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Engage your audience make more money

Engage your audience make more money: top tips by a professional chat host.

Engagement is the actions that measure and reflect how much your audience interacts with you and your content.


You’re having a slow session online and feeling uninspired. Nobody is talking to you. The drag of having a room full of lurkers is drain your energy and you’d rather stick pins in your eyes than sit another five minutes. Sounds familiar?

I think all cam models would agree, there are times it feels so dead online that it’s soul destroying.

I’ve been there and had to work out ways to push through this in order to change the game.

All cam sites have peaks and troughs in traffic flow. There are times of the day, depending on the site and time zone; that models will find more fruitful than others.

This is why it is valuable to be able to engage your audience in order to make more money.

I’m sorry to say that the majority of site members do not automatically tip on entering chat rooms. That is until such a time they’ve found their favourite girl(s), then they become more forthcoming.

The masses will observe to get a feel for the model’s vibe and whether she ‘floats their boat.’ Some get how it works and will be interactive, making it easy for the model. The vast majority however need encouragement (or a rocket up their backside to kick them into action).

Most of the well-known live streaming sites have thousands of performers online at any one given moment. Thousands! That’s thousands of models for members to choose from. As a result, many are highly competitive.

Members will click in and click out of rooms, looking for that one girl who rocks their socks. If there is no interaction in a model’s room, they tend to click out and go to another.


Members can also be impatient. Whoever they click on typically has 5 to 10 seconds to make a first impression that’s impacting enough for them to stick around. That is not much time at all.

So what to do?

To make good money on any cam site you have to break the ice with members and work on building rapport with them. Give them a taste of what’s in store. Be forthcoming with greet them, give them a reason to join you in conversation.

Granted, not all cam models are natural chatterboxes. If you’re shy to talk in detail, create a super sexy vibe with movement, energy and eye contact. This will encourage them to make the first step talking to YOU.

I have always been very assertive with people in my chat room. Chatting and making it clear what I expect in terms of their behaviour. This has always worked for me but it does not work for every model, nor is every model comfortable being assertive.

Be personable, let the personality shine and give guys a reason to stay! This is how to engage your audience, keep them captive, demonstrate your value and ultimately make more money!


  • Be enticing and receptive when members enter.
  • Make them feel you’re approachable and happy with them being there. A smile and a pleasant greeting goes a long way.
  • Greet them by username, make them feel welcome immediately.

  • They say ‘the eyes are the window to the soul.’ Look into the webcam and give them all the hot eye contact!
  • Looking someone in the eyes is the single most effective way to strike an instant connection. Granted, unless they’re in a cam to cam situation, you can’t see them.
  • But you can use your imagination to imagine they’re looking right back at you, warming up to you.

  • Make this open and friendly, sit in a way that flatters and looks attentive. This will make members feel you’re ‘on the ball’ and ready for action.
  • Body language can be highly seductive, so actions like stroking the body, licking the lips, showing off the curves, can drive the members wild.
  • Be mindful not to display slumped, overly relaxed body language as this looks bored and lazy.
  • Chat as much as you can. Make small talk. Ask how they are, how their day is going, how their weekend was, for example.
  • You can also ask sexy questions such as what they’re into, if they like roleplay, or if they’re kinky.
  • The way to get people talking back is to ask them open questions. This invites them to give detail that you can then feed off to evolve conversation and get to know each other better.

  • Have background music playing but not too loud. This helps create ambience and makes silences feel less awkward.
  • If members are being stubborn and not interacting you can get your groove on to the music. Music is an excellent talking point.
  • Share what music you love and have playlists up your sleeve to make changing music quick and easy.
  • Music should never drown out the voice so be mindful to keep your tunes strictly as background music. This way your audience can always hear what you’re saying.
  • Keep the energy flowing with movement.
  • Move around in the camera view, change body position often. Stand up, turn around, shake your butt, flick your hair, show them your toys, wiggle your hips.
  • Any type of movement creates buzz in the room. Can you dance? Are you flexible? If so, show it off!
  • The type of energy you put out will attract the same type of energy back. So keep it sexy, vibing and alluring.
  • If the energy is flat, members assume the model is bored. This discourages them from being interactiving and tipping.
  • Shout out some offers or incentives to engage your audience and make more money. Some examples are discounted rates on private shows, fan club subscriptions or actions they can tip you for.
  • I see models offering ‘flash sales’ on content or private show rates. If you want to offer these, chat about them vocally and make it an enticing sales pitch.
  • Most cam sites have features that enable models to be creative, so take advantage and put something new out every week.
  • Get imaginative with fun games. You can play card games, set a raffle, do a strip tease, read tarot cards or naughty stories.
  • Any of the above usually encourage people to be interactive and this is also how you gain new followers!

