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Secrets of self-motivation

What are the secrets of self-motivation? We all have days where we’re ‘not feeling it,’ but persistent lack of self-motivation means lack of earning potential. Here’s how to tackle this problem.

It is the ability to fulfil a motive. It is the drive to do something based on the benefits it will bring.

Self-motivation is telling yourself, “no matter how I feel, I have a mission and I am going to do it anyway!”

In order for self-discipline to be motivational and engineer the desired results, it must be supported by regular reminders. These reminders are reasons why you must do it anyway.

Getting ready and logging online sounds like an easy thing to do. In principle it is, however one of the biggest barriers to success is where lack of self-motivation results in not showing up.


During my time in the industry I have discovered many factors that cause this problem and unravelled the secrets of self-motivation. This awareness has led me to identify ways to help de-motivated individuals. Making sense of how they feel and understanding why they’re stumbling is the first step.

I have mastered techniques designed to renew the sense of self-motivation. If done correctly and with care, these empower individuals to march strongly onward and reach their goals.

First I want to talk about some of the common causes of lack of self-motivation in cam models.

Lack of self-motivation is a negative and unproductive state to be in. It often stems from self-limiting thoughts or beliefs.

These are thoughts and beliefs lacking the positivity and confidence required for a person to achieve.

Thoughts and beliefs starting with “I can’t,” “I’m not,” “I won’t” for example, are prime culprits.

Where there is lack of willing or faith fuelled by negative thoughts; individuals will often opt out (elective failure).

There can be a whole catalogue of factors that trigger self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. Phyisical, psychological and emotional barriers are the main sources.

For example, there might be inconsistent moods due to hormonal ups and downs, personal or relationship problems. There could be tiredness of feeling physically out of sorts. Underlying mental welfare issue such as anxiety or low self esteem are common denominators.

There could have been a few poor sessions on cam, or a bad experience with online trolling.

We are all human beings and it’s normal to have ‘off’ days. We should never feel bad for taking time out when we need to rest.

Self care is crucial, but staying focussed on our goals is one of the secrets of self-motivation.


While mindful of creating a healthy work/life balance, money moves can only happen if the effort is not put in.

Hold this thought at the forefront if success is desired and know you have the power to push through the difficult times. This is essential to growth.

Often this simply involves giving ourselves a shake, dressing up and showing up. Be that badass cam model queen who achieves her goals no matter what!  

I believe it is important to have a support network and/or a mentor when camming because sometimes all that’s needed is a little friendly support or encouragement.

Take inspiration from those who know how to push through the tough times. These are the models you see grinding out their sessions online, making bank week after week.

For sure they get their ups and downs, but have mastered the ability to stay self-disciplined and motivated.


If I lost £1 for every time I felt like flaking out, even with a fleeting thought… Damn! I would not have reached my goals thus far and not be in the comfortable position I am in today. 

That symbol of £1 lost for every time is in reality worth a far greater loss because every working day on cam had far greater value than £1 to me.

It translates to thousands of pounds of lost income over time if every off day was a day I chose not to commit to my goal.

There are numerous times I have worked on cam with PMT. Others I have worked feeling low after bad news. Endless occasions I have worked on cam with sleep deprivation, but the show has gone on.

Nothing would stop me putting on my Cam Queen hat and working to my schedule. Only exceptions being in cases I genuinely was too sick to work, or my child was sick.

My secrets of self-motivation include my unfaltering determination to be successful.

Never satisfied with not hitting my income targets or reaching personal goals, knowing these are things I have complete control of.


No matter what, the show must go on!

DO IT ANYWAY is a a Boss mindset. Filled with purpose, determination, resilience and prosperity!

DO IT ANYWAY sees me smile and give myself a pat on the back! It is a sense of pride and accomplishment on completion of goals!

DO IT ANYWAY continually asserts me as a professional and a role model!

DO IT ANYWAY is uplifting, empowering and feels incredible!

Adopt DO IT ANYWAY is one of my secrets of self-motivation! The steps below open the door to life-changing results!


Take 30-60 minutes for relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and mind. I recommend a walk in a natural setting or an energising exercise session.

Go for a massage, do meditation or listen to music or motivational podcasts. These are superb ways to unwind. This ie because they open the positive mindset channels in preparation for successful working.


Spend five minutes visualising all of the things you want to achieve (goals) and necessities you need to cover (costs of living etc) as a result of working on cam. Do this because these are your key motives to work and you should remind yourself of them continually.

Without goals, there is no ambition and as a result, no purpose to work. Set some if you have not already, add quantifiable measures along with timescales. I share more about how to do this in a few moments as you read on.

Goals and motives are one of the primary secrets of self-motivation as without these, there is not much point in doing anything… at all.


