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How to be a cam model

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Thinking of starting out and want to know how to be a cam model? Here are the basics you’ll need to take the first steps towards camming success.

Before we dive in; what has triggered your desire to be a cam model?

What is the appeal about webcamming that has led you to reasearch how to be a cam model?

I would love to know your motive(s) because this is a very specific nature of work that is not for everyone.

It is your motives that have driven you down this road. So be very clear on these. They will form the basis of your work ethic, goals and motivation on your cam modelling journey.

Is it the money motive? The flexibility of working hours? The fact you can work from home and be your own boss?

Do you want know how to be a cam model because you can work around the kids’ routines?

Or is the thought of webcamming a confidence booster?

Perhaps you’ve already done your reasearch and genuinely want to build a career with the highest income potential in the Universe…

Whatever your motives, be crystal clear, write them down.


Take the time to nderstand the nature of the work. Please read my article here for an insight into what the work of a cam model entails.

Many females sign up to cam sites and get cold feet over the nature of the work. They never make their debut appearance on cam, thus never unravelling the formula of how to be a cam model.

So to avoid being a staller, do your research first to make sure you’re totally content with the concept of sex work.


You’ll also need to work out the realistic capability of you being able to work on cam. Do you have enough available time to commit to making this work for you? Are you able to self-motivate and self-discipline to work?

If you’re a mother, do you have sufficient childcare in place? Are there any barriers to you working on cam?

Think about all of these things because your success hinges on your ability to get online and work.


You will next need to determine whether from a technical point of view you have sufficient internet connection and can obtain the required equipment.

This article helps with all you’ll need to get started from a tech setup point of view.

Providing you’ve worked through the three steps above and given yourself the green light, you can make the aspiration of making money on cam a reality!

How exciting! Let’s continue…


There are many cam sites out there, that work in different ways. I wrote an article that explains the differences along with the pros and cons of private sites versus live stream sites.

Have a good old read here, consider your preferences and have a look at some of the big name sites.

Take the time to read T’s and C’s, paying special attention to each site’s Code of Conduct.

Make your informed decision on which one to apply to.


Do this in a professional way. Write a complimentary bio about your cam model persona with detail you want site members to know.

You can tell them about any likes and dislikes, things you’re into (sexual and non sexual) but leave out anything personal.

Never reveal your real name and location. This is for your own safety.

Make sure you have high quality images to add to your profile. This is because you’re going to have to present as a pro to get noticed amongst thousands of other cam models that members have at their disposal.

You don’t actually need professional shoot photos, you can do these self-styled (see my article), but make sure they are super.

Please leave the Snapchat filters on Snapchat, they look ridiculous and amateurish on cam model profiles.


Have a cam model dress style in mind already? Or unsure what works? Depending on how you self-style and dress, will determine the type of members you will attract to follow, interact and spend money with you.

I cannot wait to share this article with you as I just just know you’ll gain some helpful guidance from this.


I cannot stress the importance of working to a schedule if you’re serious about cracking the code of how to be a cam model.

The benefits of working to a schedule are, a, it helps create a routine and structure. b, it assists with the required self-discipline to work and c, followers and fans know when to expect you online.

Now all of the above is check, check, check, check, check, check, check… it is time to get online and start making money.

Simple as that. Or no?

Please don’t be overwhelmed. Let me tell you that first day nerves is totally normal. Even in cam models who are experienced and are moving onto a new site, it can be nerve-wracking.


Once you’ve done it the first time, you get over the anxiety of doing it for the first time… Just like doing a sky dive!

You have come this far, you have to take the leap of faith! Remember the motives that led to your desire to be a cam model?

If you don’t at least give it a try, you’ll live with the feeling of what might have been and never satisfy your motives.


If all of a sudden shyness or lack of confidence becomes the stumbling block, it’s ok, I got you. I’ve known published Playboy models start out on cam and feel shy.

Have a read of my article on bringing out the self-confidence naturally and this will guide you through.

It helps to spend some time watching other models on the site you’ve chosen to work on.

This helps you get a feel of how the site works and how models make money.

Observe other models to gain insight and build confidence, but do not imitate. It’s all about being original.


One of my roles as LVE Models CAM MODEL MENTOR is to assist new models through the process of going online for the first time.

I help them to understand how to be a cam model, find feet and shape their style online.

New models find having someone experienced in the industry who understands the process, is worth its weight in gold.

For many models its the difference between dropping away and going on to have successful careers online.


Once you’ve watched some other models and are feeling confident, take the plunge and go online. Start engaging your audience.

I cannot emphasise enough. ENGAGEMENT is the answer I would give if someone asked me to pick just one word to describe what makes a cam model a profitable cam model.

The vast majority of members will not be interactive on cam sites unless the model is interactive.

With no effort made on the model’s part to be interactive, people will lurk and watch as though the room as a porn tube.

Whether you’re brand new to the industry or an experienced cam model feeling a little stagnant on cam; will find this article about engagement super helpful. Please take the time to read it.


It may be stating the obvious but if you’re a person with a pleasant and agreeable nature, people will warm to you.

Having a positive attitude toward the work, the industry and the people who connect with you is how to win fans and make money.

A good attitude creates a nice vibe, one where people will feel comfortable and relaxed in the model’s company.

When people love the attitude and character of a cam model, they hang out and be the fan club. This means support through the quiet times as well as the busy times, enabling the profile and presence to grow and the cam model’s motivation to stay high.

A good attitude forms a great reputation based on which a cam model’s identity and brand can thrive!


On the flipside, if the attitude is bad, the majority of potential admirers will be repelled and leave.

It is only a small percentage of cam site users who are attracted to camgirls who act bratty or bitchy. Bad attitude is usually a turn off and translates to a chat room vibe that most people feel uncomfortable in.

Cam models are always judged based on their attitude so always strive to keep this positive and be personable at all times.


TOP TIP! Being personable is how you gain followers, fans and regulars. It is crucial to present a cam model persona that people want to be around in order to build a following. Great regulars stick with and support their favourite cam models – even during the slower times online!


