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Protect your privacy on cam

Protect your privacy on cam. Online safety is a top priority for any cam model.

The subject of protecting privacy on cam is often a deal breaker for new models coming into the industry, especialy if they have significant privacy concerns.

With internet piracy and online hackers relentless this day and age, a cam model can never be certain their content will not get misued.

Any Tom, Dick or Harry have the means to take video because they have this technology on their smartphone at home. Add to this, there are bots and trawlers on a constant drive.

I shall be completely up front about the fact webcam shows do often get screen recorded. These are sometimes posted elsewhere (I know, because I have been on the receiving end).

Despite DMCA* being in place, there is nothing you or I can do to stop this. Right here, I need to lay out what’s what and manage your expectations.

While it is worth mentioning that the more high profile the model on cam, the more likely they will be a target to internet pirates.

Despite this, unknown entities can be targeted too, especially is the nature of their shows is X-rated.

Now for the good news… There are steps that you as a cam model can take to become savvy, protect your privacy on cam and lessen the risk of unwanted exposure.

Always use a different name on cam and never give out your real name.

Never give out your exact location.

Do not link any social media accounts for your cam model name under any email address or phone number linked to your family and friends. This includes Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

This will avoid your cam model social media bringing up people in your personal contacts as suggested contacts / who to follow. Vice versa this helps avoid your personal contacts easily finding your cam model social media.

If you want to avoid identity theft (where your images are reposted under fake profiles), stay off the socials altogether.

Look for a webcam site that offers a DMCA takedown service for their cam models. This is a service whereby they serve DMCA takedown notices to sites that host copyrighted content which originates from their own watermarked site.

Put a disclaimer on your cam model profile that states your content is DMCA protected. Mention any unauthorised use of your content being a criminal offence. This will help serve as a deterrant.

Join a site that offers a region blocking option. This means you can exclude people in your home county, state or entire country from accessing your profile if you wish to. This option makes it much more difficult for your family and friends network to discover you online.

Agencies exist who you can pay to scour the internet for stolen content. They monitor and remove leaked photos and videos for a monthly fee.

The downside is for many cam models works out expensive because this service comes at a price.

For professional models who put in the hours hours and make more money, the service is value for money. This service is worth its weight in gold for the peace of mind that it provides.

One such agency I highly recommend, is Cam Model Protection. Read my article here about how they’ve worked with me during my time spent on webcam.

If you find any leaked content, you can submit content removal requests yourself. First port of call is follow the offending sites’ DMCA takedown procedure. Usually this involves emailing them and providing the link, however it can be touch and go.

Many porn sites display contact details for DMCA takedown requests, others don’t. They will either respond and be helpful, or not respond. For those that are not helpful, you and submit removal requests directly to Google.

This this is only possible where the adult nature content comes up in Google search. Google cannot remove it from the site source but they can remove links, images and videos from the Google search results.

There is more detail about the process in the Google search help, here. Self-removal of content can be a painstaking process and take several weeks, because of the sheer volume of requests they get.

If the thought of leaked content bothers you and you want to save on costs, you are at least aware this is an option.

Think about the risk versus reward ratio and how much of a big deal privacy is to you.

Camming is not right for you if there are major privacy concerns. “Major” meaning you are anxious to the point your life would be ruined if anyone finds out you work on cam.

The internet is the internet. I cannot promise you will never be a target. The risk is far greater with live stream sites than it is on private sites.

In turn, far greater is the earning potential on live stream sites versus private sites also.

I know cam models who dropped out of the industry on discovering their content was stolen. They struggle to deal with it and the anxiety of it happening again gets to them (completely understandable).

If the privacy concern is moderate to mild, follow the above steps and you will be well on track. The idea is to lock yourself down to some considerable degree.

Always remember there is no 100% guarantee that it still won’t happen, but it will lessen the risk.

If there are no significant privacy concerns and like some of the top cam models you take the view that people sharing your content serves as a promotional campaign, then boldly proceed.

If the internet pirates are hosting your content elsewhere, they’re generating greater awareness of your existance!

Whatever your level of comfort and perception where privacy and protection is concerned, please do still adopt the principles of points 1 and 2 in my tips above.

NEVER give out your name, personal information or location to anybody you speak to online. This is for your own safety.

Now you know what goes on and how to protect your privacy on cam, go forth and shape your cam model profile. Adjust your online activities according to your preferences and you’ll be fine!

*DMCA is The Digital Millenium Copyright Act, governed by the United States Copyright Office. This criminalises the act of stealing copyrighted content.

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