jumping all over the model’s bed.

If a cam model is petting their animal, this sends out the wrong signals. It sets the impression that the model is giving their pet all the attention and not ready for sexual activity.


Make sure your pet is well fed and exercised before shutting them out of the room. This means they are not distracting you and crushing your ability to make money.

Only work online when you know you have the time booked out where there are not going to be other people in the property disturbing you. This includes children if you are a camming mother.

If camming after kids have gone to bed make sure there is a lock on the inside of the door. This is to prevent them bursting into the room whilst you’re in a sexual predicament in the event they do wake up.


This safeguards them from seeing things they should not see and safeguards you in respect of the site’s Code of Conduct. The appearance of minors is strictly forbidden across all sites.

If your child wakes up, immediately switch off your connection to the site. Call to them and let them know you’re coming. Quickly make yourself decent, hide sex toys and go be mumma.

While this may be annoying whilst on cam, nobody can prevent unexpected knocks on the door. If you know you have a delivery due on a day you’re on cam, ensure you’ve planned for their arrival. Be organised leaving safeplace instructions if possible. If you have a time slot for a delivery it is best to be offline during this time.

The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a private show and someone is banging on the door something to be signed for.

Not only does this disrupt the show, it is irritating for the member who is paying for the show.


In an ideal world all cam models would be camming with exclusive dibs over their internet connection. Where others are in the property using the internet for activities such as gaming or any other form of live streaming, this can crush the bandwidth.

This often causes the connection on the cam model’s part to lag and freeze, thus throwing a spanner in the works of making money.

Everyone’s personal situation at home differs so it is important to be aware of this factor. Find a work-around solution found to prevent any disruptions to you working on cam.


If you live in a shared property, try and obtain the fastest possible connection. Sometimes it’s necessary to upgrade to gain the greatest amount of bandwidth and the highest possible upload speed.

In cases where upload speed is low, work your sessions around when other members of the household are out, or sleeping. You may need to agree a compromise. Read my article about minimum connection requirements here.

From time to time, unforseen distracting or disturbing factors are bound to crop up that you cannot control. These could be situations causing significant bearing on your concentration or thwarting your ability to work on cam entirely.

Excessive noise factors such as neighbours banging around doing DIY or workmen digging up the road are typical bugbares. In these cases it is best to wait until they are finished before jumping online. This risk of logging on and ending up frustrated will be noticable by anybody you are visible to online.

Members always feed off cam models’ energy so if there is anything distracting going on, they sense when the model is irritated or fed up. They will feel the same too!


Ultimately every distraction has a solution so the key is to be mindful at all times. Be aware of how certain factors affect performance and profitability, and prepared to make adaptations when necessary.

This awareness helps improve online consciousess for the model. The aim is to create a professional environment in which they can manage any distractions and make more money on cam.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.


What to wear on cam

Do you know what to wear on cam? Here are my guidelines to help you carve out your personal style.

I explain the importance of being mindful when choosing what to wear on cam. Never overlook the preferences of the crowd you wish to appeal to.

You will always attract the people who are in harmony with you, so bear this in mind when deciding what to wear on cam.

Dress to draw in the type of followers and regulars you desire.


It sounds very straightforward in theory, and it is.

Quite simply, like attracts like: so understand there are various populations floating around on cam sites.

Understanding your market will help you attract the type of visitors you want.

All webcam sites have members at opposite ends of the scale in terms of spending budget, and all sorts in-between.

As a general rule, if you wish to appeal to the classy higher-networth members, think high end when deciding what to wear on cam. Dress in an exquisite way they find appealing.

Similarly if you want to attract to the younger crowd such as the gamer guys; style in a casual way that fits with their vibe.

Models who just slip into ‘whatever,’ to wear on cam, find they attract the wrong crowd.

Choosing your personal dress style is the first step to carving out your identity and knowing who you are as a cam model. While your style needs to be one you are comfortable with, it also needs to be one that you are happy to be judged on.

First impressions are everything because the outfit is the first thing members see on entering a model’s chat room.

They will judge upon the outfit along with the model’s physical appearance (looks, hair, skin colour, body shape and size, for example).

If they like what they see on first glance, they will stick around to find out more.

Do you already know how you wish to dress? Yes? Great!

Have you already identified the calibre of members you wish to attract? Yes? Super!

You’re halfway there. Now, have a think about what you feel beautiful in whilst rocking that style.

Consider which colours and cuts complement your figure and skin tone. Bear in mind that bright colours are eye-catching and make women feel vibrant, while black is always flattering.

Choosing garments that fit well and highlight your favourite body parts will unleash the inner body confidence far moreso than anything that is a poor fit or baggy; and doesn’t make you feel sexy.


If you are a unsure about which type of guys you want to hook, follow my guidelines.

