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Amara: “My first 6 months as a live camgirl”

I’m Amara and I’m here to share how I’ve found my first 6 months as a live camgirl.

I started my journey into webcamming in January 2024, having lost my job following a probation period.

On the same day as losing my job, I was also supposed to do my annual re-registration in my profession.

I decided against that, having been working almost six years in my career and ultimately unhappy.

I played with the idea of switching to another career and industry and even upskilled to apply for other roles. This will sound familiar to a lot of people.

After a period of applying and knowing that I could not pretend to care anymore, I decided against going back into an office environment.

I was so certain it would not work for me and would do anything to avoid going back.

Needs must so I started doing newspaper rounds to cover the bills immediately.

In terms of longer term work, I knew I needed something that fulfilled the wild side that has always been there.

I began looking into adult entertainment and went on Tiktok to look for information about becoming a stripper. I was keen to hear from black women in the industry, and what works for them.

Someone caught my eye on Tiktok so I messaged her for advice. She was kind enough to reach out send me some information.

The info led me to a site called ‘Laptastic’ which is a lapdancing agency.

It is there I saw an affiliate company ‘LVE Models.’

I had heard about webcam modelling at a younger age. The ability to work for myself from home were the first things that struck a chord with me.

This was the very type of opportunity I had been looking for. After doing research, I saw that LVE Models offer mentoring and no prior experience was needed. 

I liked the information they presented online and watched their model video testimonials.

I approached them and they were very responsive and helpful.

There has been no bullshit when it comes to LVE Models, they are real people. I have truly been guided and supported. I believe this is because the mentoring is run by someone who has years of experience as a cam model, and genuinely cares.

Now I am almost 6 months into my webcamming career. My confidence has grown and I am enjoying interacting with customers from a positive stance.

Of course there are a few trolls, but these are easy to block and the majority of interactions are positive.

I have a good laugh with a lot of customers. Having fun makes camming more worthwile and helps motivate me on days were I’m not feeling best.

A huge learning curve in how to overcome hurdles and practice patience, as camming takes a lot of that.

I’m enjoying caring for myself, getting up with a purpose and making myself up. Having to look good on cam forces me make the effort, so I feel good about about my appearance each day.

I’ve also really enjoyed challenging myself by adding content creation to my bow.

I set up an X account so I’m pushing my content through social media and building my following there.

Most recently I  had a supporter request a Lovense toy wishlist!  The additional toys have really boosted my streams.

This came at a really good time and my goal going forward is to push my targets further with this.

I have already had the opportunity to fulfill some of my goals through webcamming. Being able to pick my location, take time for myself and become a lot happier, all these things for the win!

I am also able to be flexible with my hours and choose when I work. This works really well as I have other interests and like getting involved in other projects.

I  find camming to be the most liberating job I’ve ever done. I’ve absolutely loved my first 6 months as a live camgirl and I look forward to continuing on this journey.

  • Practice patience and consistency. Camming, like anything, only works well if you’re consistent.
  • Try different times of the day, different outfits, personas and positions to work out what fits you best. 
  • Take regular breaks if you find you cannot work longer sessions. Camming can be draining. It affects the outcome when energy is depleted.
  • Have hobbies and other things going on outside of cam, so you look forward to working on cam.
  • Camming allows you to be who you want to be, so nurture that authenticity and be proud of it.

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