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The dangers of drinking on cam

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Have you ever thought about the dangers of drinking on cam? Fun it may seem but it’s a risky exercise. Here I explain why.

It’s Friday night and you are looking forward to a night at home, making money on cam. For sure you want to let your hair down, it is Friday after all.

Tempting to have a little drink while you work? Oh so tempting! Be careful…

There is no crime in indulging in a cheeky vino to relax, chat and get naughty online. It is a pleasant way to ease into the mood for the evening ahead and flow into that floaty, sexy vibe.

Please take heed: while getting drunk on cam might sound like a bit of a laugh, the dangers of drinking on cam should not be ignored.

Here’s a list of reasons why drinking on cam puts you at risk:

Being intoxicated is against most webcam sites’ Code of Conduct.

First off the risk is suspension, which may lead to complete termination if it becomes a prolific issue.


Drunk and slurring cam models are generally not a turn on to site members.

Moreover, a wasted model would have comedy value and encourage viewers to hang around for all the wrong reasons.


A drunken state on cam is usually subject to ridicule. Guys hang around because they find it amusing, and they don’t tip.

Worse still, some hang around for dishonorable reasons. It is far easier for members to coerce intoxicated models into doing and saying things on cam that they would not ordinarily do. These are things they would likely regret later (if they were to remember it).

Revealing personal information, doing dirtier than normal shows are prime examples of things intoxicated models do and later regret.


Any sort of business sense goes out of the window when intoxicated. Opportunities to gain profits are missed because the eye is taken off the ball due.

Drunk cam models burn time unproductively, lost in idle chit chat with the wrong type of people.


Lack of awareness and assertiveness towards making money means people hang around for the laugh and see no need to spend.


For cam models carving out their brand identity, they seek to gain credibility and respect from members. They strive to appear professional to other models and the organisation they work for as a whole.

A regular drinker on cam is held in a certain nature of regard by others. Rarely is this a positive one.


Where there is no professional image drinking proves detrimental to the success mission.

During my time on cam I admit I have occasionally enjoyed a glass of something. It is only occasionally and for a special celebrations like birthdays, be that my own or that of a regular client.

This is an enjoyable way to drink on cam whilst being in control and not succuming to the dangers of drinking on cam. For the majority of sessions, tee-total is the preference.

You will see the majority of top cam models sipping water, energy drinks or other soft drinks.


This is because they are smart, and aware of the dangers of drinking on cam. They do not want alcohol to destroy their reputation or mask their ability to stay on their game and make the mega bucks.

Be continually mindful of the dangers of drinking on cam and you will be set up for successful camming.

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