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Can I cam without showing my face?

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Can I cam without showing my face? Faceless camming may be most models’ preference. The truth is it drastically hinders earning potential.

In a minority of cases, not showing the face adds to the intrigue for some viewers. Similarly, a minority of cam models find it works for them.

They cam with their face out of shot or covered because this is their comfort zone and they have lower expectations of earnings.

As a cam model over the years, I have established this fact:

It is only a small minority of viewers who are willing to pay cam models without being able to see their face. 

Models who go online facially shrouded soon discover that all who visit them, ask to see their face. This is human nature, people like to see faces.

Faces hold expression and encourage attraction. Eye contact builds intimacy and rapport.

A cam model not showing her face makes it difficult for members to feel connected with her.


It is simply impossible to build a deep and meaningful connection without being able to see eyes. Think about how frustrating it is when you want to have a good chat with someone and they won’t look at you.

Not seeing the cam model’s face makes the experience seem quite impersonal and detached.

Having tried out both strategies myself in the past (showing my face versus not showing), I will share what I discovered:

Allowing people to see my expressive face always made them warm to me instantly. They’d stick around in my room.

All of my high regulars felt captivated by my eyes, lips and sparkle as well as my voice.

Giving intense eye contact into the webcam made them feel I was giving them my undivided attention.

As such it was easy to build rapport and engage them quickly to spend.

In contrast, in my early days of camming when I felt unsure about showing my face, I would often find members popping in to my chat room then leaving my chat room.

Not showing my face was putting a barrier between myself and them.

I noticed these same guys would go and settle in with other cam models who were showing their faces.

Obviously they felt a connection with these girls as they could see their eyes and enjoy being a part of them intimately.

I quickly realised I was missing out on tips and private shows with these members. This made me feel I was wasting my own time online when I should have been making considerably more money.

Hence why it did not take me long to switch my strategy to showing my full face on cam. From that point I started to really capitalise on my audience, build meaningful connections and make big payouts.

If any cam models who apply to work under LVE Models are insistent they do not want to show their face; I respect their preferences.

I tell them to go ahead and cam with their head out of view or wear a mask. At the same time I am honest about the fact it will considerably restrict their income potential.

Happy to go through the pros and cons of showing face versus not showing face, I answer all their questions about privacy and empathise with their very rational concerns.

I then ask them to think carefully about whether webcamming is the right choice of work for them.

If the anxiety of showing the face is overbearing to due a major privacy concern, these individuals need to opt for one of two options:.

  1. Not show the face and agree to settle for earning relatively small sums of money on cam, knowing that this is because the majority of members won’t spend money if they can’t see the face.
  2. Look into other options of work where there’s no risk of unwanted exposure. Adult phone chat is a sensible alternative as there is never any risk of the face being seen.

Do you fully understand the nature of cam work? Make sure youre cut out for it! Read this article.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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