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how to manage slow days


How to manage slow days

Learn how to manage the slow days on cam in order to stay disciplined, motivated and focussed on your goals.

All cam models, whatever their level of experience, may find some days online seem more arduous than others.

Live stream cam sites can vary dramatically in volumes and patterns of traffic and every site has its typical peak and off peak hours. With models working in different timezones, not all are able to be online during the peak hours. Because of this, they may feel the site is ‘slow.’

The key to staying resilient and pushing through this is learning how to manage slow days.

I will say that despite the peak and off peak patterns, any site with high traffic (which is most of the live stream sites) will have thousands of users online 24/7. For this reason there is always the potential to make money no matter what time you log on.

For maximal potential to make money no matter what time you’re online, the power is entirely in your hands. Here’s what you need to do:

Members will feed of your energy. Bear in mind if there are people in your room who are not bringing value, they will often be reciprocating your energy.

Always remember that energy attracts the same type of energy.


First and foremost: create a spectacular vibe. Put out good energy this will make people warm up and feel more inclined to bring value to your day. You can start by creating a pleasant atmosphere with background music.

Dance and shake your butt, movement helps prevent the atmosphere feeling flat.

Keep body language and body positions open and receptive. Smile and be appreciative of your viewers’ presence.

If you find viewers are not talking back, work harder to get them being interactive. Up your game with the chat.

Try to directly engage them by usernames and break the ice with small talk. Ask how their day is, where they’re from.

You’ll need to master the art of chatting to yourself. Get busy doing your nails or taking selfies to upload to your followers on social media with a shoutout that you’re online. Talk through what you’re doing.

Chat about your tipping options, on-sale media, Snapchat subscriptions and anything else you can promote.

Chit chat as though you’re talking to an imaginary friend. Nobody knows who you’re talking to, and this trick is often a game-changer as it keeps you appearing occupied!


The psychology behind this is: you’re actively engaging a person (be it a real person or not) and this makes others want your attention. They will want to be a part of your session if they see you’re interesting and fun to chat with.

Don’t let potential tippers step into your room and see staring down at your phone or looking fed up. They will find this boring, and leave.

Make your chat patter a regular habit and all of a sudden one or more people start to interact back, and interaction leads to tipping and private shows.

The onus is on you to be positive and don’t let the traffic lulls be a problem for you. Always be of the mindset that slow times won’t last providing you work hard to make your room busier.

Be constantly mindful of your vibe and think how you can up your game. Work hard to be the stand-out model online.

Stay optimistic with a good attitude, every hour will bring different members logging on. One slow hour does not mean the next one has to be.

Never lose site of your goals, even when it feels like you’re flogging a dead horse online.

Remind yourself you’re there to work and you will get the very best out of your sessions providing you bring good energy, work hard to be interactive and display positivity.

Do affirmations, write your goals down, DO IT ANYWAY! The best way to self-discipline, self-motivate and stay focussed is by giving your cam session a purpose.

Your goals are your reason to stay online and complete your scheduled hours. They are your motivation to keep your hustle game strong.

You never know who is about to step into your chat room and love your amazing vibe. He could be your next big tipper or long term regular!

If you slip into a negative vibe or log off, he will never get the chance to connect with you.


Sometimes a break is all that’s needed. If you’ve been online a couple of hours and find your efforts seem in vain, take a break.

Go for a walk, do a workout, meditate, listen to music, read a book, bake a cake, do some visualisations and goal setting. Do whatever makes you feel energised and positive.

When you log back on you will feel fresh again and it will likely be a whole different crowd. Tell them what you’ve been up to just now, ask them how their day is going. Notice the shift in energy and be appreciative for their receptiveness.

If after trying all of the above it is still stagnant in your chat room, give yourself complete overhaul. Try something new with a change in shows, tipping options, outfit or personal styling.

If you have cam model friends, bounce ideas off them. If you have a mentor or coach, as them for guidance. A good coach will assist you with ways you can encourage greater interaction and tipping.

It can often be of benefit switching up the hours. Going online at a different time to your usual time means you can meet a whole different crowd. You can gain new followers and expand your presence online.

As CAM MODEL MENTOR I am hands-on with our LVE Models. Active in their chat rooms, assisting and directing when needed.

Also being experienced cam model who learned first hand how to manage slow days, I have all the tips and tricks to pass on.

This is empowering for me and it is empowering for them to learn that my methods work for them too.

Their slow days become fewer and farther between. More frequent are the days they are busy, killing it on cam.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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