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Gain 100k followers in 6 months

Top cam model and content creator Honey Martinez explains how to gain 100k followers in 6 months.

Being successful is all about building your following and posting all the time.

Exotic performer and creator Honey, who goes by the names of Honey Martinezzz and Honeythemilf, began camming and content creating in 2016.

Honey, from Vancouver Canada, is renowned for her eye-popping curves and adult natured content.

Featuring on many well-known platforms she tempts her fans with videos, live chat and subscription-based offerings.

As an interactive model Honey performs solo and group shows.

She is responsive to the demands of fans for boy-girl and girl-girl videos. These fly on her promotional campaigns which include direct messaging across multiple platforms as well as social media.

Despite previously having had her socials hacked, scammed and wiped out; the follower-hungry Canadian came back with a vengeance.

With her smart self-promotion strategy, the model gained a staggering 100k followers in 6 months.

So Honey, tell us exactly how you did it?

X – formally Twitter, is one of the leading platforms for adult creators. There are no restrictions on nature of content and it is easy for sharing and tagging for maximum exposure.

Honey understands what does well on social media and pays attention to detail. By ensuring she puts out nothing but high quality, high definition photos and clips on X, this ensures maximum ‘like’ and retweet potential by fans and promotors.

Tagging large promo accounts helps achieve vast reach on the platform, because of the “RT for RT” etiquette on X.

Promo accounts and creators retweet posts of other creators and the end result is one big cross promotional campaign

All this additional exposure entices more fans to Honey’s profile, and guess what? They all click the follow button!

Promo accounts specific to adult creators have tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of followers. For anybody trying to build a presence on social media in that specific industry, these are useful guys to have on board.

As with anything you wish to be successful in, to stay on the grind is to keep momentum on track.

Honey tells me it is not always easy to consistent, for example during times of sickness or vacation.

The biggest challenge is taking time out from social media.

The penalty is loss of motivation and the necessity of extra time investing in building back up.

Honey Martinez

The Canadian star explains that it is worth it when you discover the valuable fans amongst the masses who just follow to creep on the free content.

There may be potential to monetize genuine fans, but there is a dark side to gaining a massive social media following.

The continual threat of fraudsters out to make a quick buck is a problem that will never go away.

As well as the possibility of financial loss, the integrity and reputation of a well-established model or influencer is at stake.

In 2023, Honey was victim of a textbook catfish scam. She was duped by a follower who claimed to have experience in helping creators build their profiles.

They contacted her through X to offer help to increase her revenue potential. All the while, stealing her content and pocketing profits under a fake profile.

What exactly happened in this case is this: content and video calls were promoted on the fake Honey Martinez profile with payment links to the scammer.

They even hacked into Honey’s legitimate profile, changing her password which made it impossible for her to access it to warn fans about what was going on.

Most models and creators would love to gain 100k in 6 months, just like Honey Martinezzz. We know that engaging fans on socials can boost revenue.

We also know mass exposure attracts the of shady behaviour of catfishers and other scammers.

So if you want to start you own campaign to gain 100k followers in 6 months… protect yourself:

  • Watermark all content with your logo, username and/or the name of the site which hosts the content. This way, if it gets stolen, you can prove where it originated from for any copyright claims.
  • Do not respond to randoms who claim they will help you build your following or monetize content. In every case these approaches are scams.
  • It is best not to follow back everyone who follows, as this enables them easy access to message and be a nuisance.
  • Do not open any links that followers attempt to send you via tweet or DM.
  • Consider making social media private, and request to follow. While it is less easy to gain mass following this way, it does tighten privacy and security.
  • Consider working with a content protection agency to remove any stolen content and impersonation accounts. We recommend Cam Model Protection.

With thanks to Honey Martinez – X @HoneytheMILF – IG @honeythemilf_ Photo credit: IG @thisiseames

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Why strippers make the best camgirls

Pink Champagne’s Nova flies the flag for exotic dancers building their success in the camming world. We discuss how Covid19 was a blessing in disguise, why strippers make the best camgirls and how our two brands have found the perfect synergy.

