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“Cam makes me more money than I ever imagined”

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“Cam makes me more money than I ever imagined!” is JazzyJ’s motivation in CAM MODEL MENTOR’s first Spotlight interview. This top CamSoda model makes more money than most.

If ever there was a camming success story to inspire the masses, it’s that of JazzyJ.

The 32-year-old cam star epitomises the image of the exotic dream girl. One who is wrapped in an impressive package of aptitude and professionalism across the board.

JazzyJ’s diverse performance skillset combines with her consistency of work ethic, intellect, and conversational competency. Her knack for hooking in big spenders sees her cemented as one of the highest earning models in the industry.

The Arizona-based American, who has Thai heritage, moved into the camming arena from the technology industry during 2020’s Covid pandemic.

JazzyJ’s motive to start on webcam was her astute desire to build an income stream outside of tech project management. At the time, job security was shrouded in uncertainty therefore this was a shrewd move.

Over the weeks JazzyJ rose rapidly in the popularity and earnings stakes, working with determination and drive. She smashed the glass ceiling of all salary expectations she’d had prior to being a cam model.

For the most ambitious of models, there is no ceiling, the income potential is uncapped. Within a matter of months, JazzyJ had proven this by exceeding the limits of her former project manager payscale.

Cam makes me money than I ever imagined!

In 2020, after only 9 months as a cam girl, I had made three times more money than I had in a whole year as a Project Manager.

Since then, my earnings have continued to increase each month and year!


During Jazzy’s early beginnings she spent time researching a site, identifying her favourite camgirls. She observed how they managed their chat rooms then took inspiration. This inspiration helped her create her own winning formula and camming persona:

I remember when first starting, I would wish to be as good as certain girls who were my idols.I watched to see how they would control their rooms and interact with the members. Shortly after starting I developed my own style that worked for me.

The camgirls I once looked up to, I’ve now surpassed! I feel proud I was able to find my footing to create a chat room and persona that makes me now one of CamSoda’s top girls.


Despite banking five-figure weekly payouts on CamSoda, JazzyJ is her own tough taskmaster. Disappointed when falling short of the high targets she sets, including weekly and monthly bonus prizes.

She says resilience is key and the constant push knowing she’s one of the strongest contenders is her continual self-motivation.

I get upset when I miss my daily tip goal or lose a top earner competition. The fact I feel this way tells me that I have all the ambition to be the best model on the site.

I often give myself a reality check and tell myself I’m still one of the top girls. I keep my head up and keep shooting for the moon!


So far this year JazzyJ ‘numero uno’ on CamSoda’s top monthly earner leaderboard for the months of May, June, August and September. Each time with a cash bonus prize of $3000.

She has also won ten weekly top earner bonus prizes to the tune of $2000 a piece.

JazzyJ’s big money hustle sees her dedicate dozens of hours to her live stream every week in order to tick her financial boxes. Grinding through exhausting 8-10 hour sessions, she is mindful of her need to even this out with a healthy work-life equilibrium.

Her chosen profession as a cam model facilitates her joyful spontaneity. JazzyJ is self-confessed, free-spirited travel junkie.

The American beauty enjoys regular long weekends away to embark on exciting road trips with her Husky dog, Grom.

Together they love to immerse in natural surroundings. Their favourite spots are wide open spaces such as the bright, breezy Pacific coast beaches and the breathtaking Rocky mountains.

JazzyJ with Grom on a road trip vacation

In the long term JazzyJ looks forward to an early retirement. Her adventurer spirit craves to soak up many more sights and delights of the USA along with exploring the big wide world.

Thanks to working on cam I’ve paid off credit card bills, paid off my Tesla car and placed a sizable down-payment for a house.

I’m my own boss, I work to my own schedule and I’m on a continual quest to make more money and financially independent.

I love to travel wherever and whenever I want, and my dream is to retire early and enjoy so many more travel experiences!


Keen to find out what JazzyJ enjoys so much about camming, apart from the obvious money motives; I ask what brings her greatest sense of satisfaction. Her answer is: helping people.

She describes this as fulfilling a need for them where they cannot obtain a certain level of enjoyment and attention elsewhere.

Taking a keen interest in members and their very personal requirements is the way the smart model raises the bar. Her aim with the big money guys is to build long term relationships, where she can be their friend and confidante. This goes alongside serving as their therapist or anything else they desire her to be.

It is Jazzy’s understanding and receptiveness to their needs, along with her ‘practical’ skills as a cam model that keeps her regulars coming back and spending more money. Her trademark show is her ‘squirt marathon’ – need I say more?!

Respecting their online Queen in tips is the very least they can do for the quality of the performer’s ‘output’ on cam.

JazzyJ explains:

People join cam sites mainly because they are lonely or horny. After being with me, they leave the site more relaxed and happy than they were when they logged on.

That means a lot to me, especially since there are many camgirls they can choose from, yet they choose to be in my room.


On a deeper level, JazzyJ gets the most satisfaction from members who come to her for conversation.

She enjoys indulging them in sexual acts they cannot obtain in their day to day life as this is fulfilling for both parties.

She tells how some men are insecure or uncomfortable discussing certain things in person, especially when related to sexual kinks or personal problems.

Sometimes there is simply a lack of self confidence to chat with an attractive woman face to face.

If a man is coming to me on CamSoda because he cannot talk with someone in real life, it is flattering and empowering. There are things people have told me in privates that they have not told their own spouses.

I often say spending time with me is cheaper and more personal than speaking to a real life therapist!


Jazzy appreciates the importance of having cam model friends who understand their challenging industry. Having her own support network is priceless because it helps increase motivation. It is also helpful work through problems, swap experiences and advice with.

I’ve met a few other cam girls that share similar views. It’s great having friends in the industry who share the same frustrations as I do because this makes life more pleasant on cam.

I often vent to my friends and most of the time, they share the same experiences. It helps when you don’t feel like you’re on your own.

Having cam friends helps you feel sane when you’re having a bad day. I’m friends with some top cam girls and we root for each other because we all want to make more money than we ever imagined!

  • #1 Be yourself, love yourself and know your worth.
  • #2 Stay in control and respect everyone until they disrespect you. If anyone does or says anything you don’t find acceptable, kick them from your room.
  • #3 Stay guarded with members and other cam girls. Don’t give away personal information, you cannot be sure who is trustworthy.
  • #4 Set your own boundaries. This is a tough industry to be successful in if you do things that make you uncomfortable for money. Not everyone has the personality or willingness to do this, so never do anything your uncomfortable with.
  • #5 Create your own identity and stand out as an individual.
  • #6 Watch other camgirls for inspiration, but never imitate.
  • #7 Bad days are inevitable, on these days don’t cam. Feeling sad, in pain, or tired? People can sense that. Just take break and cam when you’re feeling better.
  • #8 Be consistent every week. It is not possible for any cam model to improve and make more money if they are content not reaching their goals.

JazzyJ: Cam makes me more money than I ever imagined! To find out more about JazzyJ and her live shows, visit her here: JazzyJ. Follow her on Instagram. Photo credits: JazzyJ

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