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Manage distractions make more money

Keen to learn how to manage distractions and make more money on cam? Here’s how…

I often notice major spoiler issues overlooked in online chat rooms, even by experienced cam models. My top five distractions listed below are common stumbling blocks to successful camming.

These typically translate to wasted time and missed earning opportunities.

The number one culprit! Either leave it alone, or put it out of reach to avoid the temptation of surfing and scrolling.

When members look in chat rooms and see models looking down at their phones they assume the model is bored. Cam models who sit or lay using their phones often find they have no interaction, then wonder why they can’t make money.


Members gravitate to chat rooms that appear busy with models paying attention to their audience. Keeping an eye out for potential spenders and working immediately to engage them shows interest. They are more likely to spend, thus the model is able capitalise.

Keep pets out of the room as this is distracting for the model and off-putting to viewers. When members are keen to get sexy, they don’t want to see a dog or cat jumping all over the model’s bed.

If a cam model is petting their animal, this sends out the wrong signals. It sets the impression that the model is giving their pet all the attention and not ready for sexual activity.


Make sure your pet is well fed and exercised before shutting them out of the room. This means they are not distracting you and crushing your ability to make money.

Only work online when you know you have the time booked out where there are not going to be other people in the property disturbing you. This includes children if you are a camming mother.

If camming after kids have gone to bed make sure there is a lock on the inside of the door. This is to prevent them bursting into the room whilst you’re in a sexual predicament in the event they do wake up.


This safeguards them from seeing things they should not see and safeguards you in respect of the site’s Code of Conduct. The appearance of minors is strictly forbidden across all sites.

If your child wakes up, immediately switch off your connection to the site. Call to them and let them know you’re coming. Quickly make yourself decent, hide sex toys and go be mumma.

While this may be annoying whilst on cam, nobody can prevent unexpected knocks on the door. If you know you have a delivery due on a day you’re on cam, ensure you’ve planned for their arrival. Be organised leaving safeplace instructions if possible. If you have a time slot for a delivery it is best to be offline during this time.

The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a private show and someone is banging on the door something to be signed for.

Not only does this disrupt the show, it is irritating for the member who is paying for the show.


In an ideal world all cam models would be camming with exclusive dibs over their internet connection. Where others are in the property using the internet for activities such as gaming or any other form of live streaming, this can crush the bandwidth.

This often causes the connection on the cam model’s part to lag and freeze, thus throwing a spanner in the works of making money.

Everyone’s personal situation at home differs so it is important to be aware of this factor. Find a work-around solution found to prevent any disruptions to you working on cam.


If you live in a shared property, try and obtain the fastest possible connection. Sometimes it’s necessary to upgrade to gain the greatest amount of bandwidth and the highest possible upload speed.

In cases where upload speed is low, work your sessions around when other members of the household are out, or sleeping. You may need to agree a compromise. Read my article about minimum connection requirements here.

From time to time, unforseen distracting or disturbing factors are bound to crop up that you cannot control. These could be situations causing significant bearing on your concentration or thwarting your ability to work on cam entirely.

Excessive noise factors such as neighbours banging around doing DIY or workmen digging up the road are typical bugbares. In these cases it is best to wait until they are finished before jumping online. This risk of logging on and ending up frustrated will be noticable by anybody you are visible to online.

Members always feed off cam models’ energy so if there is anything distracting going on, they sense when the model is irritated or fed up. They will feel the same too!


Ultimately every distraction has a solution so the key is to be mindful at all times. Be aware of how certain factors affect performance and profitability, and prepared to make adaptations when necessary.

This awareness helps improve online consciousess for the model. The aim is to create a professional environment in which they can manage any distractions and make more money on cam.

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Camming as a side hustle

Looking to get into camming as a side hustle? Here’s my two pennysworth…

I need to be brutally honest here. In my experience as a cam model studio owner I have witnessed the majority of those who view camming as a ‘side hustle’ not succeed.

This is mainly due to not taking it seriously and these individuals lacking the attention required for camming to be a viable side income.

When the reason for wanting to cam is: “because I want to make a bit of extra cash” – the only result we see is inconsistency. There are no specific goals, no set purpose.

There are usually barriers to commitment. Where there are other work priorities, kids and no childcare, and/or social arrangements at the forefront, working on cam can is touch and go.

Sometimes its lack of patience and understanding with the inevitable peaks and troughs of traffic.

Be aware that every hour on cam brings different members logging on. One slow hour does not mean the next hour will be, and the hour after that will not necessarily be the same.

Doing a quick hop on and off therefore sees missed profits the second and third hours are set to bring.

Where there are insufficient hours invested, camming is not given a chance to prove itself. This means it cannot be a serious side income.

The majority of cam models, especially when new to the industry; are not capable of making big chunks of money in short sporadic sessions online.

This is why patience is everything when building a side hustle from webcamming.

Webcamming as a side hustle will only work for highly disciplined and focussed individuals. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Empires take time to take build and shape!

Camming is no different and the truth is you CAN built a lucrative income if you are SERIOUS about camming as a side hustle.

I shall lay the requirements on the line right here:

To make a worthwhile side income from camming, and I’m talking about an amount of income that will make a noticeable difference to your life, devote at least 12 hours every week to webcamming.

Set a schedule of days and times and stick to this every week.

Take the view you are a professional cam model and these are your working hours.

I repeat: set schedule, stick to it!

This could relate to one specific goal or a number of goals.

It could be a weekly specific income target that will make a significant difference to your life.

You might have a goal such as saving up for a property deposit with a target of one or two years.

That dream holiday to the Caribbean you’ve always wanted could be achieved by being consistent to your sude hustle.

Or paying off some debts would be life-changing.

Without specific targets and goals, there is always a lack of motive to put in the work ethic. Always.

Stay online until complete your hours. Be prepared to work 3-4 hour sessions continually.

Think how gutted you would be to miss out on the money and not reach your goal.

Remind yourself only person you can depend on for your success on cam, is you.

This means give your undivided attention to the task.

Put distractions away, including the mobile phone which is the worst time waster for models on cam.

With relatively few hours a week to devote to camming as a side hustle, you do not want the time to slip away unproductively.

Do you want to know the truth about how much you can make camming as a side hustle?

But… this will not happen for you if you are not able to be consistent to make it viable! Going about the task with a high degree of professionalism is essential!

I do not want you to waste your own time signing up if you do not have the available time or energy to make it work. So read and digest this article, then read it again.

Do you have what it takes to be a successful camming side hustler?

This article explains in more depth the reality of what it takes to be successful on cam, either as a part of full time model.

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