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what to do when it's slow online


What to do when it’s dead online

Models often ask me for advice on what to do when it’s dead online. Here are some tricks to help your chat room pick up when the site is slow.

We are entering a time of year where cam sites are notoriously slow. Year on year cam sites across the board see a downturn in traffic over the summer months.

Members head on out to enjoy fair weather and light evenings, family gatherings, gradulation parties, summer vacations and school holidays.

I always reassure our models that this is normal and not to take it personally if their regular spenders are around less often.

Many models are demotivated as they struggle to make the same weekly figures they made in March through May.

During these times it’s all about managing expecations learning to be content with lower average hourly rates.

On the big live stream sites, there are thousands of cam models online at any one time, hustling for business.

There are also still hundreds of newbies joining cam sites every week, all with big money aspirations.

For established cam models, these slow times are a frustrating slog with fierce competition from their established peers.

They also have the issue of the new girls up and coming, and guys who normally spend money keen to try out the “fresh pussy.”

Members love choice, as this is what cam sites are all about. All cam models have to get their head around this.

The models who are smart will not let this get them down. Instead, they up their game.

Try new things to encourage greater earning potential and attract new spenders.

For the new models, summer can be a tough time to join. They might be just one slow chat room amongst thousands of others. Cam sites are a numbers game.

Such models need to focus on building their following in the early days. I understand the need to make enough money to maintain motivation, but there is no overnight success in cam modelling.

Many join sites expecting it to be instant easy money, but in reality its not like that. The rewards of patience and persistence online may not be realised until 6, 12 or even 18 months down the line.

As an experienced cam model I know first hand how demotivating it can feel when there’s not much going on. I’ve had online hours SO tedious that I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than be stuck talking to a bunch of zombies who don’t respond.

Now this is an important bit of field research here: I noticed that the more fed up I felt and the flatter my energy levels became, the slower my room got.

As difficult as it is to stay enthusiastic when it’s dead online, the absolute last thing a cam model should do is let her energy slump.

Looking bored, irritated, scrolling through the phone, sitting/laying in a lazy manner will do nothing more than encourage viewers to mirror the same energy.

As a result, they leave the room or become more complacent and less inclined to interact.

Energy attracts energy of the same frequency, so up-tempo your vibe and kick-start your viewers into action!


Be aware of this and keep it positive and approachable. Switch up the body positions from sitting to laying, move around in the camera view to display movement and stay energised.

Keep the facial expressions interested, smile and be sexy. All of this gives the illusion the room is busy even when its quiet. It also encourages anybody popping in for a look to stick around rather than click out uninspired, a few seconds later.

So nobody’s talking back, who cares! Chat anyway! Learning to be comfortable with talking to oneself is a really valuable skill to learn as a camgirl.

Chat about anything. What you did at the weekend, what music you’re listning to, how much you love your new sex toy. Any topic that’s engaging and fun for the viewers is good for keeping their attention.

You can even make stuff up for jaw-dropping effect or comedy if your mind works in cheeky ways! Nobody will know whether it’s your real life or not.

Do something fun or crazy to grab members’ attention and make them feel more inclined to interact. Here are some ideas:

  1. Melt ice on your butt/cleavage, talk about how warm it is and ask if they’d love to see a naughty show with ice.
  2. Do a squats workout, ass to camera, in some hot pants or yoga pants. This sets pulses races!
  3. Eat a banana seductively, or some strawberries or grapes. Ask your audience if they’re into food play.
  4. Rub your feet over a dildo and talk about how much you love foot massages.
  5. Show your sex toys and talk about them, share some experiences.
  6. Rub oil/lotion on your body. You don’t need to strip. Wear a bikini to spark their imagination.
  7. Do a hot fashion show, trying on different outfits and asking for their feedback.
  8. Do sexy stretching, splits, headstands or anything else athletic if you’re a fit girl.
  9. Do something articstic like drawing if this is your thing, or play a card trick/game.
  10. Do some preening – curl your hair, paint your nails, do a pedi etc.

Whatever happens, keep that sparkle as this makes potential tippers warm up, rather than go cold and leave.

Personality is what usually wins fans over on cam sites. Make you cam persona appealing and maintain a consistent good attitude no matter how slow or busy.

A cam model with a persona that sparkles always stands out versus those who do not know how to be personable or engaging.


Please, go ahead and try out my tricks! You may not set the world alight in every session, but some improvement is better than none when it’s slow.

I would love to hear if my advice helps your chat room pick up. Please let me know in the comments!

Lastly… Always remember to adjust and manage your expectations during the slow times.

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