Cam models should aways use their imagination to create shows that are interesting, exciting and keep viewers captivated.

Using a variety of outfits, looks, toys and props, and trying out different show types will make followers stay hungry and keen to see more.

If the cam model’s performances are boring and predictable they struggle to retain regular clients.

At LVE Models I work with models individually to help bring out their unique styles. I give them plenty of ideas to work into their shows and help them identify a niche.

To possess a niche as a cam model is to possess the X-Factor!



Last by by no means least: consistency. Consistency is a basic human character trait. It requires no prerequisite or qualification. Consistency is all about being mentally strong, focussed and resilient.

A consistent cam model is one who works every week, high self-motivated and focussed on her goals.


Lack of consistency is often the result of lack self-displine. Without consistency there is no viability as a cam model and it is impossible to make a living.

Motivation struggles are the most common issue I assist models to deal with. There is no shame, it is a very normal, very common problem that affects almost all models at some stage.

There are a whole host of factors that contribute to this. Here I have written an article about self-motivation to offer some guidance in this area.


Spend as much time as you need looking around my blog and reading my posts. Feel free to head over to my contact form if you have any questions.

If you would like some insight from one of our top models, I recommend you to watch Jillian Mae’s interview. Jillian explains how LVE Models have worked with her to be a camming success story, so hit this link now.

To read more about what your success on cam will depend on, read this article.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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How to manage slow days

Learn how to manage the slow days on cam in order to stay disciplined, motivated and focussed on your goals.

All cam models, whatever their level of experience, may find some days online seem more arduous than others.

Live stream cam sites can vary dramatically in volumes and patterns of traffic and every site has its typical peak and off peak hours. With models working in different timezones, not all are able to be online during the peak hours. Because of this, they may feel the site is ‘slow.’

The key to staying resilient and pushing through this is learning how to manage slow days.

I will say that despite the peak and off peak patterns, any site with high traffic (which is most of the live stream sites) will have thousands of users online 24/7. For this reason there is always the potential to make money no matter what time you log on.

For maximal potential to make money no matter what time you’re online, the power is entirely in your hands. Here’s what you need to do:

Members will feed of your energy. Bear in mind if there are people in your room who are not bringing value, they will often be reciprocating your energy.

Always remember that energy attracts the same type of energy.


First and foremost: create a spectacular vibe. Put out good energy this will make people warm up and feel more inclined to bring value to your day. You can start by creating a pleasant atmosphere with background music.

Dance and shake your butt, movement helps prevent the atmosphere feeling flat.

Keep body language and body positions open and receptive. Smile and be appreciative of your viewers’ presence.

If you find viewers are not talking back, work harder to get them being interactive. Up your game with the chat.

Try to directly engage them by usernames and break the ice with small talk. Ask how their day is, where they’re from.

You’ll need to master the art of chatting to yourself. Get busy doing your nails or taking selfies to upload to your followers on social media with a shoutout that you’re online. Talk through what you’re doing.

Chat about your tipping options, on-sale media, Snapchat subscriptions and anything else you can promote.

Chit chat as though you’re talking to an imaginary friend. Nobody knows who you’re talking to, and this trick is often a game-changer as it keeps you appearing occupied!


The psychology behind this is: you’re actively engaging a person (be it a real person or not) and this makes others want your attention. They will want to be a part of your session if they see you’re interesting and fun to chat with.

Don’t let potential tippers step into your room and see staring down at your phone or looking fed up. They will find this boring, and leave.

Make your chat patter a regular habit and all of a sudden one or more people start to interact back, and interaction leads to tipping and private shows.

The onus is on you to be positive and don’t let the traffic lulls be a problem for you. Always be of the mindset that slow times won’t last providing you work hard to make your room busier.

Be constantly mindful of your vibe and think how you can up your game. Work hard to be the stand-out model online.

Stay optimistic with a good attitude, every hour will bring different members logging on. One slow hour does not mean the next one has to be.

Never lose site of your goals, even when it feels like you’re flogging a dead horse online.

Remind yourself you’re there to work and you will get the very best out of your sessions providing you bring good energy, work hard to be interactive and display positivity.

Do affirmations, write your goals down, DO IT ANYWAY! The best way to self-discipline, self-motivate and stay focussed is by giving your cam session a purpose.

Your goals are your reason to stay online and complete your scheduled hours. They are your motivation to keep your hustle game strong.

You never know who is about to step into your chat room and love your amazing vibe. He could be your next big tipper or long term regular!

If you slip into a negative vibe or log off, he will never get the chance to connect with you.


Sometimes a break is all that’s needed. If you’ve been online a couple of hours and find your efforts seem in vain, take a break.

Go for a walk, do a workout, meditate, listen to music, read a book, bake a cake, do some visualisations and goal setting. Do whatever makes you feel energised and positive.

When you log back on you will feel fresh again and it will likely be a whole different crowd. Tell them what you’ve been up to just now, ask them how their day is going. Notice the shift in energy and be appreciative for their receptiveness.

If after trying all of the above it is still stagnant in your chat room, give yourself complete overhaul. Try something new with a change in shows, tipping options, outfit or personal styling.

If you have cam model friends, bounce ideas off them. If you have a mentor or coach, as them for guidance. A good coach will assist you with ways you can encourage greater interaction and tipping.

It can often be of benefit switching up the hours. Going online at a different time to your usual time means you can meet a whole different crowd. You can gain new followers and expand your presence online.

As CAM MODEL MENTOR I am hands-on with our LVE Models. Active in their chat rooms, assisting and directing when needed.

Also being experienced cam model who learned first hand how to manage slow days, I have all the tips and tricks to pass on.

This is empowering for me and it is empowering for them to learn that my methods work for them too.

Their slow days become fewer and farther between. More frequent are the days they are busy, killing it on cam.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.


Secrets of self-motivation

What are the secrets of self-motivation? We all have days where we’re ‘not feeling it,’ but persistent lack of self-motivation means lack of earning potential. Here’s how to tackle this problem.

It is the ability to fulfil a motive. It is the drive to do something based on the benefits it will bring.

