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Monetize your Snapchat

Cam models, get creative with these smart ways to monetize your Snapchat and increase revenue from fans.

Do you use Snapchat? If not, here’s why you should get on it…

  • Snapchat is a social media networking app, available for desktop and mobile.
  • Free to download and packed full of fun features.
  • Flexible options including text messaging, photo and video “snap” messaging, video calling and phone calling.
  • Snapchat is discrete. Messages between users are private and delivered in real time.
  • Privacy features: You can see if the other person screenshots or saves. This helps you to monitor their behaviour.
  • Chat history auto-deletes after 24 hours. This removes all chat which has not been saved.
  • Snapchat keeps your phone number and personal information private.
  • You can make your Snapchat undiscoverable to those on your personal contact list.

  1. Create a username which supports your cam/creator name (not your real name). It takes around 5 minutes, via or Snapchat on the App store.
  2. Have a play around with making photo and video snaps, and exploring the fun filters so you know what to do once you get your first Snapchatters on board.
  3. Sell your Snapchat for a reasonable subscription cost. Promote this on your cam site (if permitted), along with your content pages and social media.
  4. Once you have some followers, make photo or video snaps. They view these on their snap feeds to stay connected with you.
  5. Post daily, if you can. You can show off your look, personality and update fans what you’re up to in chat clips.
  6. Give them hot teases to keep them interested, and bring them to you for interaction – which you then monetize.
  7. Provide calls to action. Custom content deals, instructions to visit you on cam, information on your availability to “play” on Snapchat. Let fans know what their options are and how to request/book.
  8. Post the links they’ll use to pay, or visit you online.

One of the amazing things about Snapchat is you can offer a variety of subscription options.

Make it clear what you include with the subscription. You have messenger chatting and sext (sex texting), photo/video Snap swaps, GFE packages (Girl Friend Experience), video calls, phone calls and custom content.

Alternatively, you can offer your Snapchat subscription-free.

You would monetize it by promoting offers for any of the above benefits, to your captive audience.

Suggested subscription pricing:

  • One week £5 (or equivalent in tokens)
  • One month £15
  • One year £65
  • Lifetime £100

Monetize your Snapchat with one to one video calls. These are private and done over Wifi or 4G data.

Offer a time package such as 15 minutes or 30 minutes, with a one-off payment.

Let your Snapchatters know what they can do with you on a video call.

Ideas include masturbation, toy play, blowjob, femdom, roleplay, fetish, and shower or bath shows.

How about enjoy deep and meaningful conversations with your favourite supportive regulars?

Once show is agreed, have them tip prior to starting. This way you are assured of the money and they don’t benefit from your time for free.

Snapchat video calls are usually cam to cam, which means you both can see each other.

If your Snapchatter disables their video so you can only hear but not see them, this is because they wish to guard their privacy.

This should not bother you, however discuss preferences first, so there are no misunderstandings.

For video calls to be successful, everyone needs to be comfortable.

Suggested video call pricing:

  • 15 minutes £20 (or equivalent in tokens)
  • 30 minutes £50
  • 60 minutes £75
  • One week GFE including messaging with a daily call £400-£500

Monetize your Snapchat with audio (phone) calls. These work really well. Offer packages for time.

Shout out your phone call offers on your snap feed. Do this as a photo snap with text over the top (don’t forget to include how to pay).

Alternatively, do a video snap talking to your followers, hyping it up with a call to action!

As with video calls, there is so much scope for creativity. I have personally used this feature a lot through my years of camming. It is a favourite!

Suggested phone call pricing:

  • 10 mins call £15
  • 20 mins call £25
  • 30 mins call £40
  • 60 mins call £65

Monetize your Snapchat with sext packages, these are so fun!

You can sext via the messenger-style text chat feature or by sending video snaps, pic snaps or voice notes.

Offer sext on a daily, weekly or monthly rate. Also offer short time period sext sessions such as 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Make it clear how much time they get, along with frequency and method of messaging.

Suggested Snapchat sexting pricing:

  • Daily sext £45
  • Weekly sext £250
  • Monthly sext £600
  • 15 mins sext £15
  • 30 mins sext £35
  • 60 mins sext £50

  • Create a banner or flyer using a photo editing app.
  • Choose your best photo to add your offers in text over the top. Include your subscription deal, video call, phone sex and sext options.
  • Post on your social media and add your pay methods.
  • Instruct fans how and where to tip for the package they would like.
  • Let them know to provide their Snapchat username with their payment.
  • Add custom tip amounts for your Snapchat packages to your cam site (usually you can do this in a tipping menu or bio).
  • Once fans monetize your Snapchat, be responsive and interact with them right away.
  • Make sure you honour what they purchase and deliver amazing service – if you want them to monetize regularly.