Nobody likes the word failure. Consider the things you would miss out on if you were to give way to self-defeat and not work. Giving in to self-defeat is the worst type of failure, as it is elective failure.

Think about details, pictures and emotions along with what the loss represents in monetary terms because this serves as a kick up the butt to get going.

Not being able to afford that holiday with the girls next summer, having that loan forever hanging over your head, not being able to get that new car… These such thoughts make me sad and more determined not to let this happen!

Do you see how focussing on doing anything but failing is such a powerful secret to self-motivation?


Along with the physical losses that happen as a result of lack of self-motivation, I need to tell you that the subsquent regret is not a nice feeling to experience. This can often be the culprit for the forming of negative, self-defeatist habits where lack of self-motivation is the default setting.

Be mindful of the implications of regret but focus on the opposite feeling – satisfaction. This encourages a positive sense of self-worth. Linger on on the satisfaction you will experience on the achievement of your success and become emotionally involved with that feeling!

It is easy to see wht focussing on the feelings of satisfaction are one of my secrets of self-motivation.


You have your goals and motives… Clarification and reassertion of these will continue to set the intention of the purpose and the positives therein you will gain.

Whilst getting ready to go online, think exciting empowering thoughts about your goals which reinforce why you need to dress up, show up and get the job done in order to reach those goals.

This constant reminder makes your camming mission 100 times more meaningful and helps with setting a schedule in order to fulfil the required hours online.

Your purpose is the choice you make to see it through with a strong motive which leads to the end gain.

Clarify and reassert the purpose by way of affirmative mission statements in order to self-program and place yourself firmly in that driving seat.


Set out exactly what you want to achieve in specific, quantifiable measure. Include these five elements:

  • TASK – webcamming.
  • PURPOSE – why you’re doing it along with the target earnings you require.
  • TIME – number of hours you are going to persist for.
  • OBJECTIVE – the ultimate goal that needs to be met.
  • EMOTION – the pleasant outcome in terms of the feelings that compeltion of the mission will bring.

Form a strong, affirmative, motivational mission statement including the above elements. Make this affirmative (affirmative = “I will”) and filled with enthusiasm, as a result this elevates the positivity and unleashes this powerful secret of self-motivation.

Here are two examples to guide you.

1. “Today I will work on cam and make the money I need for my holiday (PURPOSE). I shall persist online until I have reached my target earnings, this will be for a minimum of 5 hours (TIME) in order to pay the sum of £xxxx I need for the flights (OBJECTIVE). Knowing I can book my flights thanks to my work ethic, will make me feel on top of the world!” (EMOTION).

2. “This day is devoted to working on cam (TASK) and I do this as I am a professional (PURPOSE). I will work for 8 hours (TIME) and make £xxxx to pay off the rest of my loan (OBJECTIVE). Finally I shall be debt free and celebrate this weekend! This is the greatest sense of freedom and happiness I have ever experienced!” (EMOTION).

Can you feel the enthusiasm in these mission statements? They’re specific, quantifiable, with a positive emotional attachment. Do you know understand why mission statements are one of my secrets of self-motivation?

You do?

Now go ahead and have fun creating your own, clearly define your goal(s) and WRITE IT/THEM DOWN!


… Now REPEAT your mission statement ten times.

The act of repetition is one of my secrets of self-motivation. It is a key part of mental programming because not only does this make create a prolific thought in the conscious mind, it also helps that thought become ingrained into the subconscious mind.

Our conscious mind is the mental compartment for thoughts we can control. We can choose what we think about by switching and replacing one dominant through with another.

That elusive subconscious mind is the trickier part of the mind to convince. It is the part of the mind that controls the feelings, actions and behaviours of an individual, i.e. the subconscious habits.

Thoughts provoked by subconscious habits are difficult to control because the average person does not know how to control or change them. Most people are not even aware it is possible to do so. It takes training.

Subconscious mind reprogramming is an in-depth subject I go into, for instance with one to one mentoring training if this is required.

Make daily self-motivation with mission statements and repetition a positive habit. You will be on your way to striking gold, armed with effective self-motivation techniques!

I am rooting for you and all the unlimited potential you will unlock as a self-motivated, goal-orientated cam model!


I hope you find this article helpful, I have only scratched the surface of my secrets of self-motivation. There are layers of issues that cause lack of motivation because this is often a complex issue.

Where there is a persistent lack which results in the inability to work on a frequent basis, with or without low moods or feelings of indifference, I advise to very carefully about whether camming is the right avenue.

I am a great believer of if something doesn’t feel right or there are too many off days, it is just not going to work out.

To learn what webcamming success depends on, read this article.

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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