Self-motivation is telling yourself, “no matter how I feel, I have a mission and I am going to do it anyway!”

In order for self-discipline to be motivational and engineer the desired results, it must be supported by regular reminders. These reminders are reasons why you must do it anyway.

Getting ready and logging online sounds like an easy thing to do. In principle it is, however one of the biggest barriers to success is where lack of self-motivation results in not showing up.


During my time in the industry I have discovered many factors that cause this problem and unravelled the secrets of self-motivation. This awareness has led me to identify ways to help de-motivated individuals. Making sense of how they feel and understanding why they’re stumbling is the first step.

I have mastered techniques designed to renew the sense of self-motivation. If done correctly and with care, these empower individuals to march strongly onward and reach their goals.

First I want to talk about some of the common causes of lack of self-motivation in cam models.

Lack of self-motivation is a negative and unproductive state to be in. It often stems from self-limiting thoughts or beliefs.

These are thoughts and beliefs lacking the positivity and confidence required for a person to achieve.

Thoughts and beliefs starting with “I can’t,” “I’m not,” “I won’t” for example, are prime culprits.

Where there is lack of willing or faith fuelled by negative thoughts; individuals will often opt out (elective failure).

There can be a whole catalogue of factors that trigger self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. Phyisical, psychological and emotional barriers are the main sources.

For example, there might be inconsistent moods due to hormonal ups and downs, personal or relationship problems. There could be tiredness of feeling physically out of sorts. Underlying mental welfare issue such as anxiety or low self esteem are common denominators.

There could have been a few poor sessions on cam, or a bad experience with online trolling.

We are all human beings and it’s normal to have ‘off’ days. We should never feel bad for taking time out when we need to rest.

Self care is crucial, but staying focussed on our goals is one of the secrets of self-motivation.


While mindful of creating a healthy work/life balance, money moves can only happen if the effort is not put in.

Hold this thought at the forefront if success is desired and know you have the power to push through the difficult times. This is essential to growth.

Often this simply involves giving ourselves a shake, dressing up and showing up. Be that badass cam model queen who achieves her goals no matter what!  

I believe it is important to have a support network and/or a mentor when camming because sometimes all that’s needed is a little friendly support or encouragement.

Take inspiration from those who know how to push through the tough times. These are the models you see grinding out their sessions online, making bank week after week.

For sure they get their ups and downs, but have mastered the ability to stay self-disciplined and motivated.


If I lost £1 for every time I felt like flaking out, even with a fleeting thought… Damn! I would not have reached my goals thus far and not be in the comfortable position I am in today. 

That symbol of £1 lost for every time is in reality worth a far greater loss because every working day on cam had far greater value than £1 to me.

It translates to thousands of pounds of lost income over time if every off day was a day I chose not to commit to my goal.

There are numerous times I have worked on cam with PMT. Others I have worked feeling low after bad news. Endless occasions I have worked on cam with sleep deprivation, but the show has gone on.

Nothing would stop me putting on my Cam Queen hat and working to my schedule. Only exceptions being in cases I genuinely was too sick to work, or my child was sick.

My secrets of self-motivation include my unfaltering determination to be successful.

Never satisfied with not hitting my income targets or reaching personal goals, knowing these are things I have complete control of.


No matter what, the show must go on!

DO IT ANYWAY is a a Boss mindset. Filled with purpose, determination, resilience and prosperity!

DO IT ANYWAY sees me smile and give myself a pat on the back! It is a sense of pride and accomplishment on completion of goals!

DO IT ANYWAY continually asserts me as a professional and a role model!

DO IT ANYWAY is uplifting, empowering and feels incredible!

Adopt DO IT ANYWAY is one of my secrets of self-motivation! The steps below open the door to life-changing results!


Take 30-60 minutes for relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and mind. I recommend a walk in a natural setting or an energising exercise session.

Go for a massage, do meditation or listen to music or motivational podcasts. These are superb ways to unwind. This ie because they open the positive mindset channels in preparation for successful working.


Spend five minutes visualising all of the things you want to achieve (goals) and necessities you need to cover (costs of living etc) as a result of working on cam. Do this because these are your key motives to work and you should remind yourself of them continually.

Without goals, there is no ambition and as a result, no purpose to work. Set some if you have not already, add quantifiable measures along with timescales. I share more about how to do this in a few moments as you read on.

Goals and motives are one of the primary secrets of self-motivation as without these, there is not much point in doing anything… at all.


Nobody likes the word failure. Consider the things you would miss out on if you were to give way to self-defeat and not work. Giving in to self-defeat is the worst type of failure, as it is elective failure.

Think about details, pictures and emotions along with what the loss represents in monetary terms because this serves as a kick up the butt to get going.

Not being able to afford that holiday with the girls next summer, having that loan forever hanging over your head, not being able to get that new car… These such thoughts make me sad and more determined not to let this happen!

Do you see how focussing on doing anything but failing is such a powerful secret to self-motivation?


Along with the physical losses that happen as a result of lack of self-motivation, I need to tell you that the subsquent regret is not a nice feeling to experience. This can often be the culprit for the forming of negative, self-defeatist habits where lack of self-motivation is the default setting.

Be mindful of the implications of regret but focus on the opposite feeling – satisfaction. This encourages a positive sense of self-worth. Linger on on the satisfaction you will experience on the achievement of your success and become emotionally involved with that feeling!

It is easy to see wht focussing on the feelings of satisfaction are one of my secrets of self-motivation.


You have your goals and motives… Clarification and reassertion of these will continue to set the intention of the purpose and the positives therein you will gain.

Whilst getting ready to go online, think exciting empowering thoughts about your goals which reinforce why you need to dress up, show up and get the job done in order to reach those goals.

This constant reminder makes your camming mission 100 times more meaningful and helps with setting a schedule in order to fulfil the required hours online.

Your purpose is the choice you make to see it through with a strong motive which leads to the end gain.

Clarify and reassert the purpose by way of affirmative mission statements in order to self-program and place yourself firmly in that driving seat.