Here are my guidelines to monetize Snapchat on a continual and controlled basis:

  1. Respond to fans in a positive manner, but don’t be a pushover!
  2. Be aware of the individuals who regularly reward your time. Show these guys you appreciate them with extra attentiveness.
  3. Be aware of those who do not respect your time, once on your Snapchat. You can always remove them.
  4. Remind monetized fans to tip again for future engagements. Do this by posting your pricing at least twice per week.
  5. Run flash sales, for example pairing up options at a reduced rate (or offer a freebie). Consider deals like custom video + free 20 min phone call package; 15 min video call + 30 mins sexting; free 15 min sexting with every subscription renewal. Deals often trigger action from fans.
  6. If any fan creeps regularly into your DMs without monetizing your time, you can delete them.

Now you are armed with all the basics you’ll need to monetize your Snapchat, go ahead and make that dough!

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Things to check before going live

Every new cam model needs a list of things to check before going live. Follow my guide and you’ll be ready to kill it on cam!

  • Completed your profile setup? – Add your bio, stats, settings, rates, tip features, profile images and payout info. Start only when all of this is done and approved!
  • Room tidy? – Be well-organised and clutter-free. A nice looking room will make you appear professional and it is pleasing on the eyes to the viewers.
  • Set up for best framing? – Great camera view is important. You want to show off your most flattering angles. Set up your work station and angle the webcam so you can look directly into it. This enables you to connect your audience with eye contact and encourages interaction from them.
  • Clear of any distractions? Make sure any pets in the house are fed and watered. Deal with anything else that might otherwise disturb you if not taken care of. Eliminate any annoying background noise.
  • Music playlists ready? – You’ll need music to help create an atmosphere. Use a speaker if you have one, but do not have the music too loud. Your viewers will want to listen to your voice moreso than your music.
  • Toys out and placed in reach? – Get everything you’ll need for cam shows out and ready. Ensure toys are sanitised and powered up. Vibrating toys need enough charge for the session. Having props within reach will avoid you having to scrabble looking for things.
  • Heels and stockings in reach? – Stiletto shoes, boots or stockings are common requests, have these to hand.
  • Snacks and a drink handy? – Keep a drink and snack beside you. This reduces the inconvenience of having to disrupt stream to pop to the kitchen.
  • Did you do enough reading and research? – You need to brief yourself on how to be a cam model to make a solid start. Read the articles on this blog and be informed. I am here to help!

  • Set up lighting sufficiently? – Room must be well lit with even lighting.
  • Restarted laptop/desktop and run through updates/scans? – Do this to minimise risk of running slow and stream lag issues.
  • If running on ethernet, have you switched off wifi setting on laptop? – You can do this in the network and internet settings. Allow machine to run solely via ethernet cable and not have the wifi interfere with hardwired connection. This is for best continuity of stream.
  • Installed correct browser? – Some cam sites have specific browsers optimised for use with. Check which browser you need as other browsers may not be able to support all of the features of the site you’re working on.
  • Run speed test? – Ideally you’ll have done one prior to signing up and checked minimum upload speed requirements. If it falls short you need to communicate with your site’s tech team. You may also need to speak with your internet provider.
  • Shut down any other browsers, software or applications that might interfere? – When you’re camming, shut everything else unrelated on your laptop down including anything that runs scans in the background. This is so as not to cause unnecessary slowing down of the machine.
  • Selected right camera in broadcast settings? – This is how you present the best quality picture on cam. If the camera you’ve plugged in is not showing in the settings, plug it in again. Refresh your screen, log out and in again, then look again.

