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Be the best you on cam

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Want to know how to be the best you on cam? I’m here to help you make that happen!

Cam modelling is one of those professions where it’s success is dependent on the mindset of the individual.

My job as Cam Model Mentor often involves the soul searching of others to help them identify what’s up.

I’m always happy to share my advice and empathy. The adult entertainment industry is a difficult industry to work in and I’m on your side all the way!

As a like-minded female here I know first hand there are always barriers to overcome physically, emotionally and psychologically when you work on cam.

Ticking along on all those elements week after week requires continual self-management.

Many models find their mood elevator is up and down, or they feel confident one day and no so the next. Other models are fire for a while then things will suddenly fizzle and they lose their mojo.

Many factors affect the mood on cam. There are always things going on in the personal life that can affect how positive the mindset is for actually getting online and putting the time in.

All of these things are completely normal and you’re not alone. I am not shy to tell you I have had many ups and downs in all my years of camming.

Even times I’ve had to take a few weeks or months out to reset. So never feel bad for dropping away and focussing on YOU.

If you’re feeling lost, demotivated, burnt out or lacking desire and want to reinstate your mojo; follow these tips to help get back on track.

You will choose your day to be the best you on cam! And I will help you make it happen!

Be the best you on cam

  • Decide which day you will start working on yourself to be the best you on cam. If you choose the day allows you complete contro of your schedule, it’s all on your terms.
  • Tell yourself you will wake up that day and make it day the best day of your life. Affirm that out loud, write it down, mark it in the diary.
  • Schedule in an early night the night before so you can sleep sufficiently and feel rested.
  • Wake up on the day and smile, do some stretches in bed, be mindful. Tell yourself you feel great! Today is going to be your best ever day!
  • Have a nice breakfast, ideally something healthy. Fruit, eggs, yoghurt, a non-sugared cereal, whatever you enjoy. Get some vitamin-C into your body as this ie very important. I recommend fresh fruit juice, berries or tomatoes.
  • Dress dependent on the climate to go outside and move around in the fresh air. Walk the dog if you have one, drop of the kids at their daycare/school if you have them, and go for a walk afterwards.

Top Tip: Even just 30 minutes of light exercise outdoors in the morning is so beneficial. It promotes a positive mindset and a general feeling of wellbeing.

Alternatively, you may like to go to the gym or do another form or workout that makes you feel fab.

  • Keep affirming to yourself that today is set to be your best ever day, and that you feel positive. Continually reaffirming this is good programming for the mindset to keep you on track.
  • Think through some ideas of what you would enjoy doing on cam. Have a look through your outfits and toys, feel excited about all your potential. You’re going to kill it on cam today!

I’ll share some inspiration for shows at the bottom of this article, if you need any.

  • Keep working on your positive vibe. Talk kindly to yourself and remind yourself that you’re beautiful and awesome. Be excited about working on cam! There will be many great members looking forward to seeing you!
  • Pick out an outfit that resonates with your vibe, and decide on the kind of show/s you’d like to present. Make firm decisions as this is assertive and reassuring.
  • Go through all the technical setup things and make sure your vibrator toys are popped on to charge. This article will help you work through all the things you need to check before going on cam, so you’ll feel well prepared. (Right click on the link and open it in a new window, so you can read it in a moment).
  • Put on some uplifting music and get ready! Remind yourself you’re an absolute stunner and you’re about to smash it on cam!

Today is the best day of your life and your badass vibe is manifesting abundance! You will have a tonne of fun and gain a heap of new fans with your sparkling positive attitude!

  • Getting ready takes as long as it takes so please don’t feel under pressure. These things are best done in an environment where you feel relaxed and in harmony with everything surrounding you.
  • Now you’re in the best possible mindset to be the best you on cam! Happy, energised, with good energy all around you. You know you’re about to have the most incredible session on cam. What a buzz!
  • Need extra time to do your nails, or pop a quick call to a friend? No worries! Do what you need to do. You need to feel 100% prepared and happy that all the little jobs are out of the way. This helps declutter the mind.
  • Look in the mirror and smile at your reflection. What a beauty! You look your absolute best, and that is going to come across online. Your fans will appreciate the effort you’ve gone to and you’ll get a tonne of complements. Compliments boost confidence and make you even happier on cam!
  • Log into the site and set up your shows, tip features and anything else you would like to promote. Connect any interactive toys and put any props and things like dildos within reach.
  • Now it’s time to take the stage and say hi to your crowd! They’re delighted to see you and keen to help you be the best you on cam. Be excited to see them too.

Greet your audience with your lovely smile, tell them you’ve missed them. Let them know how excited you are about the shows you’ve planned and tell them what they have to look forward to.

Top Tip: Give a little tutorial and point out where guys can find things like tip menus. This helps new members and provides a call to action to get the ball rolling. Do this every so often when you’re online. Once per hour is sufficient.

  • I’m so proud of you! You worked through my tried and tested methods to be the best you on cam and have come online firing!

So now just focus on having fun and the money will come!

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One thought on “Be the best you on cam

  • as always, i loved the article. I’ve been camming for 4+ years now and I found lots of wisdom in here that is so important but so easy to forget to do. I really appreciate the way this article drew me into my power. thank you Annabelle!


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