Set out exactly what you want to achieve in specific, quantifiable measure. Include these five elements:

  • TASK – webcamming.
  • PURPOSE – why you’re doing it along with the target earnings you require.
  • TIME – number of hours you are going to persist for.
  • OBJECTIVE – the ultimate goal that needs to be met.
  • EMOTION – the pleasant outcome in terms of the feelings that compeltion of the mission will bring.

Form a strong, affirmative, motivational mission statement including the above elements. Make this affirmative (affirmative = “I will”) and filled with enthusiasm, as a result this elevates the positivity and unleashes this powerful secret of self-motivation.

Here are two examples to guide you.

1. “Today I will work on cam and make the money I need for my holiday (PURPOSE). I shall persist online until I have reached my target earnings, this will be for a minimum of 5 hours (TIME) in order to pay the sum of £xxxx I need for the flights (OBJECTIVE). Knowing I can book my flights thanks to my work ethic, will make me feel on top of the world!” (EMOTION).

2. “This day is devoted to working on cam (TASK) and I do this as I am a professional (PURPOSE). I will work for 8 hours (TIME) and make £xxxx to pay off the rest of my loan (OBJECTIVE). Finally I shall be debt free and celebrate this weekend! This is the greatest sense of freedom and happiness I have ever experienced!” (EMOTION).

Can you feel the enthusiasm in these mission statements? They’re specific, quantifiable, with a positive emotional attachment. Do you know understand why mission statements are one of my secrets of self-motivation?

You do?

Now go ahead and have fun creating your own, clearly define your goal(s) and WRITE IT/THEM DOWN!


… Now REPEAT your mission statement ten times.

The act of repetition is one of my secrets of self-motivation. It is a key part of mental programming because not only does this make create a prolific thought in the conscious mind, it also helps that thought become ingrained into the subconscious mind.

Our conscious mind is the mental compartment for thoughts we can control. We can choose what we think about by switching and replacing one dominant through with another.

That elusive subconscious mind is the trickier part of the mind to convince. It is the part of the mind that controls the feelings, actions and behaviours of an individual, i.e. the subconscious habits.

Thoughts provoked by subconscious habits are difficult to control because the average person does not know how to control or change them. Most people are not even aware it is possible to do so. It takes training.

Subconscious mind reprogramming is an in-depth subject I go into, for instance with one to one mentoring training if this is required.

Make daily self-motivation with mission statements and repetition a positive habit. You will be on your way to striking gold, armed with effective self-motivation techniques!

I am rooting for you and all the unlimited potential you will unlock as a self-motivated, goal-orientated cam model!


I hope you find this article helpful, I have only scratched the surface of my secrets of self-motivation. There are layers of issues that cause lack of motivation because this is often a complex issue.

Where there is a persistent lack which results in the inability to work on a frequent basis, with or without low moods or feelings of indifference, I advise to very carefully about whether camming is the right avenue.

I am a great believer of if something doesn’t feel right or there are too many off days, it is just not going to work out.

To learn what webcamming success depends on, read this article.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.


The ideal camming tech setup

The ideal camming tech setup is the first priority for any cam model joining an adult streaming site.

Here I break down my recommendations in what you’ll need to invest in order to appear professional and well prepared from the outset.

First and foremost, you will require a robust high speed internet connection to work smoothly on any cam site. This is especially the case in respect of the live streaming sites. In cases where there are multiple internet users in the property, the upload speed and bandwidth need to be more than enough to cover yourself and any other occupants in the property who use the internet and may all be using it simultaneously.

Internet bandwidth determines how much data can be uploaded or downloaded from a device and internet speed determines how fast data can be uploaded or downloaded on a device.


Fibre optic broadband is the ideal nature of connection because ot typically produces high upload speeds.

To check how fast your connection is at present, run a speed test by going to Google search. Type ‘speed test,’ click the button ‘run speed test.’

Let Google run the speed test and make a note of the upload speed in Mbps (Megabits per second).

Most live stream sites will be able to present a consistent connection in high defintion if you have around 9/10Mbps. For private sites (non live stream) presenting cams in lower defintion, lower speeds of 4-6Mbps are often enough.

Check with the cam site what their minimum upload speed requirement is. If your upload speed is below their minimum, you will need to contact your internet provider. Ask if they can upgrade your package or switch to another provider who offers better speeds.

Insufficient upload speed or lack of bandwidth will cause lagging and freezing and or even complete disconnection of the stream. Site members can get frustrated if they’re paying for a show and it keeps freezing or cutting out. It usually deters them from spending money so getting the connection right is the number one priority.


Once you have a good connection, it is good practice to run a speed test prior to each cam session. Check there are no network issues. If you see the upload speed is falling short or pitching, you may run into issues. Be prepared to speak to the service provider or get some troubleshooting advice from the cam site’s technical team.

Once you know you are able to work with adequate connection, the next step is to obtain the equipment. The ideal setup is a good quality laptop/desktop computer and plug-in HD cam. You’ll also need an ethernet cable to hardwire directly into the router, professional lighting and microphone.

Most sites have in-house tech teams that are happy to advise on which specific brands of equipment they recommend. They will take into account what a model’s specific budget is when making suggestions. I will also provide my own as I walk through each piece of equipment below.


Obtain a good quality laptop or desktop computer with a fast processor and ideally less than three years old. You can look at reconditioned laptops if funds are tight. Google search “best laptop for streaming” and check out some recommendations and prices for refurbished models.

A realistic budget for a starter laptop is £300-400. If this is a stretch, a friend of family member might have a spare laptop you can use to get started. It may not be ideal, but if someone comes up trumps it will enable you to start earning money. You can then invest in your own machine once you’ve worked enough to receive your first couple of payouts.

Brands you can look at are HP and Lenovo, or the Asus Chromebook – which is a sufficient budget starter laptop we recommend to models who join us.

If you have a sizable budget to start with, look at laptops designed specifically for streaming and gaming. These machines are usually upwards of £1000 and have highly efficient processors to deliver the webcam upload at lightening speed.

I do not recommend trying to stream using a mobile phone if you want to appear professional. Mobile streams look grainy, are displayed in the wrong orientation and the connection tends to be inconsistent.



