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Managing mental health on cam

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It is challenging, managing mental health on cam. The industry is cut-throat and not everybody is kind, helpful or loyal.

As CAM MODEL MENTOR, I have experienced first hand a number of the industry’s downsides and lived them again through the eyes of my cam model peers.

There are common causes for intermittent low mood or worse still, a downward spiral of mental health. For this reason, managing mental health on cam is something I am not only sensitive too, but continually mindful of.

With poor mental health, be it a temporary or long term infliction; clarity of thought and judgement can be shrouded. Overwhelm can set in.

Many females in the world of cam suffer the same troubles and come to me for advice. I do my best to guide them and help them stay resilient through the bumpy times.

In many cases they are able to push through and continue working on cam. There are also occasions where a week, a fortnight, a month or even more offline is necessary in the name of self care.

I am thankful to my years in the industry, exposing me to the highs and lows of camming. I have personally hit some low points and always bounced back thanks to having great support around me.


At times my self-belief waned and I had to give myself a good talking to; even a shake. Part of the mental battle is putting in the work changing the perception of things.

I can hand on heart say “I’ve been there” with many of the problems cam models suffer. Having this advice to offer them is the reason I am privileged to be in the position I am in today.

As much I want to resolve every cam model’s headaches; certain things will always be outside of my control.

What my experience tells me is this: Where there is high expectation there is always going to be disappointment.

Managing mental health on cam is evidently about identifying what’s causing turmoil, working out solutions and managing expectations.


CONFIDENCE is: The feeling of belief that one can have faith or rely on someone/something.

SELF ESTEEM is: Confidence in one’s own worth or abilities.


Confidence and self esteem go hand in hand.

Many cam models suffer lack of confidence or self esteem to some degree. This is especially the case in the early days whilst learning, and very normal.

The common effects of lack of confidence or self esteem are anxiousness, subdued mood, reluctance to speak, flat energy levels and closed body language.

Site users pick up on these and feel inhibited too.

I remember times on cam where I felt self-conscious, doubting myself. During these moments I would struggle to make money.

I realised that this was every bit to do with the vibe I was in. Low mood due to PMT were the worst times, so I was mindful of the need to manage this.

In contrast, the times I was in my most high vibing state of mind, I would always do well online. Members would gravitate to my confident energy and tips would roll in.


Self help for low confidence or low self esteem starts with mindfulness. Try to identify on the cause, be aware of your feelings and how you normally respond or react. Your gut will tell you if something doesn’t feel right.

If there are issues with self-motivation, learn how to self-motivate. Have a read of this article.

If it is lack of understanding, you can gain understanding by doing research. Ask advice from a mentor or experienced cam models.

With camming, preparation is everything. Details like the hair, nails, makeup or outfit not feeling on point can feel like a big deal.

TIP: Always allow enough time to get ready prior to going online. Not doing this can cause the feeling of being unprepared, which is an apprehensive, unconfident state to be in.


Great preparation comes across in positive body language. It presents a more satisfied self-image which translates to increased confidence. This in turn means improved self-esteem, which is constructive to good mental health.

I wrote an article with my tips on how to bring out self-confidence naturally, here. Please have a read of this. I am sure you will find this super helpful.


While having a high degree of work ethic is paramount to success as a cam model, the issue of burnout in this industry is very real.

Be mindful of the importance of work-life balance, especially if juggling camming with motherhood or another job.

You’ll know if you’ve reached boiling point and need to drop out of camming for a while. This point usually materialises in complete lack of desire to log on.

Never hesitate to take time out from camming when you need to recharge. Your wellbeing always comes first!



Plan each weekly schedule to include designated time for self-care activity. Do this every week because an hour each day doing something relaxing is the most effective way to prevent burnout.

Whilst doing longer length sessions on cam is usually the best way to make money, structure these with breaks.

For example, if planning to work a 7-8 hour full day or night on cam, do 3-4 hour bursts. In between take a 40-60 minute break away from your computer, as you would with any other job.

TIP: Take a walk in the fresh air during break. Moving the body outdoors is energising and calming for the mind.


Some models find doing split sessions works well for them. For example, 3-4 hours in the mornings, then spending the afternoons offline to do other things.

They come back online in the evening and work 3-4 hours, showing enough commitment to their camming to earn respectable earnings.

TIP: Split shift models meet different members online at different times of the day. This is a smart way to build the following and capture good traffic across various timezones.



A chat room that’s slow as hell is thoroughly demotivating. I know, I’ve been there.

Every cam model can relate to being sat for an hour, two, three or even more with hardly anybody in the room. Worse still when there are viewers in the room and nobody is chatting, let alone tipping.

When it feels dead online, it is a real test of resilience and patience. Moreover where there is an apparent lack of motivation on the part of the cam model, the response is generally lacklustre too.

Please never take the slow times personally as they hit every model on every cam site. It is just the nature of the industry.



Inevitably, slow times come and go. As tough as it is, maintaining a positive vibe is essential in order to attract positive energy back from any potential spenders.

To help with this, start by staying hungry; focussed on your goals and targets. These are your motives to work.

In a physical sense, it’s all about working to create engagement.

TIP: Throw out some random ideas, mix up the personal style, try some different show types or do a fun cosplay.

Design some offers and flash sale discounts to encourage members to interact and spend their tokens/credits.


Change the perception: Put a positive spin on the slow times by looking upon each one as an opportunity to be creative.

It is amazing how you can turn things around when the imagination comes out to play.

REMEMBER: Cam site members feed off the energy of cam models and respond like for like. If a cam model’s energy is flat, the energy is mirrored by her audience.


