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Beat the New Year camming blues

Beat the New Year camming blues by upstyling your online presence. Start 2024 with a bang with these helpful ideas for profitable camming.

January can be a funny time in the adult entertainment industry. Following the rush through the December party season, cam sites universally can feel quite slow.

Folks reign in their spending whilst paying off their Christmas dues, paving way for the skint ol’ New Year blues.

When you’re on your grind and it feels harder to make money, I totally appreciate this gets frustrating.

During this time it is easy to lose sight of the reasons you choose to be a cam model.

It is also easy faith in the industry, but I promise you it still has the potential to be very fruitful in January.

So up-tempo your mindset and believe in yourself!

Follow my guidelines to beat the New Year camming blues and start the year strong!

New Year, New Me!

I hate to say it as it sounds so cliched… but January brings for the perfect opportunity to reinvent.

We already know members browsing through the pages and pages of chat rooms available are spoiled for choice.

If you’ve rocked with the same style for some time, mix it up. Grab some new outfits in the January sales, have a complete look change.

Change your hair colour or style, evolve your image. This keeps regulars intrigued and checking in.

No matter how loyal regulars say they are, they always notice new models (this is human nature). Keep them on your hook!

Switch up your look and style to offer them the variety they need.

You could, dare I say it, even opt for a complete rebrand with a change of name, look, style and vibe.

Ever fancied being a Mistress, a Princess, a Gamer Chick, a Cosplay Queen or Roleplay specialist? Well now’s the perfect time to learn new skills and try new things!

Reinventing is always refreshing. The quickest way to fall out of love with webcamming is to feel like its got stale, so don’t let it be so.

Upstyle your room

Beat the New Year camming blues by upstyling your chat room.

This does not need to be a full-on interior design project. Some simple changes to make the room look more easy on the eyes will work wonders.

Look at getting some new soft furnishings, for example new coloured cushions or a throw for your bed/chair.

Some improved lighting such as additional ringlighting would make your room bright and appealing. Try some fairy lights, lava lamp or neon strip light because this adds a fun touch.

You could also have a complete change of arrangement. Cam in a different room or move your position in your existing room to offer a different camera view. Just make sure the view is nicely decorated and clutter-free.

Upgrade your shows

With the competition for the tippers being so immense, this is not the time to get stuck in a rut of “same old, same old” with your shows.

Members get bored of repetition, and models get bored of doing the same thing over and over.

To stand out amidst the masses of other models online, read my article here.

For ideas of different shows you can do, read my artcile here.

The beautiful thing about being cam model is the flexibility you have. There are unlimited themes you can offer and unlimited ways to perform to get the tips rolling.

Annabelle’s mega tip: Be your own creative director and promo girl!

Choose a day and time to plan a special themed show.

Advertise this in your chat room and on your cam model social media.

This gives you something fun to plan and it gives your followers something to get revved up for.

I recommend you do this weekly throughout January. This creates a positive new habit and sets a new higher standard.

Even better, do it weekly indefinitely. Benefit from the abundance this creative energy brings!

The end gain is of this exercise is to you keep your fans returning and attract new ones.

As a by product you evolve as a cam model and continue to find your work fulfilling.

Time to switch

If despite trying different things your existing cam site is not working out, let January open the door to other options. There are many platforms out there with different features you can try out.

Check out my article here when researching where to start looking for alternatives.

If you’d like to work with an agency or studio, this can benefit you immensely in terms of guidance, support and motivation. Always check out charging structures versus what agencies offer.

Bear in mind many agencies will charge you commission on top of the network commission. Look for credible model testimonials you can verify to active working models.

Check out these tips by some of our LVE Models!

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How to get noticed on cam

Advice for all cam models on how to get noticed on cam.

Speaking as a time-served successful cam model, I know first hand how competitive this industry is.

With thousands of new cam models signing up every week, the industry is over-subscribed and always will be.

This is why for many new models, it is hard to get noticed. The vast majority will never be successful as they do not know what they need to do to stand out in the masses.

The bigger, famous brand name networks have the capacity to display thousands of performers online at any one given moment.

Thousands of models online and granted, thousands of members online, too.

However not all members will make cam models’ time profitable.

Getting noticed by those who have the spending power, is always the challenge amidst the abundance of options they have.

Every cam model must therefore understand they are one of a thousand or more options. These options are camgirls the tipping members will choose who they wish to spend money on, (or not).

I hereby offer my top three tips on how to get noticed on cam (and be that favoured option to make bank)!

You take a look around the site and there are tonnes of gorgeous girls. You’re gorgeous too, but do you stand out? What makes you unique versus the next model?