Exotic dance agency owner Nova Ramone is one of two partners facing up Pink Champage Entertainment. She is also one of LVE Models‘ feature performers.

Pink Champagne Entertainment is 100% female owned and operated, based in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Nova and her business partner Ivy West created their own brand following years working the strip venues.

They had experienced first hand the unethical ways some male dominated agencies failed their entertainers, and wanted to revolutionise the stigma.

Pink Champagne’s mission is to provide a safe, respectful and motivational atmosphere for all exotic entertainers to work and thrive in.

We have been so disappointed with how female dancers are treated. Some agencies charge such high fees and take a greater chunk of earnings than they rightfully should.

At Pink Champagne our primary focus is the entertainers; their growth, safety and empowerment. As a result, they’re happy and put out quality performances.

Nova Ramone

Business was booming for Pink Champagne, when the Covid19 pandemic shook the world in the early part of 2020. The same way it did in almost every other country and continent, the dreaded C-word spread like wildfire in Canada.

Nobody knew how long it would go on, but the fate of strip clubs and all other social nightlife forms saw them dark and desolate for the next two to three years.

With mass shutdowns and mass panic; individuals working in these sectors were forced to explore other options.

It was a matter of doing whatever you could, just to keep your head above water.

With concerns over the future of her business amidst the Covid uncertainty, the Pink Champagne lady initially turned her hand to content creating on a major fans platform.

After a year not going anywhere on the fans platform, came her lucky break.

A connection from Nova’s dancing network – a fellow Canadian recently signed to LVE Models – led her to the cam model opportunity via a shoutout on her Instagram story.

“I turned to webcamming during Covid because I needed to make money quickly.

I had tried Only Fans for a year, it was a lot of effort for very little reward.

A fellow dancer who had joined LVE Models tagged them on an Instagram post.

She told me how it worked and that the network was lucrative. I immediately submitted my application.

Honestly, the pandemic was a blessing in disguise. Had it not been for Covid, I would not have discovered how amazing this is.

Nova and I, both from an exotic dancing background; discussed our collective ideology of why strippers make the best camgirls.

We concluded that it is because webcamming is the perfect compliment to exotic dancing, due to the principles being much the same.

For starters, any female who is comfortable taking her clothes off in front of a stranger has already embraced her next-level confidence.

The appealing physical movements of lapdancers are transferable online and make great cam shows. These girls know how work their bodies to get the men spending their cash!

It takes a certain level of mental aptitude and discipline to manage onself in both of these environments.

Lapdancers, once they’ve gone the distance in that arena, are well-primed to take the next step into camming.

Adult entertainment is so much more than people realise. Both dancing and camming require a certain level of perception and self-awareness that only a certain type of female has.

In both areas you’re doing sales, advertising, networking, performing and so much more. You’re an agency in and of yourself.

Nova Ramone

Nova believes her consistent and adaptable approach has helped her master her top-notch money-making skills.

The arts of self-selling and conversational fluency are essential when working one’s magic on the best spenders, be it in person or online.

Our experience tells us that these things, accordingly, come with experience.

Gaining these skills is something any performer can do but it’s a long game which requires persistence and resilience.

Many just drop away if they don’t pay attention to this requirement or can’t be bothered to invest the time in learning.

Let us not forget that strippers are undoubtedly in the forefront where it comes to creativity, as a result of their ability to adapt theme and styling for dance shows. This is gold when translated into live cam shows.

As a dancer I am used to getting into character. I can make absolutely any setting or scenario into a sexy fun time in which to monetise.

Every day and night is different as a stripper or as a camgirl. Whatever crowd I experience I am able to take it in, adapt and slay.

Nova Ramone

Since Nova came on board with LVE Models, a natural synergy began to form between the two companies.

Both LVE Models and Pink Champagne offer a high-end professional service, helping high quality models and performers be successful.

They help individuals achieve their the maximum earning potential whilst ensuring they feel comfortable and supported in their respective outlets.

LVE Models are what Pink Champagne Entertainment is all about: community spirit and lifting each other up. This is important and fundamental to the success of individuals and companies as a whole.

There is no throwing girls into the mix to figure it out on their own. They prepare you to become a pro and support you through learning the platform.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have in any subset of sex work; a new outlet can be overwhelming. LVE Models take that factor out and make it stress-free.