I’ve coached models who appear bored in their rooms. They don’t move or speak much, sit down looking at their phone. From a viewer’s perspective this is uninspiring; and it usually turns into a visious cycle.

The moment cam models understand how a dull demeanour does nothing but feed their slow room and make people complacent; is the moment they level up.

With increased effort and interaction the situation is more fruitful, thus creating a more positive sense of mental wellbeing.

TIP: Be assertive! Many members on cam sites do not take the first step interacting with cam models. They will ‘lurk’ if they are not engaged.


I have an article here about how to manage the slow times so please read this for further advice.


Unfortunately not every person using cam sites is a kind and respectful person. Amongst the millions of well-behaved members, the industry has its fair share of trolls and idiots.

I’ve come across members with drink and drug abuse issues and severe mental health problems who have been banned from multiple cam sites.

Such people do not act in a decent or rational manner. When a cam model is targeted, this can be stressful.


The easiest way to remove another person who is causing harm is to ban / block and report to admins. If they cannot make further contact, they cannot continue to be a nuisance.

Over my years of camming I blocked a few hundred people. I would not say that these were all trolls, the majority were just users I found annoying. Nonetheless, they had to go because I found them draining.

Running a tight ship on cam provides a greater sense of control and sets the standard on how you as a cam model expect people to behave. This in itself is empowering and instrumental to managing mental health on cam.

Read my article here for more guidance on how to deal with internet trolls.


A common issue causing unhealthy minds in cam models is falling into the trap of depending on regular clients more than they should. Worse still, trying to force them into exclusivity.

Men using cam sites are there to fulfil their needs, be these physical or mental needs. They will visit a number of different models to feel satisfied.

A cam model’s role is to fulfil whatever they require, at that given moment. She exchanges her services for money online, that is her job.

Members using cam sites will often tell models what they want to hear, including that they will not visit other models.


Some site users can be manipulating in order to seduce models into emotional dependency. Be on guard never to fall victim to this.

Cam sites are all about promiscuity with multiple people. Cam models entertain lots of different men for money and site members know this.

Therefore, expecting exclusivity from a regular client on a cam site where exclusivity does not work both ways, is a false sense of security.


Cam models should not be concerned by the behaviour of regulars. This includes if they visit other models, and if they do not make an appearance for a while.

I hear of cam models burning their free time watching other chat rooms to see if their regulars are ‘cheating’ on them.

Doing this only sets onself up for (self-infliced) mental harm, as a result, becoming consumed by the negative emotion associated with it.

Cam site members have their own needs, they also have private lives. Wives, girfriends; it is what it is.

Once cam models accept that their “regulars” are not their personal property, the healthier their minds are on cam!



Managing expectations means to seek to prevent disappointment by establishing in advance what can realistically be achieved or delivered.


The adult webcamming industry is dynamic. Sites, including the members and other models within, do not always provide consistency.

There are good days and there are bad days, it is the same for all cam models.

If something has happened in your camming world that’s to pushed you off your game, you need to address this immediately.

Depending on the nature of the issue, raise and discuss it with someone who has experience. Site admins, technical support, a mentor or fellow cam models you trust.

Doing this helps make sense of what’s going on and carve out the action plan.

The second step is to manage the expectations. Whatever the situation, take a realistic view that there may need to be a work around put in place, or a complete change in course to suit you going forward.

Thirdly, no matter how bad things feel, keep the faith. Stay optimistic that things will work out. Think only positive thoughts and positive outcomes will be more likely to occur.


RESPOND: To say something or take action in return, to show a favourable action. (Positive)

REACT: To exert a reciprocal or counteracting force of influence, usually used against. (Negative)

Know the difference between the two. Try to always respond to anything that’s causing poor mental welfare in camming. This helps more effectively manage the sentiment along with a clear view for dealing with problems.

Avoid reacting, as reaction is often knee-jerk and can produce an undesirable outcome.

TIP: Respond not react will see you acquire a greater sense of control over thoughts and emotions.


To start training the mind to respond rather than react, work on improving the perception of the issue.

Perception is how a person sees, hears or becomes consciously aware of a problem.

In short, the first part is to look for the positives. There will be some positives, as every negative has a positive.

Hold the positive thoughts and the negative ones should become less prominant.

Respond in a positive manner

  • Rule #1: Stay cool.
  • Rule #2: Do not respond immediately. Take time to gather thoughts.
  • Rule #3: Do, say or action whatever is required to fix or manage the problem in a calm manner.

TIP: Responding positively in in place of reacting negatively helps the perceived problem seem far less of a burden.


Where there is a lesser sense burden, there is a healthier mindset and greater encouragement to carry on whilst issues are being dealt with.


Please do not ever bottle things up, or they never get resolved. Nobody should feel ashamed to admit when something is not going well.

Camming is a tough job and the industry is challenging. I have lost count of how many uncomfortable predicaments I’ve come up against in camming over the years.

Every single one got sorted. Either resolved completely, or I accepted certain issues were not going away and learnt to manage my expectations.

Having a cam model mentor or support group is priceless. It’s often the differnce between make or break.


With mentors and support groups, you have safe environments to unload thoughts and air concerns.

Not every cam site has mentors or support groups and for this reason many cam models sadly feel they are alone.

When women feel unsupported in the industry, they are the most at risk of poor mental health. Usually these are the ones who slip away and never unleash their true potential on cam.


It is a blessing to find camgirls who are team players, who are helpful to other models and build each other up.

In my experience I have found there to be many such women in the industry.

At LVE Models we have worked very hard to instill a certain mindset and ethos in our models. They pull together as a sisterhood and welcome new models coming into the organisation.

Managing mental health on cam is best done with support, and we do exactly that.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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