  • Right mindframe to work on cam? – You want to be rested, happy, positive, excited and keen to do this! If not, you will resent being online and won’t make money.
  • Feel physically well? – If under the weather with any health or wellbeing issue, wait until you recover. If you do not, you risk starting on a negative spiral and won’t give it your best energy.
  • Wearing something you feel comfortable and sexy in? – Try on different outfits. Go with the one that makes you feel most confident! If you have a favourite lingerie set or something new, this will help you start strong!
  • Done makeup? – Heavy makeup not essential. A little light work on the face to prevent shiny skin and accentuate your best features will make you look and feel confident online.
  • Taken care of personal grooming? – This includes styling your hair, doing your nails, shaving/waxing legs/armpits/ladybits. Lack of attention to these things leads to self-consciousness.
  • What are your camming goals for today? – Self-motivation check! Be sure to have clear in your mind your motives, goals, income target and visions of your success. It is your commitment and consistency to being on cam that will help you achieve all your heart desires!

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Wisdom of the LVE cam models

Read on to tap into the wisdom of the LVE cam models. Helpful advice and guidance here for models finding their way in the adult webcam industry.

CAM MODEL MENTOR is owned by LVE Models, an established cam model studio based in the UK. 

We work with some of the world’s elite online performers from the UK, USA, Canada and Europe. 

Proud to have built our reputation on the satisfaction and success of our models, we assist budding and experienced cam stars to thrive in the industry. 

LVE Models provide all the tools and guidance models need to become established. Many go on to make sums of money they never imagined possible!

Word of mouth recommendation is how we grow our business. 
Quite simply, camgirls come to us because they hear of the great things our models achieve and they want to be successful, too.

We have built our studio culture around empowerment. 
Our models are like-minded females who strive to make it big as individuals. 

LVE Models empower each other to rise up and achieve, as a collective. In an industry where competition can be brutal, this is a beautiful thing!

Some of our models have come forward to share their insights and experience with you.

Here is a bunch of wisdom of the LVE cam models!

Tristan Blair

Andrea Nicole

Nova Ramone

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Jillian Mae

Honey Martinezzz

Hanna Orio


Gigi Tyler

Juicy Lucie

Kitty Star

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Show ideas for new cam models

Models brand new to the adult cams industry often get stuck with what to do on cam. Here are some some helpful show ideas for new cam models.

If it’s your first day or week on cam and you’re experiencing the natural newbie nerves, please first read this article to prepare yourself for getting started.

You will need to spend the early days online becoming familiar with how the site works.

It is very important to learn how to engage with your viewers so they interact back. This is how you generate income opportunities from them.

My article on creating engagement is here.

The next thing to master is how to think creatively on your show ideas, because this is how you convert viewers into fans and keep them coming back.

There are thousands of cam models online on major sites, as such, the competition is fierce. It can be very tough to make it and it is always the stand-out models who thrive.

The models who continually mix up their show types and themes do well versus others that do the same shows week on week.

Don’t let this put you off though! It sounds like a lot to get the head around but I am here to help so you can hit the ground running.

Here are some show ideas for new cam models.

Fantasy telling

Spoil your audience with a themed show where you tell them your sexy fantasies. These can be based on real experiences or make believe, by using your imagination.

If you struggle for ideas, you can always get some inspiration by reading erotic stories and using these to inspire the fantasies.

Erotic stories

To follow on from the fantasy telling idea, try reading stories out to a live audience from an erotic short stories book.

There are hundreds of books available on Amazon or web-based short smutty stories by self-published authors on Medium.

Dirty talk

Polish up your naughty chit chat and sizzle in a show where you turn up the heat with sexy lingo!

Describe your favourite sex positions, how you like to be pleasured or how you like to pleasure a man (or another woman).

With dirty talk, the more detail you can give to the recipient, the more mindblowing the results!


Google search ‘kinks and fetishes’ to add some new words to the sex vocabulary. You will also stumble upon further inspiration for show themes.


How does the sound of getting into character suit you? With roleplays you can be anyone you want to be! Imagination here is key.

Some popular roleplays are doctor/nurse with patient, teacher/student, stepmum/stepson, boyfriend/girfriend’s mum/dad, boss/employee, personal trainer/client, massage therapist/client, bored housewife or hotwife with the window cleaner/postman/pizza delivery boy.

Set the scene describing who is who, you the female counterpart and the member plays the male.

Talk about what the male is doing to her (you), or what she is doing to him and act along with toys and sexy actions.

Femdom chat

Many cam site members get off on being told what to do. This can be in the form of jerking or edging instructions (JOI), humiliation, mind games, blackmail, and various other forms of domination style chat.

These type of shows are hot property. Research along with a deep level of understanding is essential.

There are so many different ways to do femdom chat shows. It is difficult to coach these skills as they need to evolve in a manner that suits the individual’s persona.