LVE Models don’t charge commission like other agencies do. Models are motivated knowing they can earn good money whilst being appreciated for their hard work.

Nova Ramone

The amount of information, tips and experience LVE Models pass on to their models is mind-boggling.

The platform is very expansive with many options and features.

Without the road map that LVE Models provide I would have spent this past year just trying to get my footing with all of it.

The guidance ensured I came in prepared to hit the ground running, and with confidence.

Beyond that, I was connected to other LVE Models through a group Whatsapp, so questions or issues outside of the standard guidance can be sounded out with other cam models, who are all supportive like a sisterhood.”

Through the past year Nova has introduced her Pink Champagne dancers to LVE Models and features them into her cam shows. Not only has this enabled creativity to hit new heights, stronger bonds have formed between the entertainers.

This has proven invaluable to their working relationships; both as lapdancers and as camgirls.

It was due to my success and satisfation with LVE that I recommended many dancers in my company to join.

Over half of Pink Champagne’s entertainers are now registered on the platform, including my business partner Ivy West.

I arrange duo shows and we switch these up with different themes and goal shows each time.

Beyond that, us having such intimacy on cam means our shows are raw, genuine, and dynamic as all hell!

Nova Ramone

Nova keeps her busy chat room bolstered by her exotic dance followers. Her sharp business brain told her it would be a good idea to get Pink Champagne business cards printed with her chat room link on.

So she did, and she hands these out at her dance events, enabling customers she meets face to face to visit her online.

Some of the entertainers Nova has brought to the network have gone ahead and done the same. This tactic engineers additional revenue from their private dance guys, which in the process helps the dancing girls become establised cam models.

Nova explains that these visitors are men they’ve formed close connections with, owing to previously meeting in person. Close connections result in them wanting more.

Having an online platform to meet again faciliates this in a way which respects the entertainers’ personal boundaries.

From our customers’ perspectives, they get to watch beautiful women performing as strippers. This gets them hot, whilst they know they cannot do anything more than enjoy seeing us naked.

Giving them a card with our chat room info means they can do exactly what they think about doing to us, through tip activated toys.

It’s a whole new level of interacting which they find exciting and brings in a respectable amount of income!

Nova Ramone

“LVE Models can skyrocket you to top model standing if you’re ready to put in the time and effort.

If you want to maximise your income and grow your network, LVE Models is a major brand booster.

Their support, guidance and coaching combined with your commitment is what will bring you success.

The promotional perks are wonderful and they pay off, especially for feature shows! Anytime I’ve taken advantage of these the results have been phenomenal.

Lastly, I’m not ashamed to tell you I made more money in my first two weeks with LVE Models than I did in a whole year on Only Fans.

Joining LVE Models has been such a positive experience for me. They enabled me to thrive, not just survive the pandemic and strenghten my own brand in the process!

I recommend any exotic dancer to join and grow your network here!”

With special thanks to Nova Ramone at Pink Champagne Entertainment.

To visit Nova Ramone live online, follow her chat room.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.


You Create, We Protect

You Create, We Protect!” say Cam Model Protection, who believe they have all the solutions to industry’s dark exploitations.

Speaking for cam models and content creators universally, all we want is to work without stress.

Anyone joining the adult industry will have to understand that the world wide web is an open and exposed forum.

Where there are performances or content of a sexual nature, there’s a high risk it could be stolen and exploited for gain to another.

As such, identity theft and copyright infringement are prolific and creators are hot targets.

There are pirate sites who screen record and repost performer’s shows in order to profit financially.

There are fake ‘catfish’ accounts which use the identity of creators in attempt to scam their fans.

All of this is completely illegal. But do you think the pirates care? Do you think they co-operate?

Of course not! They are relentless and will never stop.

Knowing these crimes are so rife can be unnerving for cam models.

I have known many to drop out of the industry as a result of the damaging effects it’s had, or fears it could have, to personal lives, income or brand reputation.

Netherlands-based company Cam Model Protection are the cutting-edge player in the world of identity protection and online content removal.

