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Gain 100k followers in 6 months

Top cam model and content creator Honey Martinez explains how to gain 100k followers in 6 months.

Being successful is all about building your following and posting all the time.

Exotic performer and creator Honey, who goes by the names of Honey Martinezzz and Honeythemilf, began camming and content creating in 2016.

Honey, from Vancouver Canada, is renowned for her eye-popping curves and adult natured content.

Featuring on many well-known platforms she tempts her fans with videos, live chat and subscription-based offerings.

As an interactive model Honey performs solo and group shows.

She is responsive to the demands of fans for boy-girl and girl-girl videos. These fly on her promotional campaigns which include direct messaging across multiple platforms as well as social media.

Despite previously having had her socials hacked, scammed and wiped out; the follower-hungry Canadian came back with a vengeance.

With her smart self-promotion strategy, the model gained a staggering 100k followers in 6 months.

So Honey, tell us exactly how you did it?

X – formally Twitter, is one of the leading platforms for adult creators. There are no restrictions on nature of content and it is easy for sharing and tagging for maximum exposure.

Honey understands what does well on social media and pays attention to detail. By ensuring she puts out nothing but high quality, high definition photos and clips on X, this ensures maximum ‘like’ and retweet potential by fans and promotors.

Tagging large promo accounts helps achieve vast reach on the platform, because of the “RT for RT” etiquette on X.

Promo accounts and creators retweet posts of other creators and the end result is one big cross promotional campaign

All this additional exposure entices more fans to Honey’s profile, and guess what? They all click the follow button!

Promo accounts specific to adult creators have tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of followers. For anybody trying to build a presence on social media in that specific industry, these are useful guys to have on board.

As with anything you wish to be successful in, to stay on the grind is to keep momentum on track.

Honey tells me it is not always easy to consistent, for example during times of sickness or vacation.

The biggest challenge is taking time out from social media.

The penalty is loss of motivation and the necessity of extra time investing in building back up.

Honey Martinez

The Canadian star explains that it is worth it when you discover the valuable fans amongst the masses who just follow to creep on the free content.

There may be potential to monetize genuine fans, but there is a dark side to gaining a massive social media following.

The continual threat of fraudsters out to make a quick buck is a problem that will never go away.

As well as the possibility of financial loss, the integrity and reputation of a well-established model or influencer is at stake.

In 2023, Honey was victim of a textbook catfish scam. She was duped by a follower who claimed to have experience in helping creators build their profiles.

They contacted her through X to offer help to increase her revenue potential. All the while, stealing her content and pocketing profits under a fake profile.

What exactly happened in this case is this: content and video calls were promoted on the fake Honey Martinez profile with payment links to the scammer.

They even hacked into Honey’s legitimate profile, changing her password which made it impossible for her to access it to warn fans about what was going on.

Most models and creators would love to gain 100k in 6 months, just like Honey Martinezzz. We know that engaging fans on socials can boost revenue.

We also know mass exposure attracts the of shady behaviour of catfishers and other scammers.

So if you want to start you own campaign to gain 100k followers in 6 months… protect yourself:

  • Watermark all content with your logo, username and/or the name of the site which hosts the content. This way, if it gets stolen, you can prove where it originated from for any copyright claims.
  • Do not respond to randoms who claim they will help you build your following or monetize content. In every case these approaches are scams.
  • It is best not to follow back everyone who follows, as this enables them easy access to message and be a nuisance.
  • Do not open any links that followers attempt to send you via tweet or DM.
  • Consider making social media private, and request to follow. While it is less easy to gain mass following this way, it does tighten privacy and security.
  • Consider working with a content protection agency to remove any stolen content and impersonation accounts. We recommend Cam Model Protection.

With thanks to Honey Martinez – X @HoneytheMILF – IG @honeythemilf_ Photo credit: IG @thisiseames

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The importance of followers

The importance of followers, explained.

Build a strong presence and make money as a cam model by tuning in to your following. Here’s how…

You are newly registered to a cam site and have spent time setting up your profile. You’re all set with your equipment, outfits and toys; excited, ready to jump on and make lots of money.

It’s that easy!

Or is it….?

We all know money is the #1 motivator for cam models, but it should not be the sole focus, especially in the early days.

The truth is, it can be difficult to earn money consistently on cam until you seek out your supporters, who become your online fan club.