You can purchase a HD cam for well under £100. I personally recommend the Logitech cams, they C920 HD is a good quality reasonable budget webcam for cam models.

The ideal camming tech setup features a high definition webam!

Having a quality HD cam is instrumental to the success of the model.

If the presented view is poor, people are less inclined to spend money than they do where there is a professional quality presentation of the model on cam.



To stream like a Queen, studio quality lighting is essential. A floor-standing ringlight is perfect, positioned where light is thrown all around the room.

In very dark or large rooms it may be necessary to ‘backlight’ the room with an additional ringlight pointed towards the back wall of the room.

Although it is tempting to keep the lights low, dim lighting is not actually flattering. This is because shadows are cast around the face and neck and mperfections are highlighted. The camera view presented looks low quality.

The brighter and more even the lighting in the room, the higher the definition the model and her surroundings looks.

Brighter lighting also brings out better colour contrast which is more pleasing on the eyes from a viewer perspective.


The ideal righlight to use is a high-powered floor-standing one like this one by Neewer. We have many models using this ringlight and find it excellent.

It comes with a warm filter option and is easy to adjust in terms of its height and position. The added bonus is it has a smartphone holder for making self-styled content.

Some cam models like to add fancy decorative lighting to their rooms, for example neon strip tubes or fairy lights.

If done tastefully these can look fantastic, however overkill is not necessary and they are not essential, it’s just a nice little extra touch if desired.

Check out Amazon for the fancy lighting, there are some ideas here.


In addition to spectacular lighting, the ideal camming tech setup includes crystal clear audio. This element puts the icing on the cake for any pro cammer who wants to rock the world of their audience by showcasing their voice.

Plug-in microphones are far more efficient at delivering quality sound than in-build mics on laptops and webcams. They really enhance the experience for the recipients.

Although not essential for getting started, I advise using a plug-in mic. This can be obtained at a later stage once the sexy cash is rolling in.

When online, do a sound check to make sure viewers can hear. Ask for feedback on how you sound and be prepared to make adjustments.


Check out the review sites to compare some of the best microphones for live chat for your budget (you can also search for ‘podcasting’ mics). One brand I have always loved is Yeti, and I continue to use a Yeti Blue for all my audio content creating. For me, it’s the best option.


Hardwire the laptop directly into the broadband router using an ethernet cable. This helps to ensure continuity of stream presentation, bypassing any dips in Wifi that cause lag and freeze issues.

Ethernet cables are obtainable online or from any computer hardware store, category 6 is fine for ADSL/fibre connections and category 7 for gigabit (fibre) connections.

Plug the ethernet cable into a working USB port on your machine. Use with a USB adapter if there are not enough ports on the machine for the ethernet cable, webcam and microphone if you have one.

Test the hardwired ethernet connection by running a speed test, first ensuring you have switched off the WiFi in the WiFi settings on the laptop so it does not conflict with the ethernet connection.


To complete your ideal camming tech setup you will need a hard surface table, desk, bench or other suitable sturdy stand for the latop, with the webcam placed directly on top if the machine.

The laptop stand will need to be large and strong enough to carry the machine and any additional microphone; situated in a spot you can easily reach to type whilst looking directly into the camera.

Something wooden, such as MDF or hard plastic such as acryllic is fine. These materials do not usually overheat.

Never place the laptop on a soft fabric surface such as a bed or covered chair seat, as this causes the latop to get very hot.

Overheating a laptop cooks its CPU and diminishes its lifespan!


Congratulations! You are now armed with the knowledge of the basics you’ll need in order to present the ideal camming tech setup and stream as a professional cam model!

Want to know what to do on cam? Check out these show ideas for new cam models! Read here.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.


This is SEX WORK, can you handle it?

This is sex work, can you handle it? Take time to explore the idea before diving in as a webcam model. You need to understand what the remit entails.

The world of webcamming is known as the ‘sex industry.’ It is not for everyone so a woman-to-woman talk is needed before you dive in.

Webcamming is work strictly for over 18’s and is branded as ‘sex work.’

Cam models at all levels of the scale, from porn stars to non-nude chat hosts; are ‘sex workers.’

What forms the basis of this term is the fact that your viewers, are getting a sexual kick out of you. Where there is a monetary transaction, this is work.

Adult cam sites are there as a platform for members to get their rocks off to cam models in real time.

They are places people can go to voyeur on other people, to happily jerk off without the worry they’ll get arrested for indecent exposure.


So… this is the first fact all cam models have to be cool with before venturing in. People will look at you as a sexual object for their gratification.

With camming you have the safety of home, behind a camera and the ability to stay in control. From a safety perspective, camming is the most comfortable division of the industry versus face-to-face sex work (escorting).

Now for the label: sex worker. It is not my place to say whether ‘sex worker’ is a nice or a not nice label to have. It’s all about how it makes you feel personally. As a time-served cam model I grew a thick skin towards this label. Certainly once I started hitting the mega payouts it never bothered me.

How I managed my own perception is with this mindset: “It’s a day in the office and I’m the boss!”

That said, I have always been discrete. I never attended local street parties talking about that specific element of my professional work. People in general can be judgemental as they don’t understand the sex industry. They love to gossip, sometimes this can be quite nasty.

To all females joining the industry: make sure you understand the negative stigma that is often attached to cam models.

You will need to be in one of these two mindsets to work happily and successfully:


You’re proud to openly be a cam model and mentally robust enough to not care what anybody else thinks of you doing sex work. This requires you to have the ability to ignore what anybody else says and stay focussed on your cam modelling goals without any sense of shame.


You’re perfectly content with the stigma and mindful of protecting yourself from the negative reactions of others. This requires absolute discretion, so keep the nature of the work you do in a watertight circle of people you can trust.

Please read and answer:

1. Do you feel any sense of embarrassment or shame by the label ‘sex worker’ ?

2. Does the nature of the work make you feel uncomfortable?

3. Does the thought of how site users will approach you make you feel rubbish?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, straight-up, camming is not for you.  Please, for the sake of your mental wellbeing, look into other options of work.