The company, which was founded in 2014, have clients in 42 countries and a team of 41 highly motivated, expertly trained employees over 6 countries.

Their job is to fight internet piracy 24/7 and they do that better than anyone.

Cam Model Protection believe their counter-attack strategies against internet pirates sees the majority of infrigements against cam models and creators exterminated.

Their service enables creators to increase their revenue by ensuring their content is not available for free on illegal websites.

In turn, this increases sales on the creator’s paid platforms, which they inform me, is anything up to 15-20%.

You Create, We Protect! It’s your body, your creativity, inspiration and hard work.

We understand better than anyone that it’s frustrating when others are making money from your content.

Cam Model Protection

Exactly that – they understand the headaches. For many adult performers and creators, privacy exposure and stolen content are the only downsides to working in this industry.

Cam Model Protection share this valuable insight into what they do to protect individuals and ensure brand integrities are maintained:

What makes us different from other content removal services is we have our own unique software and perform manual searches by trained investigators.

We can get behind sites hosting content behind paywalls, which cannot be done with automated searches.

Our discrete team which includes ethical hackers, have many different skills for getting sites to cooperate and remove content.

Where sites don’t cooperate, we are able to delist the content from Google and other search engines.

Cam Model Protection

This is an extraoridinarily good feature of Cam Model Protection. Even in cases where sites do not comply, they are still able to get images, links, videos and downloads removed from Google and other major search engines.

As a result, the stolen content is no longer discoverable if the model or creator’s name is searched.

For those with privacy concerns and region blocks, this cleanup of ‘incriminating’ evidence serves as ‘damage limitation’ and for many this proves a life saver.

At Cam Model Protection, we have four core values that we strive to work for every day: Trustworthy. Dedication. Service. Quality.

Cam Model Protection

  • Cam Model Protection support team works in shifts, in three timezones. This enables them to be always available for their members.
  • Average reply time: 10 minutes on all support related questions and concerns.
  • Average turnaround time 24-72 hours to remove copyright infringements.
  • Average removal rate of stolen content is 98-100%, beating competitors whose limitations lie with conventional DMCA processes.
  • 15 million items of pirated content every year for Cam Model Protection members. That’s mega!

Our Superstar plan is the most popular. This includes automated searches by our own software, but in addition, two hours of manual searches weekly by one of our trained investigators.

We request removal from sites hosting content illegally along with search engines, social media and Reddit.

For models with extreme high popularity and a lot of content hosted illegally, we provide our VIP plan.

Everyone member receives weekly updates on their removal process, via a weekly report. They can also follow the progress when they login to their personal account.

Cam Model Protection

Many of the big names in the adult industry use Cam Model Protection, including porn stars and social media influencers.

Their ambassadors are the likes of Cherie DeVille, Sure Cakes and Desy Gato, who benefit from their VIP plan.

You only need to look at their website and you’ll see many testimonials from models and creators. It is a service worth it’s weight in gold.

The proof is in the pudding. I know first hand how well this service works.

If you want to know how the dark side of the industry tried to get under my skin, and did not succeed to defeat me; read on:

My heart shattered when I first discovered my privacy had been exposed as a cam model. Pages of thumbnail images and copies my live stream videos exposed on Google!

I was only working on one site but the infringements linked me to hundreds of different sites, giving the impression I was obtainable across multiple platforms, including dodgy looking porn tubes.

Some sites were selling content of me that I was not even sell myself. This was infuriating and caused me anxiety. 

Thanks to Cam Model Protection, my fears soon went away. Their team are empathetic, quick to respond, like an emergency service!

Signing up to their Superstar package was like taking out an insurance policy. It proved excellent value for money as it reinstated my confidence. As such I was able to continue to work online.


I fly their flag because they have done so much to fight internet piracy on my behalf. Without this company, I would have been one who dropped away.

My aim is to get the message out to all models and creators this problem has affected, past and present. There is hope for you too, if you put your faith in them. Invest a little of your cam income in the service each month and the results, along with the peace of mind you get, are priceless.

As a cam model and content creator, taking out the Superstar plan was the best thing I ever did.


