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how to cam on period


How to cam on period

One question I get asked all the time is how to cam on period. Here’s my guidance on this ‘sticky’ subject.

The monthly menstrual visit. ‘Aunty Flo. ‘Shark week.’

What ever you call it, ‘coming on’ is the biggest bugbare for most cam models. Many are never sure how to cam on their period.

The pesky monthly can make working on cam very difficult and I don’t know many camming females who would argue. Periods are awkward, embarrassing and uncomfortable. They are just a darn nuisance!

Every woman is different to the next with her cycle and some suffer worse than others.

It is something we just have to get through so first and foremost: do not work if you are not comfortable.


All cam models understand what is expected of them with sex work. Certain things are going to be less straightforward than they usually are.

Insertions being one example, as toys meant for internal use can cause discomfort. There is the cringe-worthy risk of leaking and members witnessing this. Most members are turned off by it because this is not cool. Unless seeing an axe wound is their fetish.

I definitely do not advise going online if there is heavy flow and/or it is painful. Similarly, if the monthly visit causes significant low moods and you’re more likely to be sensitive and less tolerant, don’t go online.

Bear in mind some cam sites have strict rules against the depiction of blood, including period blood. Showing any kind of bleeding on cam can result in a termination or warning. So be aware of the rules and use your best judgement here.

If you’re lucky enough to be a light-flow lady, you could work using tampons, a moon cup or other internally worn feminine hygeine product.

You can still go online and excite your followers by being creative with your chat and shows if you feel up to it.

Draw the focus away from ‘toy play’ by talking about fantasies and exploring roleplay.

Fun sexy shows like topless oil play, JOI and blowjobs are hot shows to offer. They don’t require playing ‘down below.’


I advise wear black lingerie just incase there is any seepage. This way people viewing are less likely to notice. It also means you’re not putting your favourite lighter, brighter colour panties at risk of stain.

Sit on a dark towel or blanket to help disguise any potential leaking.

If ducking out of camming and still keen to be productive, why not spend some time making content. You can update your fans page, make promotional posts for social media.

Private message with fans is a brilliant option for cash via one-off tips or pay per message, depending which platform(s) you use.

Lastly…There is no shame in informing your regulars that certain types of shows are off the menu for the day or week. You do not even have to justify why if you don’t want them to know you’re on your period.

Always remember you are in control of your shows. You are free to decline any requests you don’t feel comfortable with.

Lastly if you don’t feel like camming, don’t beat yourself up! Take this time out to do other things that are relaxing.

Self care and pampering, reading, light exercise, meditation, listening to music or anything else that makes you feel calm and uplifted. All great things to do instead of camming on on your period.

Make sure you are aware of the dangers of drinking on cam. Read this article.

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