It is necessary to do an honest psychological self-screen because for many females considering this industry, especially those with little adulting experience, there can be subjective implications.

Often it ends up being a case of ‘suck it and see’ (sorry about the pun). There is nothing at all wrong with trying it out. You can always duck out again if it doesn’t suit you.

Before you take the plunge, I’m going to talk about how life is dealing with members on adult webcam sites. This will enable you more insight into what it’s all about and how you will be approached.

People who visit cam models online are almost always expecting to see shows of a sexual nature. 

They could be after anything from relatively tame actions like teasing, stripping, dirty talk, shaking the booty and flashing the breasts; but they also might be after hardcore pornographic shows like squirting, anal sex, double penetration, fetish and taboo roleplays.


Think how you would personally feel about these nature of requests. Consider whether or not you would be offended and whether or not you could deliver.

You do not have to do anything you are not comfortable with!


Absolutely right! You have the power to say no.

However… think about whether you would be strong enough to resist any request. Can you handle pressure from any member who tries to coerce you into doing something you are not comfortable with?

Sometimes cam site members can be persistent. They offer money to bribe models into doing sexual acts they are not comfortable with.

Think about how being in this situation would make you feel.  If you are sexually awkward or insecure, easily shocked or any body hang–ups, it will be a psychological car crash.

If you are think you wouldn’t be comfortable with any such requests, please do yourself (and me) a favour. Forget the idea. I feel upset if any woman feels the very thing she is most self conscious about is exploited.

I know of women who have taken things very personally on cam. Scarred from experiences they were not tough enough to deal with. In every case it has led back to their body or sexual hang–ups being exposed, causing embarrassment and insecurity as a result.

It does take a certain type of female to be truly content; cam modelling is not for everyone.


We here at LVE Models get dozens of enquiries every week. Every time a female with no experience calls about working on cam, we give the honest low down.

We then send her away to have a think about the information we’ve provided. Recommend she does her own research and takes time to understand the sex industry.

The individuals who come to say they’ve decided the industry is not for them; we respect that.

To be content in sex work, all cam models have to agree they will be doing sexual activity. They must understand they should also stick to their own comfort levels.

Another important quality is being strong enough not to allow any weird or extreme requests grind them down. Not to let members force them to violate their own boundaries.

Above all, they have to genuinely enjoy it.

Being naturally open and expressive sexually, wild and uninhibited, will definitely put you at a massive advantage in the industry.

Most of the cam models at the top of their game are exhibitionists, free and fulfilled in their work entertaining the masses sexually.

They get a buzz that they are doing this for money and not have any hangups over this fact.


With LVE Models we saw a need to facilitate a support service to help models further understand the sex industry. We also help them stay regulated with the psychological implications of sex work.

For even the happiest, most succesful of models, ups and downs come with the terrority. The majority find the high income rewards outweigh any of the negative connatations.

Ultimately it’s all about personal perception and the individual’s ability to take it in their stride.

The key to contentment in this industry is managing your own expectations along with setting your own boundaries.

I know many women who absolutely adore their work as cam models. They find sex work along with its fun and flexibility benefits flow in harmony with their lifestyle.


Do you possess what it takes to be successful on cam? Read here.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.


Bring out self-confidence naturally

A little work to bring out self-confidence naturally and you’ll make a strong start as a cam model.

Models put pressure on themselves to look and feel confident. This is without realising that with a little groundwork in other areas, the confidence comes out naturally.

To possess self-confidence is to possess the feeling and the belief that as a cam model, your abilities will serve you well. As a result you will go on to achieve everything you set out to do.


Firstly, if you lack the belief you’re confident, please stop putting yourself under pressure to be confident.

Every cam model, whatever stage they’re at, has moments where they feel more or less confident than at other times. This is normal and it does not mean any perceived lack of confidence has to define (and defeat) you.

Every model has the ability to be a badass and bring out self-confidence on cam. This is because every model has a confident inner-being within them.

I truly believe it is just a matter of nurturing the inner confident being by gaining strength in other areas. As a result, this promotes the self-confidence to blossom naturally.

Please don’t think this has to be a complicated process. There are a few simple areas any model can work on to boost inner confidence as a by product.

I am going to share my guidance here, all you need to do is read and think about it:

Would it surprise you to know: the primary culprit in a person’s lack of self-confidence is their lack of knowledge?

In camming, this means not doing the reasearch to understand the nature of the industry or learn how sites work.

In some cases its not fully understanding what a cam model’s role entails and what members expectations will be.

Signing up and venturing into the online world with lack of awareness is a not-so blissful ignorance to fall into.

It results in overwhelm, reticence and lack of motivation when it comes to the crunch of getting started on cam.

Nobody expects new cam models to be proficient and polished at their profession.

Members will however have the assumption that all cam models know what they’re in for when appearing on adult sites.

So rule No.1, do that all-important research. Feel well informed and empowered to start to to bring out the self-confidence naturally.

This is far better than stumbling at the first hurdle due to lack of knowledge, allowing this to defeat you.

There are several informative articles on this blog to help increase your awareness and understanding of the industry. Take a good look around here.

Other blogs, forums and review sites for cam modelling can be found Google. These are places where other industry professionals and camgirls share their thoughts and experiences.

It is of of great benefit to work on having a super attitude and approaching webcamming in a humble way. Putting out displays of confidence which seem unnatural, forced or come across as arrogant.

A positive attitude towards work and the people you meet online will mean they will warm to you.

Create the environment where people naturally want to be supportive allows models to radiate and bring out self-confidence naturally.

The simple things to work on are the positive personality traits such as being approachable, personable, gracious and open-minded.

Feeling liked, popular and appreciated by an army of fans is the greatest self-confidence booster you’ll ever experience!

Also: Love yourself! Give yourself a smile in the mirror and tell your reflection how much you appreciate her.

Do this because rooting for the female you see helps her feel self-assured that she’s on the right track!

Find your support network as a cam model and connect with like-minded models, coaches, mentors and staff. Doing so will bring out self-confidence naturally.

Knowing there is help is like having a bunch of pillows to fall back on when the going gets tough.