To make it as a successful cam model you need a strong identity. This can be a style, a vibe, a look, a particular type of show you do better than anyone else.

Put some thought into who YOU are as a performer. What feels best suited to your physical appearance and personality?

Dress in a manner with fabrics and colours you can make your trademark style. Are you rocking it in black lace, latex/fetish, roleplay costume, luxury lingerie, beach babe bikinis, classy cocktail dresses, stripper style neons?

Think about the way you speak, your expressions, the way you move around on cam. Does this feel genuine and easy to keep consistent through your shows?

Emphasize your assets and strengths. Do you have a skill you can show off? Dancing, flexibility, gymnastics, singing, ASMR, story telling. Fetish or domination chat or acts with props, porn star shows such as squirting, deep throat or hardcore. These all popular on cam.

To experience very quickly how to get noticed on cam, make a point of being available, often.

You can’t be a successful cam model by just popping on for an hour here and there. You have to put the time in.


This means working to a schedule so members learn when to expect you, and being consistent. Put in proper sessions, 3-6 hours or more hours at a time.

There are always going to be models with better work ethic, grinding out the hours even when it’s slow.

Guess what? These resilient, persistent girls are the ones who are successful. You’ll find they have mega following and usually make mega payouts.

Be literally in the face of all of the members, reminding them continually that you are there. This is how your presence becomes known and you become established as a cam model.

If you don’t have full time hours available, it is not a problem. You can still become successful as a part-timer.

I became very successful working part time, just 16-20 hours a week on cam. I was consistent every week, working to a schedule.

I put exceptional quality into my presentation and shows, which made an impact and attracted the tipping members.


This strategy worked a treat for me. It works a treat for many of our part time LVE Models, too.

Consistency is key!

So you have a niche, and a schedule. Exellent work!

Those two things alone are not the complete solution.

The next thing you need to do is focus on the quality.

Quality means making every aspect appealing in order to encourage members to spend money.

Pay close attention to and make improvements to your:

Physical appearance – make the outfit, hair, makeup all on point.

Attitude – make this positive, engaging, fun, sexy and personable.

Room – have this well lit, decorated and clutter-free because this is what is most appealing to the eyes to the viewers.

Equipment – make sure your laptop, cam, audio, stream quality is on point. A poor quality or low definition stream never does well versus other models’ streams that are consistent and high definition.

If you need help to improve any technical aspect, speak to your site’s tech support team for advice. Upgrading your internet or equipment is the best investment you can make as a cam model. If you’re unsure of the requirements, read this article.

Effort – approach every stream with good energy and enthusiasm. If the energy output is flat, so will the results be.

Be a cam model with a strong identity, of high quality, who works with consistency!

That’s how to get noticed on cam!


To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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Which cam site to work on?

Which cam site to work on? Here is some impartial advice based on what to look out for when doing your research to make your decision.

There are many options of cam sites across the globe. You will most likely have heard about some of the big name sites already.

Google search under search terms like “best webcam site” and “which cam site to work on” will bring up a host of site names, blogs and forums. Go ahead and browse.

See what the hearsay is about recommended sites. Check out those sites to see what they offer in terms of features, support, rates, commission, payment methods, frequencies and minimums.

Also check out what their deal is with promotional activity, privacy and protection.

Read independent review sites and blogs which draw comparisons between sites. You’ll want to look at some user experiences from models and members.

From user reviews you can gain valuable insight as to how efficient the organisation is at delivering their service and support.

Make notes for comparison and be well informed about terms and conditions including Codes of Conduct.

Shortlist your favourites then go look at some of their online models. Check out how their profiles are constructed, how they price their webcam shows. Look at the tipping features and tip menus they are using.

Observe models on a number of sites to how they work. Look at how busy or bored they look and how members respond to them.

If you pay attention to how busy the online models appear to be at the times of the day or night you would work if you were to join that site, this will give you some indication of how busy it is likely to be for you, too.


You might have a friend who webcams or has done in the past. Ask for their experiences and recommendations.

Gaining a personal referral is a often a sound way for cam models to start. It helps instil confidence in that site so newcomers coming in feel positive and more inclined to make a go of it.

When considering which cam site to work on, think about whether you want to work on one that is based in your own geographical region.

You will have the convenience of earning and receiving money in your base currency. You’ll also connect with members in your country, that speak the same language you speak.  

If you have privacy concerns you might prefer not to cam on your own doorstep. In this case look at webcam sites that are based overseas with members you will never be at risk of crossing paths with.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing which cam site to work on should be payout.