These members are usually the affluent spenders and can afford to be picky who they spend their money on. Choose from the following outfits: Bodysuits, basques and babydolls, gorgeous matching bra and panty sets with suspenders and stockings.

Also look at bikinis in luxurious colours like deep purple, red and gold; along with classy bodycon and cocktail dresses. Sexy stiletto heels with holdup stockings drive these guys wild!

For this demograph their ideal cam models are high-end females. Be their Goddess because they love to spoil with tips, gifts and lingerie.

Discrete gentlemen looking for GFE (girl friend experience) or a high class mistress will choose cam models who style with divine appeal.


These guys like to feel they can relate to cam models on a similar level. To show these guys you’re approachable, choose bodystockings, hotpants or denim sorts, crop tops, bikinis, miniskirts and tight vest tops because these outfits will lure this crowd.

Their ideal camgirls are babes they can hang with, build friendships, talk about gaming and get lit with. They will visit often and be the resident fan club of their favourite girls!


If you’re a rock, alternative or emo chick with her own style, you’ll absolutely pull in these type of guys. Outfits in dark colours, leathers, PVC, bodystockings, corsets, hot pants, fishnets, studs are killer looks to get these guys hooked.

These members view rock ‘n’ roll style cam models as relatable hotties. They can engage with these girls on a level, have much in common with including music and hobbies. They convert to loyal supporters if you keep rocking their world!

Part of the joy of being a cam model is being imaginative, having fun trying out fabrics and textures.


We are spoiled for choice with gorgeous garments available to purchase in a variety of sexy fabrics. Lace, satin, chiffon, cotton, spandex and velvet are all eye-catching textures. Providing cut right and made well, they’re also are comfortable to wear.

Try on different textures to see what feels and looks sexy. Depending on your vibe you may wish to feel flirty, kinky or sensual. Use of the right fabric can help with this.

The stiffer, plasticy fabrics famously used for the kinky sessions – PVC and latex for example – are fun. Most women however find these get sweaty and uncomfortable if wearing for long periods of time.

If you want to rock the alternative and kinky shows wearing these garments, advertise it a special show or feature. PVC catsuit or latex mini dress make a hot outfit on request for an additional tip.

Avoid wearing anything restrictive for a long period of time because clothes that are tight, or a poor fit can feel awkward.

Awkwardness can make the wearer look and feel self-conscious. If a model looks like she feels uncomfortable, members will pick up on this and feel awkward too.

Also, I do not advise wearing mismatched lingerie sets, for example, bra and knickers that do not match.

When camgirls do this, it looks like they have grabbed something laying on their bedroom floor and thrown it on.

This shows lack of care and attention and does not do the model any justice at all. Be mindful to match pieces up so they work in harmony with each other, rather than clashing.

Think very carefully about what to wear on cam. Dress to impress and stand out from the rest!


Every cam model has their own budget and new models often need to start with inexpensive pieces. Choose stylish budget garmets until the money starts rolling in and you can afford to upgrade.

If you’re just starting out, you can get some very reasonable and sexy outfits for under £25 on Amazon. Click my link just there under search term ‘lingerie.’

All the brands popular with camgirls run sales including end of season and Black Friday deals. This includes some of the higher end brands. Check out brands like Victoria’s Secret, Ann Summers and Honey Birdette for some super sales.

If you are camming on a site which offers a ‘wish list’ option, make use of this. Enable you regulars to purchase gift cards for your favourite brands as well as items on an Amazon wish list. This is a superb way to build your collection of camming outfits at no cost to yourself!


To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.


Engage your audience make more money

Engage your audience make more money: top tips by a professional chat host.

Engagement is the actions that measure and reflect how much your audience interacts with you and your content.


You’re having a slow session online and feeling uninspired. Nobody is talking to you. The drag of having a room full of lurkers is drain your energy and you’d rather stick pins in your eyes than sit another five minutes. Sounds familiar?

I think all cam models would agree, there are times it feels so dead online that it’s soul destroying.

I’ve been there and had to work out ways to push through this in order to change the game.

All cam sites have peaks and troughs in traffic flow. There are times of the day, depending on the site and time zone; that models will find more fruitful than others.

This is why it is valuable to be able to engage your audience in order to make more money.

I’m sorry to say that the majority of site members do not automatically tip on entering chat rooms. That is until such a time they’ve found their favourite girl(s), then they become more forthcoming.

The masses will observe to get a feel for the model’s vibe and whether she ‘floats their boat.’ Some get how it works and will be interactive, making it easy for the model. The vast majority however need encouragement (or a rocket up their backside to kick them into action).

Most of the well-known live streaming sites have thousands of performers online at any one given moment. Thousands! That’s thousands of models for members to choose from. As a result, many are highly competitive.

Members will click in and click out of rooms, looking for that one girl who rocks their socks. If there is no interaction in a model’s room, they tend to click out and go to another.


