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How to be a cam model

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Thinking of starting out and want to know how to be a cam model? Here are the basics you’ll need to take the first steps towards camming success.

Before we dive in; what has triggered your desire to be a cam model?

What is the appeal about webcamming that has led you to reasearch how to be a cam model?

I would love to know your motive(s) because this is a very specific nature of work that is not for everyone.

It is your motives that have driven you down this road. So be very clear on these. They will form the basis of your work ethic, goals and motivation on your cam modelling journey.

Is it the money motive? The flexibility of working hours? The fact you can work from home and be your own boss?

Do you want know how to be a cam model because you can work around the kids’ routines?

Or is the thought of webcamming a confidence booster?

Perhaps you’ve already done your reasearch and genuinely want to build a career with the highest income potential in the Universe…

Whatever your motives, be crystal clear, write them down.


Take the time to nderstand the nature of the work. Please read my article here for an insight into what the work of a cam model entails.

Many females sign up to cam sites and get cold feet over the nature of the work. They never make their debut appearance on cam, thus never unravelling the formula of how to be a cam model.

So to avoid being a staller, do your research first to make sure you’re totally content with the concept of sex work.


You’ll also need to work out the realistic capability of you being able to work on cam. Do you have enough available time to commit to making this work for you? Are you able to self-motivate and self-discipline to work?

If you’re a mother, do you have sufficient childcare in place? Are there any barriers to you working on cam?

Think about all of these things because your success hinges on your ability to get online and work.


You will next need to determine whether from a technical point of view you have sufficient internet connection and can obtain the required equipment.

This article helps with all you’ll need to get started from a tech setup point of view.

Providing you’ve worked through the three steps above and given yourself the green light, you can make the aspiration of making money on cam a reality!

How exciting! Let’s continue…


There are many cam sites out there, that work in different ways. I wrote an article that explains the differences along with the pros and cons of private sites versus live stream sites.

Have a good old read here, consider your preferences and have a look at some of the big name sites.

Take the time to read T’s and C’s, paying special attention to each site’s Code of Conduct.

Make your informed decision on which one to apply to.


Do this in a professional way. Write a complimentary bio about your cam model persona with detail you want site members to know.

You can tell them about any likes and dislikes, things you’re into (sexual and non sexual) but leave out anything personal.

Never reveal your real name and location. This is for your own safety.

Make sure you have high quality images to add to your profile. This is because you’re going to have to present as a pro to get noticed amongst thousands of other cam models that members have at their disposal.

You don’t actually need professional shoot photos, you can do these self-styled (see my article), but make sure they are super.

Please leave the Snapchat filters on Snapchat, they look ridiculous and amateurish on cam model profiles.


Have a cam model dress style in mind already? Or unsure what works? Depending on how you self-style and dress, will determine the type of members you will attract to follow, interact and spend money with you.

I cannot wait to share this article with you as I just just know you’ll gain some helpful guidance from this.


I cannot stress the importance of working to a schedule if you’re serious about cracking the code of how to be a cam model.

The benefits of working to a schedule are, a, it helps create a routine and structure. b, it assists with the required self-discipline to work and c, followers and fans know when to expect you online.

Now all of the above is check, check, check, check, check, check, check… it is time to get online and start making money.

Simple as that. Or no?

Please don’t be overwhelmed. Let me tell you that first day nerves is totally normal. Even in cam models who are experienced and are moving onto a new site, it can be nerve-wracking.


Once you’ve done it the first time, you get over the anxiety of doing it for the first time… Just like doing a sky dive!

You have come this far, you have to take the leap of faith! Remember the motives that led to your desire to be a cam model?

If you don’t at least give it a try, you’ll live with the feeling of what might have been and never satisfy your motives.


If all of a sudden shyness or lack of confidence becomes the stumbling block, it’s ok, I got you. I’ve known published Playboy models start out on cam and feel shy.

Have a read of my article on bringing out the self-confidence naturally and this will guide you through.

It helps to spend some time watching other models on the site you’ve chosen to work on.

This helps you get a feel of how the site works and how models make money.

Observe other models to gain insight and build confidence, but do not imitate. It’s all about being original.


One of my roles as LVE Models CAM MODEL MENTOR is to assist new models through the process of going online for the first time.

I help them to understand how to be a cam model, find feet and shape their style online.

New models find having someone experienced in the industry who understands the process, is worth its weight in gold.

For many models its the difference between dropping away and going on to have successful careers online.


Once you’ve watched some other models and are feeling confident, take the plunge and go online. Start engaging your audience.

I cannot emphasise enough. ENGAGEMENT is the answer I would give if someone asked me to pick just one word to describe what makes a cam model a profitable cam model.

The vast majority of members will not be interactive on cam sites unless the model is interactive.

With no effort made on the model’s part to be interactive, people will lurk and watch as though the room as a porn tube.

Whether you’re brand new to the industry or an experienced cam model feeling a little stagnant on cam; will find this article about engagement super helpful. Please take the time to read it.


It may be stating the obvious but if you’re a person with a pleasant and agreeable nature, people will warm to you.

Having a positive attitude toward the work, the industry and the people who connect with you is how to win fans and make money.

A good attitude creates a nice vibe, one where people will feel comfortable and relaxed in the model’s company.

When people love the attitude and character of a cam model, they hang out and be the fan club. This means support through the quiet times as well as the busy times, enabling the profile and presence to grow and the cam model’s motivation to stay high.

A good attitude forms a great reputation based on which a cam model’s identity and brand can thrive!


On the flipside, if the attitude is bad, the majority of potential admirers will be repelled and leave.

It is only a small percentage of cam site users who are attracted to camgirls who act bratty or bitchy. Bad attitude is usually a turn off and translates to a chat room vibe that most people feel uncomfortable in.

Cam models are always judged based on their attitude so always strive to keep this positive and be personable at all times.


TOP TIP! Being personable is how you gain followers, fans and regulars. It is crucial to present a cam model persona that people want to be around in order to build a following. Great regulars stick with and support their favourite cam models – even during the slower times online!


Cam models should aways use their imagination to create shows that are interesting, exciting and keep viewers captivated.

Using a variety of outfits, looks, toys and props, and trying out different show types will make followers stay hungry and keen to see more.

If the cam model’s performances are boring and predictable they struggle to retain regular clients.

At LVE Models I work with models individually to help bring out their unique styles. I give them plenty of ideas to work into their shows and help them identify a niche.

To possess a niche as a cam model is to possess the X-Factor!



Last by by no means least: consistency. Consistency is a basic human character trait. It requires no prerequisite or qualification. Consistency is all about being mentally strong, focussed and resilient.

A consistent cam model is one who works every week, high self-motivated and focussed on her goals.


Lack of consistency is often the result of lack self-displine. Without consistency there is no viability as a cam model and it is impossible to make a living.

Motivation struggles are the most common issue I assist models to deal with. There is no shame, it is a very normal, very common problem that affects almost all models at some stage.

There are a whole host of factors that contribute to this. Here I have written an article about self-motivation to offer some guidance in this area.


Spend as much time as you need looking around my blog and reading my posts. Feel free to head over to my contact form if you have any questions.

If you would like some insight from one of our top models, I recommend you to watch Jillian Mae’s interview. Jillian explains how LVE Models have worked with her to be a camming success story, so hit this link now.

To read more about what your success on cam will depend on, read this article.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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