Be sure to find a webcam site that has an excellent internal 24 hour support network. Actively seek forums and social media groups where you can network with camgirls on the same site as you.

Look where there is an emphasis on lifting and motivating each other. Being open and receptive along with showing gratitude for support; is the correct attitude to take towards it.

At LVE Models we have a community where our models where can communicate and support each other. Sometimes all that’s needed is some friendly reassurance and encouragement keep pushing and being amazing.

Having that vote of confidence from other women all rooting for each other can mean the difference between a cam model staying focussed and pressing ahead feeling confident, or dropping away.


Self-confidence also stems from a person’s general physical and emotional state. Ensure you are well rested and in a good condition of health. This translates to greater self-confidence on cam.

Being unwell, hormonal, upset or tired due to poor sleep can result in a nose-dive in energy. As a result, a slump in emotional wellbeing and a general defeatist feeling.

The trick is being mindful of how you’re feeling, kind to self and take time off when needed. This is the time you know you cannot give camming the very best of you.

Going online and having a poor session due to feeling low, is the way to make confidence hit rock bottom.

The risk is the resulting lack of motivation that sees models wallow in a sense of inadequacy. This is unhealthy makes them reluctant to get back online, even at a much later stage.

Learn the sisterly wisdom of the LVE Cam Models, read here

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.


Protect your privacy on cam

Protect your privacy on cam. Online safety is a top priority for any cam model.

The subject of protecting privacy on cam is often a deal breaker for new models coming into the industry, especialy if they have significant privacy concerns.

With internet piracy and online hackers relentless this day and age, a cam model can never be certain their content will not get misued.

Any Tom, Dick or Harry have the means to take video because they have this technology on their smartphone at home. Add to this, there are bots and trawlers on a constant drive.

I shall be completely up front about the fact webcam shows do often get screen recorded. These are sometimes posted elsewhere (I know, because I have been on the receiving end).

Despite DMCA* being in place, there is nothing you or I can do to stop this. Right here, I need to lay out what’s what and manage your expectations.

While it is worth mentioning that the more high profile the model on cam, the more likely they will be a target to internet pirates.

Despite this, unknown entities can be targeted too, especially is the nature of their shows is X-rated.

Now for the good news… There are steps that you as a cam model can take to become savvy, protect your privacy on cam and lessen the risk of unwanted exposure.

Always use a different name on cam and never give out your real name.

Never give out your exact location.

Do not link any social media accounts for your cam model name under any email address or phone number linked to your family and friends. This includes Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

This will avoid your cam model social media bringing up people in your personal contacts as suggested contacts / who to follow. Vice versa this helps avoid your personal contacts easily finding your cam model social media.

If you want to avoid identity theft (where your images are reposted under fake profiles), stay off the socials altogether.

Look for a webcam site that offers a DMCA takedown service for their cam models. This is a service whereby they serve DMCA takedown notices to sites that host copyrighted content which originates from their own watermarked site.

Put a disclaimer on your cam model profile that states your content is DMCA protected. Mention any unauthorised use of your content being a criminal offence. This will help serve as a deterrant.

Join a site that offers a region blocking option. This means you can exclude people in your home county, state or entire country from accessing your profile if you wish to. This option makes it much more difficult for your family and friends network to discover you online.

Agencies exist who you can pay to scour the internet for stolen content. They monitor and remove leaked photos and videos for a monthly fee.

The downside is for many cam models works out expensive because this service comes at a price.

For professional models who put in the hours hours and make more money, the service is value for money. This service is worth its weight in gold for the peace of mind that it provides.

One such agency I highly recommend, is Cam Model Protection. Read my article here about how they’ve worked with me during my time spent on webcam.

If you find any leaked content, you can submit content removal requests yourself. First port of call is follow the offending sites’ DMCA takedown procedure. Usually this involves emailing them and providing the link, however it can be touch and go.

Many porn sites display contact details for DMCA takedown requests, others don’t. They will either respond and be helpful, or not respond. For those that are not helpful, you and submit removal requests directly to Google.

This this is only possible where the adult nature content comes up in Google search. Google cannot remove it from the site source but they can remove links, images and videos from the Google search results.

There is more detail about the process in the Google search help, here. Self-removal of content can be a painstaking process and take several weeks, because of the sheer volume of requests they get.

If the thought of leaked content bothers you and you want to save on costs, you are at least aware this is an option.

Think about the risk versus reward ratio and how much of a big deal privacy is to you.

Camming is not right for you if there are major privacy concerns. “Major” meaning you are anxious to the point your life would be ruined if anyone finds out you work on cam.

The internet is the internet. I cannot promise you will never be a target. The risk is far greater with live stream sites than it is on private sites.

In turn, far greater is the earning potential on live stream sites versus private sites also.

I know cam models who dropped out of the industry on discovering their content was stolen. They struggle to deal with it and the anxiety of it happening again gets to them (completely understandable).

If the privacy concern is moderate to mild, follow the above steps and you will be well on track. The idea is to lock yourself down to some considerable degree.

Always remember there is no 100% guarantee that it still won’t happen, but it will lessen the risk.

If there are no significant privacy concerns and like some of the top cam models you take the view that people sharing your content serves as a promotional campaign, then boldly proceed.

If the internet pirates are hosting your content elsewhere, they’re generating greater awareness of your existance!

Whatever your level of comfort and perception where privacy and protection is concerned, please do still adopt the principles of points 1 and 2 in my tips above.

NEVER give out your name, personal information or location to anybody you speak to online. This is for your own safety.

Now you know what goes on and how to protect your privacy on cam, go forth and shape your cam model profile. Adjust your online activities according to your preferences and you’ll be fine!

*DMCA is The Digital Millenium Copyright Act, governed by the United States Copyright Office. This criminalises the act of stealing copyrighted content.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.


Which cam site to work on?

Which cam site to work on? Here is some impartial advice based on what to look out for when doing your research to make your decision.

There are many options of cam sites across the globe. You will most likely have heard about some of the big name sites already.

Google search under search terms like “best webcam site” and “which cam site to work on” will bring up a host of site names, blogs and forums. Go ahead and browse.