The preferences of the recipient always vary from person to person too. This is because one format does not suit all.

I recommend lots of reading and research online. Look for books about S&M because these provide plenty of ideas.


If you want to do something light-hearted and fun, bring out the game play!

Card games, tarot, dominos, raffles, quiz, are all ways to keep members keen.

Some models love to game online whilst they cam and find this brings in quite a crowd! This is especially the case if the model adds a sexy dimension such as topless or strip tease whilst gaming.



Put on your favourite music, or enable a tip option where viewers can tip to request a song. Bring out your inner stripper by dancing sexy, going with the flow and losing your clothes!

Set these up as tip goals or tip menu options and you have an awesome show right there.


A bouncy set of buns twerking is a massive turn-on for many guys on cam sites! Twerking is fun and it creates energy. It is a great vibe when done to your favourite tunes.

You can build twerks into tipping shows, give them as prizes on games and use them to tease and encourage members to spend more money.

Bikini twerks, micro thong twerks, even naked twerks are sure to get the members gravitating.

There are plenty of amazing tutorials on You Tube for twerking if you’re not sure now to do to and want to master it.

Just search “how to twerk” and have fun learning!

Topless fun

Do you have a set of ‘funbags’ you’re happy to flaunt and shake around?

Topless shows including oil shows, shimmy, titty twerk, titty fuck, titty licks and spit shows are all extremely popular choices.

The trick with topless fun shows is to keep them playful and sensual, with plenty of nipple teasing.


Link these shows to tips or goal shows and you incentivise your audience to tip for the tits!

Toy shows

Regarding toy show ideas for new cam models, I totally recommend the interactive toys which react on tips.

Most cam sites nowadays have the interface for Lovense as these toys are extremely lucrative tipping tools.

Members go tip crazy for the Lush, Domi and the Hush. Every cam model I know features one or more of these in their live and/or private shows.

Take a look at these toys right here.

My recommendation is start with the Lush as this one seems to be the crowd pleaser.

As you grow in experience and make money, add others to your collection.

Wet shows

A show in a bathtub, jacuzzi or shower is a fun way to grab the attention of potential spenders and keep them captive in the room!

Plan one with plenty of bubbles, candles and music to set a sexy scene and entice them in.

Use a sponge to seductively stroke the body and keep some waterproof sex toys to hand!

Oral tease shows

Cam site visitors love nothing more than the thought of a hot woman giving them oral pleasure.

A cock-shaped dildo is a cam model must-have prop for shows such as blowjobs.

Use the lips and tongue close to the camera as this is immensely ball-tingling for the recipient.

When performed with plenty of spit and eye contact into the webcam, you’ll get them hooked and coming back for more!


A blowjob as a show type on a tip menu or tip goal, or offered as a nude show in private, is a smart way to monetize this act of ultimate pleasure and make any man online happy!

Day to day activities

I know it sounds absolutely mad… Try doing regular activites such as the housework, creative things such as playing an instrument or doing art, or fitness workouts on cam.

These are all things that fill potential spenders with intrigue and tempt them into chat rooms.

These activities are often great ice-breakers to start chat.

If you dress in something that’s out of the ordinary for the activity, that’s a dead-cert way to draw attention to yourself on cam!

I hope you enjoyed reading my show ideas for new cam models blog, and that this helps you along in your cam modelling journey.

To learn how to get noticed on cam, read this article.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.


How to get noticed on cam

Advice for all cam models on how to get noticed on cam.

Speaking as a time-served successful cam model, I know first hand how competitive this industry is.

With thousands of new cam models signing up every week, the industry is over-subscribed and always will be.

This is why for many new models, it is hard to get noticed. The vast majority will never be successful as they do not know what they need to do to stand out in the masses.

The bigger, famous brand name networks have the capacity to display thousands of performers online at any one given moment.

Thousands of models online and granted, thousands of members online, too.

However not all members will make cam models’ time profitable.

Getting noticed by those who have the spending power, is always the challenge amidst the abundance of options they have.

Every cam model must therefore understand they are one of a thousand or more options. These options are camgirls the tipping members will choose who they wish to spend money on, (or not).

I hereby offer my top three tips on how to get noticed on cam (and be that favoured option to make bank)!

You take a look around the site and there are tonnes of gorgeous girls. You’re gorgeous too, but do you stand out? What makes you unique versus the next model?