If you’re serious about building success in this industry, either privately under privacy measures or publicly with a brand profile; it would be the best thing you can do too.

My company LVE Models is now working as a partner with Cam Model Protection. We offer all cam models and creators 10% off a Pro, Superstar or VIP plan.

This makes their plans even better value for money!

All you need to do now is choose which level of service you require via their site here. My personal recommendation for most cam models working full or part time online is the Superstar plan. Use our discount code to enjoy 10% off, for life! Use discount code at the checkout: LVEmodels

You Create, We Protect! We will never stop our fight against piracy!

Cam Model Protection

With special thanks to Eve @ Cam Model Protection.

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To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.


“Being authentic knowing my role is key”

“Being authentic knowing my role is key!” says Southern beach belle Danica Knox. Here she shares an insight life as as a glamorous home-working mom-boss.

If you’re keen to learn how to rock life as a high vibing cam model mom, look no further than Danica Knox.

The American beauty, who is half Puerto Rican, has nailed her niche identity as a Latina hotwire on high end cam site CamTropicana.

Having gained appraisal as a budding starlet since childhood, Danica’s confidence to chat and perform saw her tipped by family and friends for life as an entertainer or sorts.

As a Gemini female, Danica is naturally sociable and comfortable in her own skin. Her sexual appeal and desire to reach for the stars saw her make the choice to dive into adult camming in 2015.

Seven years on, her enthusiasm has seen her build a career she takes pride in, rather than it just being a job.

She has since worked with heart, originality and passion in order to position herself as the high-end example she is today.

Having appeared on a number of webcam networks, Danica has settled into her harmony and happiness on her present site, which she joined in the summer of 2021.

What Ms Knox loves about CamTropicana is its flexibility of working hours, interactive games and the fact it provides her the ability to be creative and do her own thing.

I love playing those virtual games, those are a lot of fun. The site’s features enable me to design my own themes that work with my vibe.

The beach is my lifestyle so I have a 100% beach chick vibe on cam. I love doing shows wearing micro bikinis!

Danica Knox

Danica has a passion for dancing and her shows are high energy with Latin-infused beats and racy movement. Followers flock to enjoy her epic bikini twerk dance shows and she’s been known to burst into song on cam, too!

Danica Knox

Bubbly Danica particularly loves multi goal shows. These are a series of hot shows preset that her live chat audience go crazy tipping for.

Along with twerking dance-offs, sizzling favourites that set fans’ pulses racing are her Ultra Glam Goddess Striptease, Topless Oil and Nicey Icey Teases.

On top of all that sexy Latina fire, the lovely lady steals hearts with her warm and friendly personality.

She has a loyal base of adoring regulars and tells me her greatest eye-opener has been the unwavering support she receives from them week on week.

Danica Knox

I invite Danica to tell us her secret to keeping followers captivated for so long:

Authentic she most definitely is. This cam Queen lives life on a high frequency and has a vibe like no other.

She’s reknowned for her spirituality and loves to meditate, helping her ebb and flow calmly through all she does.

As a self-confessed beach babe she adores the shores and is in her element with the sand between her toes. Mediating on a beach with the breeze blowing her sunkissed hair, manifesting her life’s true desires; is her absolute heaven.

Another of the beauty’s favourite past times is music: listening to, playing and moving to. Music has pulsed through her veins since childhood due to family influences.

Danica Knox

Life off cam revolves around the fam’ and Momma Knox has cracked the solution to camming and mothering.

Owing to her a neat setup at home, she’s formed a discrete environment to operate. She streams while her family go about their work and play in another part of the house.

Working live, doing the school run then jumping back online is how she profits in between motherly duties.

Cramming in the camming during weekdays leaves weekends free to enjoy those precious family outings.

Danica Knox

With a humble attitude towards life as a camming mother, Danica believes she has positioned herself the best possible way.

Danica Knox

Working on cam has brought so many tangible assets that her family could not afford in the past.

Seeing her son involved in after school activities and extra tuition is one thing to thank camming for. Another notable achievement is upgrading the family wheels.

Danica Knox

Being able to fulfil men’s fantasies as their online dream woman then slip back into the momsy figure, defines Danica’s true meaning of being true to all that she stands for.