See what the hearsay is about recommended sites. Check out those sites to see what they offer in terms of features, support, rates, commission, payment methods, frequencies and minimums.

Also check out what their deal is with promotional activity, privacy and protection.

Read independent review sites and blogs which draw comparisons between sites. You’ll want to look at some user experiences from models and members.

From user reviews you can gain valuable insight as to how efficient the organisation is at delivering their service and support.

Make notes for comparison and be well informed about terms and conditions including Codes of Conduct.

Shortlist your favourites then go look at some of their online models. Check out how their profiles are constructed, how they price their webcam shows. Look at the tipping features and tip menus they are using.

Observe models on a number of sites to how they work. Look at how busy or bored they look and how members respond to them.

If you pay attention to how busy the online models appear to be at the times of the day or night you would work if you were to join that site, this will give you some indication of how busy it is likely to be for you, too.


You might have a friend who webcams or has done in the past. Ask for their experiences and recommendations.

Gaining a personal referral is a often a sound way for cam models to start. It helps instil confidence in that site so newcomers coming in feel positive and more inclined to make a go of it.

When considering which cam site to work on, think about whether you want to work on one that is based in your own geographical region.

You will have the convenience of earning and receiving money in your base currency. You’ll also connect with members in your country, that speak the same language you speak.  

If you have privacy concerns you might prefer not to cam on your own doorstep. In this case look at webcam sites that are based overseas with members you will never be at risk of crossing paths with.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing which cam site to work on should be payout.

Look for how often they pay out, what percentages they pay out and which options they offer for payment. Check carefully when looking into sites that operate in another base currency, you’ll likely run into minimum payout conditions for international payments.

Check you have the right type of receiving account that will accept the incoming currency and do the exchange to your own local currency. 

Many cam sites will pay by wire transfer, direct deposit, Paxum or cheque.

You will also need to check out the site’s technical requirements including any minimum upload speed. Contact the site’s support team and check what they recommend in terms of equipment.

Make sure you can commit to obtaining the right equipment along with sufficient internet connection before you sign up. See my article about the ideal camming tech setup.

If you things out beforehand, it prevents your time being wasted at a later stage.

You will need to be aware that there are two distinct categories of adult webcam site. I am going to talk about the pros and cons of both.

Having worked on both types; I can draw on my personal experiences of both to help you make your own decision on which type suits you best.

Performers can sit back and relax or do other things in the background. Nobody is able to view them unless they pay to go private.

If there are confidence issues in a live streaming environment; private sites seem less intimidating.

They are therefore a good place for brand new cam models to start, gain confidence and build experience.


Private sites help keep the risk of unwanted exposure to a minimum for those with privacy concerns.

The private setting also helps give the performer an “exclusive” feel if this is what they want.

The main issue is the very limited earning potential due to the lack of engagement and previews. These sites, owing to the fact the models are not on public display, are very hit and miss traffic-wise.

Members usually want free previews of models so the majority will gravitate to sites where they can obtain this.

If models do not offer free previews on private sites that do give the option, members will often connect in private for for a quick peak.

They disconnect if they aren’t into that particular model or don’t want to spend the money.

This can be irritating for models as their time is wasted for just a few pence.

On private sites there are always lots of models sat waiting whilst members browse profiles.

It is therefore normal to sit online for several hours and make very little income if the day is not a particularly busy one the site.



Live sites display models in live mode where members can engage and tip them in their chat room. They can also take them into private or group shows.

These sites often work on tokens and tend to be very busy. Some of the major live stream networks have high traffic, 24/7.

The earning potential is unlimited due to the fact there are are broad scope of members. Guys with different budgets log on around the clock, from the one token guys to the mega tippers.

There are many free viewers who also have the potential to sign up if they like a particular model. These guys often do.

Every big tipper was once a free viewer! Bear in mind that anybody watching could be your next regular.

It is easy to build rapport with members in live stream in order to encourage spending. Chatting and giving them eye contact is the most effective way to get people following and spending.


As a cam model you’re free to design your live shows however you like. Be as creative as you fancy, which is fun and drives momentum in order to generate greater tipping opportunities.

Owing to the nature of the public stream there are thousands of free and guest viewers. These guys hang around for the free show and for some cam models find this a bugbare.

The live stream environment requires attention to the audience at all times. You cannot be doing other things in the background, you need to give live chat users your full attention.

These type of sites work on algorithms, There are many variables that determine placement and visibility to the best tippers. With hundreds, even thousands of performers online, placement is not always the best.

If there are many others meeting the variables in order to appear higher on the site, they make more money.

If there are significant privacy concerns, or significant confidence issues, live stream sites would seem daunting and may trigger anxiety.


There is always the risk of unwanted exposure on live stream sites.

My recommendation is: have a look around and compare both nature of sites when deciding which cam site to work on. Consider which type feels the best fit for your requirements and comfort levels.

In my personal experience, I started on a US-based private site which I really enjoyed. The laid back feel and flexibility suited my personal circumstances at the time.

I met some fabulous members there, however owing to timezone differences the site was not always fruitful when I was online.

After being on this site a year, my earnings seems quite stagnant and I was not meeting many new members. It seemed overall quite slow.

It was a marvellous place to start, I benefitted from building expertise and confidence in webcamming whilst building connections.

After two years and my ambition growing, I craved to push the boundaries and earn more money.


I joined a major US-based live streaming network. This forced me to step outside of my earlier comfort zone of the private site which marked the start of my serious camming career. I took a completely different approach and became a live chat host.

As a natural born creative and performer, this ended up being a smooth transition. Having quickly settled into my niche, within a few weeks I was proving popular.

I built my following and started to make double the amount of weekly cash versus private site.

Working hard and consistently pushing myself I was able to catapult into the realms of earning life-changing sums of money. I took pride in the fact I had a number of high net-worth regulars who visited me every week.

So make of that what you wish, do your own reaseach and decide which cam site to make a start on on.

If after a few months you can always move on and try others until you find the one that rocks your socks!

Want to know how to style yourself on cam? Read this article for some advice!

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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