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Bring out self-confidence naturally

A little work to bring out self-confidence naturally and you’ll make a strong start as a cam model.

Models put pressure on themselves to look and feel confident. This is without realising that with a little groundwork in other areas, the confidence comes out naturally.

To possess self-confidence is to possess the feeling and the belief that as a cam model, your abilities will serve you well. As a result you will go on to achieve everything you set out to do.


Firstly, if you lack the belief you’re confident, please stop putting yourself under pressure to be confident.

Every cam model, whatever stage they’re at, has moments where they feel more or less confident than at other times. This is normal and it does not mean any perceived lack of confidence has to define (and defeat) you.

Every model has the ability to be a badass and bring out self-confidence on cam. This is because every model has a confident inner-being within them.

I truly believe it is just a matter of nurturing the inner confident being by gaining strength in other areas. As a result, this promotes the self-confidence to blossom naturally.

Please don’t think this has to be a complicated process. There are a few simple areas any model can work on to boost inner confidence as a by product.

I am going to share my guidance here, all you need to do is read and think about it:

Would it surprise you to know: the primary culprit in a person’s lack of self-confidence is their lack of knowledge?

In camming, this means not doing the reasearch to understand the nature of the industry or learn how sites work.

In some cases its not fully understanding what a cam model’s role entails and what members expectations will be.

Signing up and venturing into the online world with lack of awareness is a not-so blissful ignorance to fall into.

It results in overwhelm, reticence and lack of motivation when it comes to the crunch of getting started on cam.

Nobody expects new cam models to be proficient and polished at their profession.

Members will however have the assumption that all cam models know what they’re in for when appearing on adult sites.

So rule No.1, do that all-important research. Feel well informed and empowered to start to to bring out the self-confidence naturally.

This is far better than stumbling at the first hurdle due to lack of knowledge, allowing this to defeat you.

There are several informative articles on this blog to help increase your awareness and understanding of the industry. Take a good look around here.

Other blogs, forums and review sites for cam modelling can be found Google. These are places where other industry professionals and camgirls share their thoughts and experiences.

It is of of great benefit to work on having a super attitude and approaching webcamming in a humble way. Putting out displays of confidence which seem unnatural, forced or come across as arrogant.

A positive attitude towards work and the people you meet online will mean they will warm to you.

Create the environment where people naturally want to be supportive allows models to radiate and bring out self-confidence naturally.

The simple things to work on are the positive personality traits such as being approachable, personable, gracious and open-minded.

Feeling liked, popular and appreciated by an army of fans is the greatest self-confidence booster you’ll ever experience!

Also: Love yourself! Give yourself a smile in the mirror and tell your reflection how much you appreciate her.

Do this because rooting for the female you see helps her feel self-assured that she’s on the right track!

Find your support network as a cam model and connect with like-minded models, coaches, mentors and staff. Doing so will bring out self-confidence naturally.

Knowing there is help is like having a bunch of pillows to fall back on when the going gets tough.

Be sure to find a webcam site that has an excellent internal 24 hour support network. Actively seek forums and social media groups where you can network with camgirls on the same site as you.

Look where there is an emphasis on lifting and motivating each other. Being open and receptive along with showing gratitude for support; is the correct attitude to take towards it.

At LVE Models we have a community where our models where can communicate and support each other. Sometimes all that’s needed is some friendly reassurance and encouragement keep pushing and being amazing.

Having that vote of confidence from other women all rooting for each other can mean the difference between a cam model staying focussed and pressing ahead feeling confident, or dropping away.


Self-confidence also stems from a person’s general physical and emotional state. Ensure you are well rested and in a good condition of health. This translates to greater self-confidence on cam.

Being unwell, hormonal, upset or tired due to poor sleep can result in a nose-dive in energy. As a result, a slump in emotional wellbeing and a general defeatist feeling.

The trick is being mindful of how you’re feeling, kind to self and take time off when needed. This is the time you know you cannot give camming the very best of you.

Going online and having a poor session due to feeling low, is the way to make confidence hit rock bottom.

The risk is the resulting lack of motivation that sees models wallow in a sense of inadequacy. This is unhealthy makes them reluctant to get back online, even at a much later stage.

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