Knowing this is my job and the importance of separating that from my daily reality, is everything.

If I did not have the ability to separate the two I would not be happy. Being authentic knowing my role is key!

Danica Knox

Danica is good-time girl and loves to laugh on cam. In the last seven years there have been many priceless moments, some to reminisce and others to blush over.

She still giggles over an episode with a disasterous camming chair. One of the most cringe-worthy moments in Danica Knox camming history:

I hereby declare Danica Knox one of the most popular, genuine females I know on cam!

She gladly shares her top tips to any new cam model seeking longevity, as well as authenticity, in their chosen career:

Go live consistently at the same time every day. Your fans know when to expect you and will make the effort to be available.

Take time to set your room up properly and style yourself in a way that’s true. Preparation, good presentation and most importantly, feeling yourself, is everything!

Be confident in who you are and always know you are the creator of your vibe. Guys will always feed off your vibe so make sure it is always elevated. This way they’ll feel good in your room and spend more money.

Danica Knox: “Being authentic knowing my role is key!” To find out more about Danica Knox and her live shows, visit her here: Danica Knox.

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“Cam makes me more money than I ever imagined”

“Cam makes me more money than I ever imagined!” is JazzyJ’s motivation in CAM MODEL MENTOR’s first Spotlight interview. This top CamSoda model makes more money than most.

If ever there was a camming success story to inspire the masses, it’s that of JazzyJ.

The 32-year-old cam star epitomises the image of the exotic dream girl. One who is wrapped in an impressive package of aptitude and professionalism across the board.

JazzyJ’s diverse performance skillset combines with her consistency of work ethic, intellect, and conversational competency. Her knack for hooking in big spenders sees her cemented as one of the highest earning models in the industry.

The Arizona-based American, who has Thai heritage, moved into the camming arena from the technology industry during 2020’s Covid pandemic.

JazzyJ’s motive to start on webcam was her astute desire to build an income stream outside of tech project management. At the time, job security was shrouded in uncertainty therefore this was a shrewd move.

Over the weeks JazzyJ rose rapidly in the popularity and earnings stakes, working with determination and drive. She smashed the glass ceiling of all salary expectations she’d had prior to being a cam model.

For the most ambitious of models, there is no ceiling, the income potential is uncapped. Within a matter of months, JazzyJ had proven this by exceeding the limits of her former project manager payscale.

Cam makes me money than I ever imagined!

In 2020, after only 9 months as a cam girl, I had made three times more money than I had in a whole year as a Project Manager.

Since then, my earnings have continued to increase each month and year!


During Jazzy’s early beginnings she spent time researching a site, identifying her favourite camgirls. She observed how they managed their chat rooms then took inspiration. This inspiration helped her create her own winning formula and camming persona:

I remember when first starting, I would wish to be as good as certain girls who were my idols.I watched to see how they would control their rooms and interact with the members. Shortly after starting I developed my own style that worked for me.

The camgirls I once looked up to, I’ve now surpassed! I feel proud I was able to find my footing to create a chat room and persona that makes me now one of CamSoda’s top girls.


Despite banking five-figure weekly payouts on CamSoda, JazzyJ is her own tough taskmaster. Disappointed when falling short of the high targets she sets, including weekly and monthly bonus prizes.

She says resilience is key and the constant push knowing she’s one of the strongest contenders is her continual self-motivation.

I get upset when I miss my daily tip goal or lose a top earner competition. The fact I feel this way tells me that I have all the ambition to be the best model on the site.

I often give myself a reality check and tell myself I’m still one of the top girls. I keep my head up and keep shooting for the moon!


So far this year JazzyJ ‘numero uno’ on CamSoda’s top monthly earner leaderboard for the months of May, June, August and September. Each time with a cash bonus prize of $3000.

She has also won ten weekly top earner bonus prizes to the tune of $2000 a piece.

JazzyJ’s big money hustle sees her dedicate dozens of hours to her live stream every week in order to tick her financial boxes. Grinding through exhausting 8-10 hour sessions, she is mindful of her need to even this out with a healthy work-life equilibrium.