  • Please do not ever be shy to hustle guys to tip. You’re there to earn money. TThey are there to enjoy and make your time profitable.
  • Remind them it is polite to show their appreciation in tips. Point them to how they can tip.
  • Talk about the tipping menu or any interactive features and games and explain where they can find these.
  • Top cam models are superb saleswomen and they sell themselves online as their own commodity!
  • Tell your audience how hot your private shows are, tell them what they can do with you. Sometimes members just need to be reminded.
  • Some enjoy models taking the lead and telling them what they should do, as a result they spend their tokens or credits.

  • If you’re still finding you cannot get the interaction you want, change something.
  • Mix up the time of day or night you go online and meet some new followers.
  • You could also overhaul your personal styling to offer something fresh. How about a new bright lingerie set, a different hairstyle or a fun cosplay outfit, for example.

Cam models who work hard to be the best model online will always attract interactive members. These models are inspiring to viewers versus models who don’t put the effort in.

Members can be a fickle bunch and love to be stimulated in different ways. Keep creating, keep evolving because this is how you engage your audience and make more money!

Learning to become a nifty skilled engager is the way to go if you want to make big bucks from camming. It worked for me and won me an army of fans. Having supporters visiting me week on week enabled me to make big payouts on a consistent basis.

It will take practice, it will take patience because with anything, the more you chip away the more confident and competent you become.

The point where it all clicks into place and the tips start to fly… you’ve hit gold!

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Camming as a career choice

I understand the stigma and prejudice around camming as a career choice. Take it from a female who is professionally qualified and chose webcamming over a salaried job. Camming IS a bona-fide career choice!

For those who do not believe in camming as a career choice, their cynicism is usually based on these reasons:

1. Camming is “sex work” – i.e. work of a sexual nature and not “proper” work. Well I cannot argue with this point, camming is indeed sex work, it is what it is. However it is a service people pay for, therefore cam models are service providers.

2. No formal qualification is required therefore camming is not a proper career.

I do have a fair bit to say on this point. Where individuals believe there is no prerequisite to get qualified, there is no incentive to apply themselves.

In reality they have to work and study very conscientiously in order to build into a career. This applies to being a professional in absolutely any field, camming included!

Compare the idea of being a professional cam model to any other person. Think of a person who aspires to success in any academic or trade field where a high degree of skill is required. Highly qualfied persons have the potential to earn and vast sums of income.

Whether it is a surgeon, an electrician, an accountant or a lawyer. All these careers require years of intense study combined months and years of practical experience. This is before the individual can become an expert and progress up to the highest levels of earnings.

The majority who embark on such careers are academic types. These individuals possess the ability to commit and apply themselves, incentivised by the end gain. Their reality and drive is the time and effort they need to invest in order to reach their goal.

At the end, they savour that sense of achievement and credibility it brings them. This is the very thing that keeps them focussed so they see it through, because they progress on to lucrative rewarding careers.

As a cam model, you should take your work seriously as your profession, too.

We must all understand that study, whether this is with or without certification; is always an essential part of success. In every case, in every field.

In the case of cam modelling, study consists of reading and researching. This blog is a good place to start!

Listen to and watch the professionals, make notes. Delve into the imagination in order to create your own strong identity as a cam model.


These days there are highly knowledgable cam model coaches and mentors that teach unique skills. They work diligently to bring out individual niche qualities that help transform a committed cam model hopeful into a star. I am one of such coaches.

The difference between cam model coaching and academic training, is that there is no industry regulation in terms of qualifications. Therefore there are no formal recognised examinations and certifications at the end of it.

The effectiveness of this nature of study is as such, down to the individual. They have take on board what they wish to glean from it.

It is their personal responsibility to take it seriously when putting into practice what they have learnt, because if they do not, they cannot reap the benefits.

As a cam model you are embarking on an exciting, lucrative journey where there is no ceiling to the amount of money you can earn!

Take a professional approach to your study and there is no limit to what you can learn!


The bottom line is, nobody wants to be average at their job. If being a cam model is the career path you have chosen – congratulations!

Learn it well, become a pro and command those big payouts!

Hear from a model who takes webcamming very seriously as her career choice, and makes more money than most! Jazzy J interview here.

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