Members can also be impatient. Whoever they click on typically has 5 to 10 seconds to make a first impression that’s impacting enough for them to stick around. That is not much time at all.

So what to do?

To make good money on any cam site you have to break the ice with members and work on building rapport with them. Give them a taste of what’s in store. Be forthcoming with greet them, give them a reason to join you in conversation.

Granted, not all cam models are natural chatterboxes. If you’re shy to talk in detail, create a super sexy vibe with movement, energy and eye contact. This will encourage them to make the first step talking to YOU.

I have always been very assertive with people in my chat room. Chatting and making it clear what I expect in terms of their behaviour. This has always worked for me but it does not work for every model, nor is every model comfortable being assertive.

Be personable, let the personality shine and give guys a reason to stay! This is how to engage your audience, keep them captive, demonstrate your value and ultimately make more money!


  • Be enticing and receptive when members enter.
  • Make them feel you’re approachable and happy with them being there. A smile and a pleasant greeting goes a long way.
  • Greet them by username, make them feel welcome immediately.

  • They say ‘the eyes are the window to the soul.’ Look into the webcam and give them all the hot eye contact!
  • Looking someone in the eyes is the single most effective way to strike an instant connection. Granted, unless they’re in a cam to cam situation, you can’t see them.
  • But you can use your imagination to imagine they’re looking right back at you, warming up to you.

  • Make this open and friendly, sit in a way that flatters and looks attentive. This will make members feel you’re ‘on the ball’ and ready for action.
  • Body language can be highly seductive, so actions like stroking the body, licking the lips, showing off the curves, can drive the members wild.
  • Be mindful not to display slumped, overly relaxed body language as this looks bored and lazy.
  • Chat as much as you can. Make small talk. Ask how they are, how their day is going, how their weekend was, for example.
  • You can also ask sexy questions such as what they’re into, if they like roleplay, or if they’re kinky.
  • The way to get people talking back is to ask them open questions. This invites them to give detail that you can then feed off to evolve conversation and get to know each other better.

  • Have background music playing but not too loud. This helps create ambience and makes silences feel less awkward.
  • If members are being stubborn and not interacting you can get your groove on to the music. Music is an excellent talking point.
  • Share what music you love and have playlists up your sleeve to make changing music quick and easy.
  • Music should never drown out the voice so be mindful to keep your tunes strictly as background music. This way your audience can always hear what you’re saying.
  • Keep the energy flowing with movement.
  • Move around in the camera view, change body position often. Stand up, turn around, shake your butt, flick your hair, show them your toys, wiggle your hips.
  • Any type of movement creates buzz in the room. Can you dance? Are you flexible? If so, show it off!
  • The type of energy you put out will attract the same type of energy back. So keep it sexy, vibing and alluring.
  • If the energy is flat, members assume the model is bored. This discourages them from being interactiving and tipping.
  • Shout out some offers or incentives to engage your audience and make more money. Some examples are discounted rates on private shows, fan club subscriptions or actions they can tip you for.
  • I see models offering ‘flash sales’ on content or private show rates. If you want to offer these, chat about them vocally and make it an enticing sales pitch.
  • Most cam sites have features that enable models to be creative, so take advantage and put something new out every week.
  • Get imaginative with fun games. You can play card games, set a raffle, do a strip tease, read tarot cards or naughty stories.
  • Any of the above usually encourage people to be interactive and this is also how you gain new followers!

  • Please do not ever be shy to hustle guys to tip. You’re there to earn money. TThey are there to enjoy and make your time profitable.
  • Remind them it is polite to show their appreciation in tips. Point them to how they can tip.
  • Talk about the tipping menu or any interactive features and games and explain where they can find these.
  • Top cam models are superb saleswomen and they sell themselves online as their own commodity!
  • Tell your audience how hot your private shows are, tell them what they can do with you. Sometimes members just need to be reminded.
  • Some enjoy models taking the lead and telling them what they should do, as a result they spend their tokens or credits.

  • If you’re still finding you cannot get the interaction you want, change something.
  • Mix up the time of day or night you go online and meet some new followers.
  • You could also overhaul your personal styling to offer something fresh. How about a new bright lingerie set, a different hairstyle or a fun cosplay outfit, for example.

Cam models who work hard to be the best model online will always attract interactive members. These models are inspiring to viewers versus models who don’t put the effort in.

Members can be a fickle bunch and love to be stimulated in different ways. Keep creating, keep evolving because this is how you engage your audience and make more money!

Learning to become a nifty skilled engager is the way to go if you want to make big bucks from camming. It worked for me and won me an army of fans. Having supporters visiting me week on week enabled me to make big payouts on a consistent basis.

It will take practice, it will take patience because with anything, the more you chip away the more confident and competent you become.

The point where it all clicks into place and the tips start to fly… you’ve hit gold!

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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