Her chosen profession as a cam model facilitates her joyful spontaneity. JazzyJ is self-confessed, free-spirited travel junkie.

The American beauty enjoys regular long weekends away to embark on exciting road trips with her Husky dog, Grom.

Together they love to immerse in natural surroundings. Their favourite spots are wide open spaces such as the bright, breezy Pacific coast beaches and the breathtaking Rocky mountains.

JazzyJ with Grom on a road trip vacation

In the long term JazzyJ looks forward to an early retirement. Her adventurer spirit craves to soak up many more sights and delights of the USA along with exploring the big wide world.

Thanks to working on cam I’ve paid off credit card bills, paid off my Tesla car and placed a sizable down-payment for a house.

I’m my own boss, I work to my own schedule and I’m on a continual quest to make more money and financially independent.

I love to travel wherever and whenever I want, and my dream is to retire early and enjoy so many more travel experiences!


Keen to find out what JazzyJ enjoys so much about camming, apart from the obvious money motives; I ask what brings her greatest sense of satisfaction. Her answer is: helping people.

She describes this as fulfilling a need for them where they cannot obtain a certain level of enjoyment and attention elsewhere.

Taking a keen interest in members and their very personal requirements is the way the smart model raises the bar. Her aim with the big money guys is to build long term relationships, where she can be their friend and confidante. This goes alongside serving as their therapist or anything else they desire her to be.

It is Jazzy’s understanding and receptiveness to their needs, along with her ‘practical’ skills as a cam model that keeps her regulars coming back and spending more money. Her trademark show is her ‘squirt marathon’ – need I say more?!

Respecting their online Queen in tips is the very least they can do for the quality of the performer’s ‘output’ on cam.

JazzyJ explains:

People join cam sites mainly because they are lonely or horny. After being with me, they leave the site more relaxed and happy than they were when they logged on.

That means a lot to me, especially since there are many camgirls they can choose from, yet they choose to be in my room.


On a deeper level, JazzyJ gets the most satisfaction from members who come to her for conversation.

She enjoys indulging them in sexual acts they cannot obtain in their day to day life as this is fulfilling for both parties.

She tells how some men are insecure or uncomfortable discussing certain things in person, especially when related to sexual kinks or personal problems.

Sometimes there is simply a lack of self confidence to chat with an attractive woman face to face.

If a man is coming to me on CamSoda because he cannot talk with someone in real life, it is flattering and empowering. There are things people have told me in privates that they have not told their own spouses.

I often say spending time with me is cheaper and more personal than speaking to a real life therapist!


Jazzy appreciates the importance of having cam model friends who understand their challenging industry. Having her own support network is priceless because it helps increase motivation. It is also helpful work through problems, swap experiences and advice with.

I’ve met a few other cam girls that share similar views. It’s great having friends in the industry who share the same frustrations as I do because this makes life more pleasant on cam.

I often vent to my friends and most of the time, they share the same experiences. It helps when you don’t feel like you’re on your own.

Having cam friends helps you feel sane when you’re having a bad day. I’m friends with some top cam girls and we root for each other because we all want to make more money than we ever imagined!

  • #1 Be yourself, love yourself and know your worth.
  • #2 Stay in control and respect everyone until they disrespect you. If anyone does or says anything you don’t find acceptable, kick them from your room.
  • #3 Stay guarded with members and other cam girls. Don’t give away personal information, you cannot be sure who is trustworthy.
  • #4 Set your own boundaries. This is a tough industry to be successful in if you do things that make you uncomfortable for money. Not everyone has the personality or willingness to do this, so never do anything your uncomfortable with.
  • #5 Create your own identity and stand out as an individual.
  • #6 Watch other camgirls for inspiration, but never imitate.
  • #7 Bad days are inevitable, on these days don’t cam. Feeling sad, in pain, or tired? People can sense that. Just take break and cam when you’re feeling better.
  • #8 Be consistent every week. It is not possible for any cam model to improve and make more money if they are content not reaching their goals.

JazzyJ: Cam makes me more money than I ever imagined! To find out more about JazzyJ and her live shows, visit her here: JazzyJ. Follow her on Instagram. Photo credits: JazzyJ

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