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What to wear on cam

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Do you know what to wear on cam? Here are my guidelines to help you carve out your personal style.

I explain the importance of being mindful when choosing what to wear on cam. Never overlook the preferences of the crowd you wish to appeal to.

You will always attract the people who are in harmony with you, so bear this in mind when deciding what to wear on cam.

Dress to draw in the type of followers and regulars you desire.


It sounds very straightforward in theory, and it is.

Quite simply, like attracts like: so understand there are various populations floating around on cam sites.

Understanding your market will help you attract the type of visitors you want.

All webcam sites have members at opposite ends of the scale in terms of spending budget, and all sorts in-between.

As a general rule, if you wish to appeal to the classy higher-networth members, think high end when deciding what to wear on cam. Dress in an exquisite way they find appealing.

Similarly if you want to attract to the younger crowd such as the gamer guys; style in a casual way that fits with their vibe.

Models who just slip into ‘whatever,’ to wear on cam, find they attract the wrong crowd.

Choosing your personal dress style is the first step to carving out your identity and knowing who you are as a cam model. While your style needs to be one you are comfortable with, it also needs to be one that you are happy to be judged on.

First impressions are everything because the outfit is the first thing members see on entering a model’s chat room.

They will judge upon the outfit along with the model’s physical appearance (looks, hair, skin colour, body shape and size, for example).

If they like what they see on first glance, they will stick around to find out more.

Do you already know how you wish to dress? Yes? Great!

Have you already identified the calibre of members you wish to attract? Yes? Super!

You’re halfway there. Now, have a think about what you feel beautiful in whilst rocking that style.

Consider which colours and cuts complement your figure and skin tone. Bear in mind that bright colours are eye-catching and make women feel vibrant, while black is always flattering.

Choosing garments that fit well and highlight your favourite body parts will unleash the inner body confidence far moreso than anything that is a poor fit or baggy; and doesn’t make you feel sexy.


If you are a unsure about which type of guys you want to hook, follow my guidelines.

These members are usually the affluent spenders and can afford to be picky who they spend their money on. Choose from the following outfits: Bodysuits, basques and babydolls, gorgeous matching bra and panty sets with suspenders and stockings.

Also look at bikinis in luxurious colours like deep purple, red and gold; along with classy bodycon and cocktail dresses. Sexy stiletto heels with holdup stockings drive these guys wild!

For this demograph their ideal cam models are high-end females. Be their Goddess because they love to spoil with tips, gifts and lingerie.

Discrete gentlemen looking for GFE (girl friend experience) or a high class mistress will choose cam models who style with divine appeal.


These guys like to feel they can relate to cam models on a similar level. To show these guys you’re approachable, choose bodystockings, hotpants or denim sorts, crop tops, bikinis, miniskirts and tight vest tops because these outfits will lure this crowd.

Their ideal camgirls are babes they can hang with, build friendships, talk about gaming and get lit with. They will visit often and be the resident fan club of their favourite girls!


If you’re a rock, alternative or emo chick with her own style, you’ll absolutely pull in these type of guys. Outfits in dark colours, leathers, PVC, bodystockings, corsets, hot pants, fishnets, studs are killer looks to get these guys hooked.

These members view rock ‘n’ roll style cam models as relatable hotties. They can engage with these girls on a level, have much in common with including music and hobbies. They convert to loyal supporters if you keep rocking their world!

Part of the joy of being a cam model is being imaginative, having fun trying out fabrics and textures.


We are spoiled for choice with gorgeous garments available to purchase in a variety of sexy fabrics. Lace, satin, chiffon, cotton, spandex and velvet are all eye-catching textures. Providing cut right and made well, they’re also are comfortable to wear.

Try on different textures to see what feels and looks sexy. Depending on your vibe you may wish to feel flirty, kinky or sensual. Use of the right fabric can help with this.

The stiffer, plasticy fabrics famously used for the kinky sessions – PVC and latex for example – are fun. Most women however find these get sweaty and uncomfortable if wearing for long periods of time.

If you want to rock the alternative and kinky shows wearing these garments, advertise it a special show or feature. PVC catsuit or latex mini dress make a hot outfit on request for an additional tip.

Avoid wearing anything restrictive for a long period of time because clothes that are tight, or a poor fit can feel awkward.

Awkwardness can make the wearer look and feel self-conscious. If a model looks like she feels uncomfortable, members will pick up on this and feel awkward too.

Also, I do not advise wearing mismatched lingerie sets, for example, bra and knickers that do not match.

When camgirls do this, it looks like they have grabbed something laying on their bedroom floor and thrown it on.

This shows lack of care and attention and does not do the model any justice at all. Be mindful to match pieces up so they work in harmony with each other, rather than clashing.

Think very carefully about what to wear on cam. Dress to impress and stand out from the rest!


Every cam model has their own budget and new models often need to start with inexpensive pieces. Choose stylish budget garmets until the money starts rolling in and you can afford to upgrade.

If you’re just starting out, you can get some very reasonable and sexy outfits for under £25 on Amazon. Click my link just there under search term ‘lingerie.’

All the brands popular with camgirls run sales including end of season and Black Friday deals. This includes some of the higher end brands. Check out brands like Victoria’s Secret, Ann Summers and Honey Birdette for some super sales.

If you are camming on a site which offers a ‘wish list’ option, make use of this. Enable you regulars to purchase gift cards for your favourite brands as well as items on an Amazon wish list. This is a superb way to build your collection of camming outfits at no cost to yourself!


To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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