To make it as a successful cam model you need a strong identity. This can be a style, a vibe, a look, a particular type of show you do better than anyone else.

Put some thought into who YOU are as a performer. What feels best suited to your physical appearance and personality?

Dress in a manner with fabrics and colours you can make your trademark style. Are you rocking it in black lace, latex/fetish, roleplay costume, luxury lingerie, beach babe bikinis, classy cocktail dresses, stripper style neons?

Think about the way you speak, your expressions, the way you move around on cam. Does this feel genuine and easy to keep consistent through your shows?

Emphasize your assets and strengths. Do you have a skill you can show off? Dancing, flexibility, gymnastics, singing, ASMR, story telling. Fetish or domination chat or acts with props, porn star shows such as squirting, deep throat or hardcore. These all popular on cam.

To experience very quickly how to get noticed on cam, make a point of being available, often.

You can’t be a successful cam model by just popping on for an hour here and there. You have to put the time in.


This means working to a schedule so members learn when to expect you, and being consistent. Put in proper sessions, 3-6 hours or more hours at a time.

There are always going to be models with better work ethic, grinding out the hours even when it’s slow.

Guess what? These resilient, persistent girls are the ones who are successful. You’ll find they have mega following and usually make mega payouts.

Be literally in the face of all of the members, reminding them continually that you are there. This is how your presence becomes known and you become established as a cam model.

If you don’t have full time hours available, it is not a problem. You can still become successful as a part-timer.

I became very successful working part time, just 16-20 hours a week on cam. I was consistent every week, working to a schedule.

I put exceptional quality into my presentation and shows, which made an impact and attracted the tipping members.


This strategy worked a treat for me. It works a treat for many of our part time LVE Models, too.

Consistency is key!

So you have a niche, and a schedule. Exellent work!

Those two things alone are not the complete solution.

The next thing you need to do is focus on the quality.

Quality means making every aspect appealing in order to encourage members to spend money.

Pay close attention to and make improvements to your:

Physical appearance – make the outfit, hair, makeup all on point.

Attitude – make this positive, engaging, fun, sexy and personable.

Room – have this well lit, decorated and clutter-free because this is what is most appealing to the eyes to the viewers.

Equipment – make sure your laptop, cam, audio, stream quality is on point. A poor quality or low definition stream never does well versus other models’ streams that are consistent and high definition.

If you need help to improve any technical aspect, speak to your site’s tech support team for advice. Upgrading your internet or equipment is the best investment you can make as a cam model. If you’re unsure of the requirements, read this article.

Effort – approach every stream with good energy and enthusiasm. If the energy output is flat, so will the results be.

Be a cam model with a strong identity, of high quality, who works with consistency!

That’s how to get noticed on cam!


To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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How to be a cam model

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Thinking of starting out and want to know how to be a cam model? Here are the basics you’ll need to take the first steps towards camming success.

Before we dive in; what has triggered your desire to be a cam model?

What is the appeal about webcamming that has led you to reasearch how to be a cam model?

I would love to know your motive(s) because this is a very specific nature of work that is not for everyone.

It is your motives that have driven you down this road. So be very clear on these. They will form the basis of your work ethic, goals and motivation on your cam modelling journey.

Is it the money motive? The flexibility of working hours? The fact you can work from home and be your own boss?

Do you want know how to be a cam model because you can work around the kids’ routines?

Or is the thought of webcamming a confidence booster?

Perhaps you’ve already done your reasearch and genuinely want to build a career with the highest income potential in the Universe…

Whatever your motives, be crystal clear, write them down.


Take the time to nderstand the nature of the work. Please read my article here for an insight into what the work of a cam model entails.

Many females sign up to cam sites and get cold feet over the nature of the work. They never make their debut appearance on cam, thus never unravelling the formula of how to be a cam model.

So to avoid being a staller, do your research first to make sure you’re totally content with the concept of sex work.


You’ll also need to work out the realistic capability of you being able to work on cam. Do you have enough available time to commit to making this work for you? Are you able to self-motivate and self-discipline to work?

If you’re a mother, do you have sufficient childcare in place? Are there any barriers to you working on cam?

Think about all of these things because your success hinges on your ability to get online and work.


You will next need to determine whether from a technical point of view you have sufficient internet connection and can obtain the required equipment.

This article helps with all you’ll need to get started from a tech setup point of view.

