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First day on cam

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It’s your first day on cam and you’re feeling nervous. Allow me to offer some guidance to help you make ‘taking the plunge’ feel less daunting!

At LVE Models we coach new models every week. Many of the models joining us have webcammed before, however some have not.

Feeling nervous when faced with the prospect of going on cam for the first time is totally normal.

The vast majority who come to us suffer first day nerves to some degree, whether they have cammed before or not.

Everyone was once a newbie facing the task for their first time, so you are not alone!

The reason for ‘first day on cam’ nerves is this: feeling nervous is the body’s natural reaction to the unknown.

In most cases, this fear is mostly due to not being prepared. Things that are straightforward to do and learn can seem overwhelming if information not available.

How to set up a profile, how to go online, what to look for and how to engage an audience… These are basic training requirements that should be covered prior to going online.

Unfamiliar territory can bring a host of anxieties based on fears over things that have not yet happened (and may not happen).

If you’re thinking these thoughts, don’t worry, it’s perfectly rational and you are not alone!

This is why a support network is essential.

Most cam site interfaces are not as complicated as they might look on a first glance. Take some time to click through each screen, read and understand. If it’s a good site, it will be user-friendly.

There will always be training information available, whether this is via a link or another type of online document. If it is not supplied on registration, ask the site admin or agency you signed up with.

If anything is not clear within the performer account, there will be an admin team, either at the site’s head office or through an agency or studio you registered with.

Ask, ask and ask questions! Nobody minds! These people are there to help you get familiar with how to operate your login features and navigate your profile.

Observe how the site works from a member’s perspective to see what they see when visiting cam models.

Look at how models are displayed. Check this both on the home page and when viewing individual profiles.

Take note of where to find key features such as tip menus and games. Identify where a member would go to take a model into a private show and how they would private message a model.

If you do all of this, you will know where and what to direct members to do when they visit your profile.

Some members, just like you, will be brand new so take a proactive approach in understanding your own site.

This will help them to spend their money – which is precisely what you’re there for.

To assist you getting through your first day on cam, seek to connect with other cam models on your site.

Group chats, forums and social media neworking groups are universal things on most cam sites. Ask the site admin or your agency how you can join these.

These groups are where you’ll find like-minded models who, like you, were once brand new and nervous.

Connecting with other models who have been through the same motions is invaluable.

You can draw on their experience, share your worries and have your mind put at ease.


We have a community here at LVE Models where models, both new and experienced alike, are joined together via a WhatsApp chat.

They swap ideas and experiences, offer motivation to one another and look out for the newbies.

I know in some cases, having this chat group has been the difference between certain individuals dropping away and going on the be successful models who make four figure weekly payouts.

There is no point in going online if you’re highly strung. You’ll be in a weird vibe and as such, struggle to get people spending.

To draw people in to part with their cash you’ll need them to feel relaxed and comfortable in your presence.

This starts by making yourself comfortable in the hours and minutes before you go live.

Whether it’s a workout, taking a bath, breathing exercises or pouring a glass of wine; do what you need to do on your first day on cam.

Steadying the nerves can be done in various ways and we are all different in that sense. Choose whatever makes you feel chilled.

If you need to take your time getting ready and thinking about how to approach your first cam show (over a glass of wine), do so!

You can always watch some other cam models for ideas and inspiration, whilst getting ready.

Once the preparation is done and you feel ready, take some slow deep breaths and go for it!

Be bold, commit yourself to the time you’ve set aside to cam, and persist.

There is nothing to lose and a wealth of potential to gain.

Your new opportunity brings a new path, a new money source, a new following and new doors opening. This is all very exciting!

All members love meeting the latest models joining their site because this is exciting for them. Enjoy the buzz of connecting with new people. Tell them you’re new and learning.

They won’t expect you to know everything on your first day. Many will be keen to support you if you’re personable towards them and appreciative of their support.

Remember what motivated you to start in the first place and hold this thought.

You’ll get through initial nerves if you focus on the reasons you’re there.


It’s your mission to accomplish and you are accountable for your own success (with a little support and guidance)!

Once you’ve got your first day on cam out of the way, you’re already one day experienced! This means you’re one day more knowledgable than you were prior to starting!

Each day thereafter continues the learning curve on your journey into webcamming.

Over time, your understanding grows as does your confidence.

Girl, you got this!


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Your success on cam hinges on…

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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  • I consider this a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Guide for beginners. I own an exotic dance and entertainment agency and several of my dancers do Webcam work through LVE. I started first with LVE then they all signed up through my recommendation. This guide covers all the bases that I usually cover and then some when bringing new girls into cam work. I’m actually copying the url and sending to any dancers who want to explore online work. Thank you foe the resource.


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