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This is SEX WORK, can you handle it?

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This is sex work, can you handle it? Take time to explore the idea before diving in as a webcam model. You need to understand what the remit entails.

The world of webcamming is known as the ‘sex industry.’ It is not for everyone so a woman-to-woman talk is needed before you dive in.

Webcamming is work strictly for over 18’s and is branded as ‘sex work.’

Cam models at all levels of the scale, from porn stars to non-nude chat hosts; are ‘sex workers.’

What forms the basis of this term is the fact that your viewers, are getting a sexual kick out of you. Where there is a monetary transaction, this is work.

Adult cam sites are there as a platform for members to get their rocks off to cam models in real time.

They are places people can go to voyeur on other people, to happily jerk off without the worry they’ll get arrested for indecent exposure.


So… this is the first fact all cam models have to be cool with before venturing in. People will look at you as a sexual object for their gratification.

With camming you have the safety of home, behind a camera and the ability to stay in control. From a safety perspective, camming is the most comfortable division of the industry versus face-to-face sex work (escorting).

Now for the label: sex worker. It is not my place to say whether ‘sex worker’ is a nice or a not nice label to have. It’s all about how it makes you feel personally. As a time-served cam model I grew a thick skin towards this label. Certainly once I started hitting the mega payouts it never bothered me.

How I managed my own perception is with this mindset: “It’s a day in the office and I’m the boss!”

That said, I have always been discrete. I never attended local street parties talking about that specific element of my professional work. People in general can be judgemental as they don’t understand the sex industry. They love to gossip, sometimes this can be quite nasty.

To all females joining the industry: make sure you understand the negative stigma that is often attached to cam models.

You will need to be in one of these two mindsets to work happily and successfully:


You’re proud to openly be a cam model and mentally robust enough to not care what anybody else thinks of you doing sex work. This requires you to have the ability to ignore what anybody else says and stay focussed on your cam modelling goals without any sense of shame.


You’re perfectly content with the stigma and mindful of protecting yourself from the negative reactions of others. This requires absolute discretion, so keep the nature of the work you do in a watertight circle of people you can trust.

Please read and answer:

1. Do you feel any sense of embarrassment or shame by the label ‘sex worker’ ?

2. Does the nature of the work make you feel uncomfortable?

3. Does the thought of how site users will approach you make you feel rubbish?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, straight-up, camming is not for you.  Please, for the sake of your mental wellbeing, look into other options of work.

It is necessary to do an honest psychological self-screen because for many females considering this industry, especially those with little adulting experience, there can be subjective implications.

Often it ends up being a case of ‘suck it and see’ (sorry about the pun). There is nothing at all wrong with trying it out. You can always duck out again if it doesn’t suit you.

Before you take the plunge, I’m going to talk about how life is dealing with members on adult webcam sites. This will enable you more insight into what it’s all about and how you will be approached.

People who visit cam models online are almost always expecting to see shows of a sexual nature. 

They could be after anything from relatively tame actions like teasing, stripping, dirty talk, shaking the booty and flashing the breasts; but they also might be after hardcore pornographic shows like squirting, anal sex, double penetration, fetish and taboo roleplays.


Think how you would personally feel about these nature of requests. Consider whether or not you would be offended and whether or not you could deliver.

You do not have to do anything you are not comfortable with!


Absolutely right! You have the power to say no.

However… think about whether you would be strong enough to resist any request. Can you handle pressure from any member who tries to coerce you into doing something you are not comfortable with?

Sometimes cam site members can be persistent. They offer money to bribe models into doing sexual acts they are not comfortable with.

Think about how being in this situation would make you feel.  If you are sexually awkward or insecure, easily shocked or any body hang–ups, it will be a psychological car crash.

If you are think you wouldn’t be comfortable with any such requests, please do yourself (and me) a favour. Forget the idea. I feel upset if any woman feels the very thing she is most self conscious about is exploited.

I know of women who have taken things very personally on cam. Scarred from experiences they were not tough enough to deal with. In every case it has led back to their body or sexual hang–ups being exposed, causing embarrassment and insecurity as a result.

It does take a certain type of female to be truly content; cam modelling is not for everyone.


We here at LVE Models get dozens of enquiries every week. Every time a female with no experience calls about working on cam, we give the honest low down.

We then send her away to have a think about the information we’ve provided. Recommend she does her own research and takes time to understand the sex industry.

The individuals who come to say they’ve decided the industry is not for them; we respect that.

To be content in sex work, all cam models have to agree they will be doing sexual activity. They must understand they should also stick to their own comfort levels.

Another important quality is being strong enough not to allow any weird or extreme requests grind them down. Not to let members force them to violate their own boundaries.

Above all, they have to genuinely enjoy it.

Being naturally open and expressive sexually, wild and uninhibited, will definitely put you at a massive advantage in the industry.

Most of the cam models at the top of their game are exhibitionists, free and fulfilled in their work entertaining the masses sexually.

They get a buzz that they are doing this for money and not have any hangups over this fact.


With LVE Models we saw a need to facilitate a support service to help models further understand the sex industry. We also help them stay regulated with the psychological implications of sex work.

For even the happiest, most succesful of models, ups and downs come with the terrority. The majority find the high income rewards outweigh any of the negative connatations.

Ultimately it’s all about personal perception and the individual’s ability to take it in their stride.

The key to contentment in this industry is managing your own expectations along with setting your own boundaries.

I know many women who absolutely adore their work as cam models. They find sex work along with its fun and flexibility benefits flow in harmony with their lifestyle.


Do you possess what it takes to be successful on cam? Read here.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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