Providing you’ve worked through the three steps above and given yourself the green light, you can make the aspiration of making money on cam a reality!

How exciting! Let’s continue…


There are many cam sites out there, that work in different ways. I wrote an article that explains the differences along with the pros and cons of private sites versus live stream sites.

Have a good old read here, consider your preferences and have a look at some of the big name sites.

Take the time to read T’s and C’s, paying special attention to each site’s Code of Conduct.

Make your informed decision on which one to apply to.


Do this in a professional way. Write a complimentary bio about your cam model persona with detail you want site members to know.

You can tell them about any likes and dislikes, things you’re into (sexual and non sexual) but leave out anything personal.

Never reveal your real name and location. This is for your own safety.

Make sure you have high quality images to add to your profile. This is because you’re going to have to present as a pro to get noticed amongst thousands of other cam models that members have at their disposal.

You don’t actually need professional shoot photos, you can do these self-styled (see my article), but make sure they are super.

Please leave the Snapchat filters on Snapchat, they look ridiculous and amateurish on cam model profiles.


Have a cam model dress style in mind already? Or unsure what works? Depending on how you self-style and dress, will determine the type of members you will attract to follow, interact and spend money with you.

I cannot wait to share this article with you as I just just know you’ll gain some helpful guidance from this.


I cannot stress the importance of working to a schedule if you’re serious about cracking the code of how to be a cam model.

The benefits of working to a schedule are, a, it helps create a routine and structure. b, it assists with the required self-discipline to work and c, followers and fans know when to expect you online.

Now all of the above is check, check, check, check, check, check, check… it is time to get online and start making money.

Simple as that. Or no?

Please don’t be overwhelmed. Let me tell you that first day nerves is totally normal. Even in cam models who are experienced and are moving onto a new site, it can be nerve-wracking.


Once you’ve done it the first time, you get over the anxiety of doing it for the first time… Just like doing a sky dive!

You have come this far, you have to take the leap of faith! Remember the motives that led to your desire to be a cam model?

If you don’t at least give it a try, you’ll live with the feeling of what might have been and never satisfy your motives.


If all of a sudden shyness or lack of confidence becomes the stumbling block, it’s ok, I got you. I’ve known published Playboy models start out on cam and feel shy.

Have a read of my article on bringing out the self-confidence naturally and this will guide you through.

It helps to spend some time watching other models on the site you’ve chosen to work on.

This helps you get a feel of how the site works and how models make money.

Observe other models to gain insight and build confidence, but do not imitate. It’s all about being original.


One of my roles as LVE Models CAM MODEL MENTOR is to assist new models through the process of going online for the first time.

I help them to understand how to be a cam model, find feet and shape their style online.

New models find having someone experienced in the industry who understands the process, is worth its weight in gold.

For many models its the difference between dropping away and going on to have successful careers online.


Once you’ve watched some other models and are feeling confident, take the plunge and go online. Start engaging your audience.

I cannot emphasise enough. ENGAGEMENT is the answer I would give if someone asked me to pick just one word to describe what makes a cam model a profitable cam model.

The vast majority of members will not be interactive on cam sites unless the model is interactive.

With no effort made on the model’s part to be interactive, people will lurk and watch as though the room as a porn tube.

Whether you’re brand new to the industry or an experienced cam model feeling a little stagnant on cam; will find this article about engagement super helpful. Please take the time to read it.


It may be stating the obvious but if you’re a person with a pleasant and agreeable nature, people will warm to you.

Having a positive attitude toward the work, the industry and the people who connect with you is how to win fans and make money.

A good attitude creates a nice vibe, one where people will feel comfortable and relaxed in the model’s company.

When people love the attitude and character of a cam model, they hang out and be the fan club. This means support through the quiet times as well as the busy times, enabling the profile and presence to grow and the cam model’s motivation to stay high.

A good attitude forms a great reputation based on which a cam model’s identity and brand can thrive!


On the flipside, if the attitude is bad, the majority of potential admirers will be repelled and leave.

It is only a small percentage of cam site users who are attracted to camgirls who act bratty or bitchy. Bad attitude is usually a turn off and translates to a chat room vibe that most people feel uncomfortable in.

Cam models are always judged based on their attitude so always strive to keep this positive and be personable at all times.


TOP TIP! Being personable is how you gain followers, fans and regulars. It is crucial to present a cam model persona that people want to be around in order to build a following. Great regulars stick with and support their favourite cam models – even during the slower times online!