Look for how often they pay out, what percentages they pay out and which options they offer for payment. Check carefully when looking into sites that operate in another base currency, you’ll likely run into minimum payout conditions for international payments.

Check you have the right type of receiving account that will accept the incoming currency and do the exchange to your own local currency. 

Many cam sites will pay by wire transfer, direct deposit, Paxum or cheque.

You will also need to check out the site’s technical requirements including any minimum upload speed. Contact the site’s support team and check what they recommend in terms of equipment.

Make sure you can commit to obtaining the right equipment along with sufficient internet connection before you sign up. See my article about the ideal camming tech setup.

If you things out beforehand, it prevents your time being wasted at a later stage.

You will need to be aware that there are two distinct categories of adult webcam site. I am going to talk about the pros and cons of both.

Having worked on both types; I can draw on my personal experiences of both to help you make your own decision on which type suits you best.

Performers can sit back and relax or do other things in the background. Nobody is able to view them unless they pay to go private.

If there are confidence issues in a live streaming environment; private sites seem less intimidating.

They are therefore a good place for brand new cam models to start, gain confidence and build experience.


Private sites help keep the risk of unwanted exposure to a minimum for those with privacy concerns.

The private setting also helps give the performer an “exclusive” feel if this is what they want.

The main issue is the very limited earning potential due to the lack of engagement and previews. These sites, owing to the fact the models are not on public display, are very hit and miss traffic-wise.

Members usually want free previews of models so the majority will gravitate to sites where they can obtain this.

If models do not offer free previews on private sites that do give the option, members will often connect in private for for a quick peak.

They disconnect if they aren’t into that particular model or don’t want to spend the money.

This can be irritating for models as their time is wasted for just a few pence.

On private sites there are always lots of models sat waiting whilst members browse profiles.

It is therefore normal to sit online for several hours and make very little income if the day is not a particularly busy one the site.



Live sites display models in live mode where members can engage and tip them in their chat room. They can also take them into private or group shows.

These sites often work on tokens and tend to be very busy. Some of the major live stream networks have high traffic, 24/7.

The earning potential is unlimited due to the fact there are are broad scope of members. Guys with different budgets log on around the clock, from the one token guys to the mega tippers.

There are many free viewers who also have the potential to sign up if they like a particular model. These guys often do.

Every big tipper was once a free viewer! Bear in mind that anybody watching could be your next regular.

It is easy to build rapport with members in live stream in order to encourage spending. Chatting and giving them eye contact is the most effective way to get people following and spending.


As a cam model you’re free to design your live shows however you like. Be as creative as you fancy, which is fun and drives momentum in order to generate greater tipping opportunities.

Owing to the nature of the public stream there are thousands of free and guest viewers. These guys hang around for the free show and for some cam models find this a bugbare.

The live stream environment requires attention to the audience at all times. You cannot be doing other things in the background, you need to give live chat users your full attention.

These type of sites work on algorithms, There are many variables that determine placement and visibility to the best tippers. With hundreds, even thousands of performers online, placement is not always the best.

If there are many others meeting the variables in order to appear higher on the site, they make more money.

If there are significant privacy concerns, or significant confidence issues, live stream sites would seem daunting and may trigger anxiety.


There is always the risk of unwanted exposure on live stream sites.

My recommendation is: have a look around and compare both nature of sites when deciding which cam site to work on. Consider which type feels the best fit for your requirements and comfort levels.

In my personal experience, I started on a US-based private site which I really enjoyed. The laid back feel and flexibility suited my personal circumstances at the time.

I met some fabulous members there, however owing to timezone differences the site was not always fruitful when I was online.

After being on this site a year, my earnings seems quite stagnant and I was not meeting many new members. It seemed overall quite slow.

It was a marvellous place to start, I benefitted from building expertise and confidence in webcamming whilst building connections.

After two years and my ambition growing, I craved to push the boundaries and earn more money.


I joined a major US-based live streaming network. This forced me to step outside of my earlier comfort zone of the private site which marked the start of my serious camming career. I took a completely different approach and became a live chat host.

As a natural born creative and performer, this ended up being a smooth transition. Having quickly settled into my niche, within a few weeks I was proving popular.

I built my following and started to make double the amount of weekly cash versus private site.

Working hard and consistently pushing myself I was able to catapult into the realms of earning life-changing sums of money. I took pride in the fact I had a number of high net-worth regulars who visited me every week.

So make of that what you wish, do your own reaseach and decide which cam site to make a start on on.

If after a few months you can always move on and try others until you find the one that rocks your socks!

Want to know how to style yourself on cam? Read this article for some advice!

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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