Your supporters are your darling followers. Concentrate on gaining them, which means winning them over and getting them to ‘follow’ or ‘favourite’ you on your cam site. This way they help you become established.

Any cam model can do this, providing they are patient and persistent going online regularly. Gaining a base of great followers takes weeks, months, even a year or two to establish.

So… be under no illusions, this will not be an overnight success.

Followers on cam sites do a number of things for you. They enable you to build your success on cam and make money on a continual basis. Followers help you in these ways:

1. Profile presence! You gain a profile presence, providing popularity which looks good to new potential followers when they view your profile offline.

2. Room presence! You gain a room presence when you are online, making your chat room appear well subscribed and desirable for others to join.

3. Rapport! They get to know you, build rapport with you and be your fan club for the long term.

4. Confidence! You gain confidence knowing you have supporters, which is very motivating.

5. Consistency! Knowing your fans are keen to see you every week encourages consistency to a working schedule.

6. Support! They will show support during slow times and have your back if and when others are impolite.

7. Monetize them! Followers are the perfect audience to sell to. You can promote your private shows, content, fan club subscriptions and merchandise.

8. Rating! You can utilise your followers to help you boost your rating. (See bottom paragraph).

Now you understand the importance of followers, you need to know how to get them on board:

1. Be personable! Greet them in a friendly way that makes them want to follow and support you.

2. Be appreciative! Thank them for following and let them know you value their support.

3. Be engaging! Chat and connect, show them you’re great company and they will want to come back.

4. Be receptive! Pay attention to what they say and try to connect on a personal level. Listen and respond to their needs and they’re encouraged to return.

5. Be their dream! Dress and style in an alluring way. This helps them feel attracted. Sex appeal always gains masses of followers, so keep your standards of presentation high!

6. Be original! Make sure your look, persona and shows are interesting or daring enough to stamp the WOW factor! Injecting some creativity helps them stay captivated.

7. Ask them! There’s no shame in asking members to hit the follow. Ask them nicely to do it and blow them a kiss. Make it fun, they love it.

8. Incentivize them! Here’s an idea… you can offer members and incentive such as a free picture or surprise tease if they hit you with a follow and tip an amount you specify!

Most sites have a feature whereby members can elect to be notified when their ‘followed’ or ‘favourited’ models are online.

This may be by email, sms or online notifications when logged in. They may be able to choose one or all options.

Always find out your site’s process for members to follow and elect for notifications.

Familiarise yourself with the process from a member’s standpoint viewing the site.

Do this so you can inform members exactly what to do to follow you when they visit your profile.


The last thing you want is the embarrassment of asking members to follow you, they ask how, then you have to admit you don’t know.

Regular communication with followers is highly beneficial as it strengthens rapport and serves as call to action.


One of the benefits of having followers on your cam model profile is you are able to direct message to keep them updated.

For example you can let them know your schedule and tell them about any special shows or promotions you run.

Tips for effective follower communication:

  • A cheeky DM is a reminder you’re due online and reminds them to come and spend their money!
  • A frequency of once a week is a happy medium to send out a broadcast to your followers.
  • Don’t spam or be too persistent, as this risks them unfollowing.
  • For any fans who wish to DM chat regularly, monetize this via your cam site. Set a price per message or a monthly charge for DM chat. This ensures your time is respected.
  • Bear in mind: communications through the cam also site offers protection if anybody makes you feel uncomfortable.

Every cam model should strive to be a top rated cam model. This helps with profile, presence, reputation and brand building in the industry.

Generally, higher rated models enjoy benefits like better placement or feature, greater interest from members and higher earning potential.


Most sites have an option for members to vote on or rate models. Check out your site’s ratings feature and make sure you understand how this works so you can use to your benefit.

Following and ratings, in an ideal world, should work hand in hand. Fans who follow or favourite cam models should be encouraged to rate them, too.

Ratings may be in the form or upvoting (thumbs up) along with a percentage, or rating in stars our of five, for example.

Not every member will be aware of the process so explain how this works. Tell them how much it means to you if they help boost your rating.

Now you understand the importance of followers, and the importance of being online to enable them to monetize your time!

A solid fan base combined with a high rating will help you to build a strong presence and ultimately work towards positioning you as a top model!

The long term gain is you maximise on the income potential that’s available to you.


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