Cam models should aways use their imagination to create shows that are interesting, exciting and keep viewers captivated.

Using a variety of outfits, looks, toys and props, and trying out different show types will make followers stay hungry and keen to see more.

If the cam model’s performances are boring and predictable they struggle to retain regular clients.

At LVE Models I work with models individually to help bring out their unique styles. I give them plenty of ideas to work into their shows and help them identify a niche.

To possess a niche as a cam model is to possess the X-Factor!



Last by by no means least: consistency. Consistency is a basic human character trait. It requires no prerequisite or qualification. Consistency is all about being mentally strong, focussed and resilient.

A consistent cam model is one who works every week, high self-motivated and focussed on her goals.


Lack of consistency is often the result of lack self-displine. Without consistency there is no viability as a cam model and it is impossible to make a living.

Motivation struggles are the most common issue I assist models to deal with. There is no shame, it is a very normal, very common problem that affects almost all models at some stage.

There are a whole host of factors that contribute to this. Here I have written an article about self-motivation to offer some guidance in this area.


Spend as much time as you need looking around my blog and reading my posts. Feel free to head over to my contact form if you have any questions.

If you would like some insight from one of our top models, I recommend you to watch Jillian Mae’s interview. Jillian explains how LVE Models have worked with her to be a camming success story, so hit this link now.

To read more about what your success on cam will depend on, read this article.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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Camming as a side hustle

Looking to get into camming as a side hustle? Here’s my two pennysworth…

I need to be brutally honest here. In my experience as a cam model studio owner I have witnessed the majority of those who view camming as a ‘side hustle’ not succeed.

This is mainly due to not taking it seriously and these individuals lacking the attention required for camming to be a viable side income.

When the reason for wanting to cam is: “because I want to make a bit of extra cash” – the only result we see is inconsistency. There are no specific goals, no set purpose.

There are usually barriers to commitment. Where there are other work priorities, kids and no childcare, and/or social arrangements at the forefront, working on cam can is touch and go.

Sometimes its lack of patience and understanding with the inevitable peaks and troughs of traffic.

Be aware that every hour on cam brings different members logging on. One slow hour does not mean the next hour will be, and the hour after that will not necessarily be the same.

Doing a quick hop on and off therefore sees missed profits the second and third hours are set to bring.

Where there are insufficient hours invested, camming is not given a chance to prove itself. This means it cannot be a serious side income.

The majority of cam models, especially when new to the industry; are not capable of making big chunks of money in short sporadic sessions online.

This is why patience is everything when building a side hustle from webcamming.

Webcamming as a side hustle will only work for highly disciplined and focussed individuals. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Empires take time to take build and shape!

Camming is no different and the truth is you CAN built a lucrative income if you are SERIOUS about camming as a side hustle.

I shall lay the requirements on the line right here:

To make a worthwhile side income from camming, and I’m talking about an amount of income that will make a noticeable difference to your life, devote at least 12 hours every week to webcamming.

Set a schedule of days and times and stick to this every week.

Take the view you are a professional cam model and these are your working hours.

I repeat: set schedule, stick to it!

This could relate to one specific goal or a number of goals.

It could be a weekly specific income target that will make a significant difference to your life.

You might have a goal such as saving up for a property deposit with a target of one or two years.

That dream holiday to the Caribbean you’ve always wanted could be achieved by being consistent to your sude hustle.

Or paying off some debts would be life-changing.

Without specific targets and goals, there is always a lack of motive to put in the work ethic. Always.

Stay online until complete your hours. Be prepared to work 3-4 hour sessions continually.

Think how gutted you would be to miss out on the money and not reach your goal.

Remind yourself only person you can depend on for your success on cam, is you.

This means give your undivided attention to the task.

Put distractions away, including the mobile phone which is the worst time waster for models on cam.

With relatively few hours a week to devote to camming as a side hustle, you do not want the time to slip away unproductively.

Do you want to know the truth about how much you can make camming as a side hustle?

But… this will not happen for you if you are not able to be consistent to make it viable! Going about the task with a high degree of professionalism is essential!

I do not want you to waste your own time signing up if you do not have the available time or energy to make it work. So read and digest this article, then read it again.

Do you have what it takes to be a successful camming side hustler?

This article explains in more depth the reality of what it takes to be successful on cam, either as a part of full time model.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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