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The Webcamming Boom

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I explain the recent webcamming boom since 2020s Covid pandemic, and why cam sites are so well subscribed.

We live in the age of cutting-edge tech, where innovations in digital media and communications have made them become more and more accessible, user-friendly and sophisticated.

With robust internet infrastructure and leaps in virtual reality, people can unite internationally. They enjoy real time connection, from home, using the click of a button, like we’ve never experienced before.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the high dependency of individuals and businesses on the world wide web. With millions across the globe stuck home in lockdowns, as a result, we were all encouraged to become more tech-savvy.

Governments told their people to explore new apps, software, intranets and other online services for a whole multitude of purposes.

For many these have proven to be lifesavers, presenting the means for people to not only keep their heads above water in the pandemic, but explore the greater world of opportunity that’s available to them in all areas from work to education to social media and entertainment.

The webcamming boom exploded during Covid-19.

Adult cam sites are over 18’s playgrounds for those who crave social interactions and companionship as well as sexual thrills hedonists.


Sexual kicks and whatever the flavour sees serious bandwidth devoured. There’s chat, tease, roleplay, fetish and hardcore porn and a whole lot more available in real time, on mass, streamed live.

Interactive model feature on desktops, laptops, smartphones and other portable devices, 24 hours a day.

It is no surprise that member accounts as well as performer accounts on mainstream cam sites have increased in their droves. Lockdown forced everyone to stay at home and find ways to relieve their…boredom.

Live streaming sites have become so much more state of the art in recent years. They packed with features to make both camgirl and end user experience explosive on many levels.

There are genius interactive sex toys that react on tips and virtual casino style games. Virtual reality apps enable users to not only see and hear, but taste and enjoy the sensation they are touching their favourite camgirls.

These online venues are exciting places to hang out and people quickly find themselves hooked.

In my personal network I have lapdancers and females from the hospitality, beauty, leisure and fitness industries. Females who were either laid off work completely in the pandemic, or had their ability to earn income dramatically reduced.

They had to change track in order to survive the ‘stay home stay safe’ period through 2020 and 2021. Turning to online sex work was their life-line.

I know stay-home mothers who stepped up to the plate and worked on cam to support their families.

Their spouse’s business folded in the pandemic so the female became the breadwinner. With that in mind, ‘stay home stay prosperous’ is a more fitting title for these Covid camming converts.

Not only have some of these women worked smart, they’ve had fun selling sexy shows and content online during a global pandemic crisis.

Forced to make a dramatic life change, consider the marvel of this. It was a change that came through circumstances none of us had any control, versus now, two years on where things are largely back to normal and we DO have a choice.

Many camgirls have chosen to continue camming rather than go back to their former jobs. This is because unlike regular salaried jobs with a fixed payscale, they know their income potential is uncapped.

Two years on they find themselves in a far more affluent situation than ever before. They work less hours and with greater flexibility.

As a consistent, committed cam model it is possible to earn life-changing four or five figure weekly payouts. I know a number of them who do!


I continue to operate in this industry with my own busy, thriving virtual studio. We are hosted on one of the USA’s most lucrative live streaming networks. I know the industry inside and out, having worked hard during the pandemic to be in this enviable position.

I manage, mentor and creatively direct for a number of high-end webcam models from UK, USA, Canada and Europe.

Many of the models I take care of are Covid pandemic success stories in their own right. They thrived, rather than just survived the pandemic by seizing the opportunity to work from home.

They played their part in the webcamming boom and are not just part of this statistic, but now a strong presence in the industry.

Enjoy reading the wisdom and insights of some of the LVE Cam Models here.

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