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How to cam with kids

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If you want to know how to cam with kids, read my advice as a successful camming mum whose reached multiple goals through webcamming.

I was never a cam model until I became a mother. It is likely I share similar motives as you in terms of why I made the choice to work online.

My primary motives were the big-money attraction and the flexibility this nature of work brings when you have small persons to care for.

For camming mothers, children should be the catalyst that drives their desire to earn more money. Kids becomes our life purpose and there is nothing more satisfying than being a ‘boss mum.’

Boss mums everything from wiping butts and cleaning up the daily mess to doing to school runs.

They pay the bills and buy all their family needs with the money they have worked hard online for. My good friend and top cam model Danica Knox knows all about this.

Camming offers the flexibility that very few other jobs are able to provide.  The ability to work from home, choose the hours and work schedules around children is what makes this work option a true blessing.

It is a fact cam models can be either highly educated or minimally educated women, yet can earn significantly higher sums of money than females in academic jobs.

It is also a fact cam models can provide their children with stability and a good quality of life. This is the defining factor when choosing this particular career path and learning how to cam with kids.

This is also why thousands of mothers apply to work on webcam sites globally, every week. It is a universal motive.

It can be challenging being a camming mother in terms of maintaining consistency. While there is every intention to work scheduled hours weekly, and as one who knows; our children are so dependent on us.

They need so much of us, our time, our love and our care. They are often sick, upset, unsettled in the night, have problems they need our support with, or they just want mum and nobody else will do. 

Our children remain our priority yet we feel the constant pressure to work.

As a result, we have to be prepared to expect the unexpected. We have to accept that we cannot always do things the way we plan. At timese have to to adapt and flow with situations as they crop up.

Now and then the camming schedule has to slide. But worry not, as the beauty is, we can swap days or times, start later in the evening, or work split shifts.

What a blessing it is to have this flexibility.

A healthy focussed attitude to take is our children being the catalyst to work and be successful, rather than a barrier to stop us.


First of all, believe in yourself. Stay fixated on your motives, objectives and goals that camming will help you to fulfil.

Visualise these to continually to self-motivate. Write them down and repeat daily to stay on track.

Remind yourself of your greater life purpose. This is supporting your family and making a huge positive impact on your children’s lives in the long term.

Remind yourself you are in control of how much you work and how much you earn based on the effort and commitment you put in as a cam model.

Set a cam schedule to be well organised. Utilise any available child care and be prepared to flow and adapt when needed.

I help many camming mothers with scheduling and they accept that at times they have to drop out due to issues such as illness at home.

I always understand, support and root for them when the going gets tough. I’ve been through everything they’ve been through.


I use my own experiences to help realign camming mothers realign with their motives during times they have had to drop away. They resume when things are better at home, filled with confidence to chip away again on cam.

Some of the top earners in LVE Models studio have multiple children at home. One has seven and is so determined and wilful that she still manages to work every week on cam, albeit reduced hours some weeks.

This is inspiring and proves, where there’s a will, there’s always a way!

Now you better understand how to cam with kids, go forth and be a badass camming boss mum! You got this!

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