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Being a top model is not about looks

Here I explain why being a top cam model is not all about looks. Personability, character and confidence are the key to winning fans.

You do not have to look like a magazine centrefold to be a highly successful webcam model.

There are current trends that many young women in the industry unfortunately feel under pressure to conform to. These include cosmetic surgery, dermal fillers and botox, hair extensions and veneers.

Despite this, it is continually proven that none of this guarantees popularity or high earnings in the industry.

I have seen females entering the industry looking like they’ve stepped off a Victoria’s Secret runway. Others who look like Playboy models. 

They have tens or even hundreds of thousands of social media followers because they publish beautiful images.

Their images are taken by professional photographers, which are or course retouched and look very pleasing on the eye.

Everything looks fantastic on the surface and they make a start cam, only to drop away in a matter of weeks.

The simple answer is this: in every case one drops away, it is because they are lacking something within themselves.

It is not a physical issue, it almost always links back to barriers within their own conscious os subconscious minds.

Common barriers are lack of self confidence, inability to be consistent, low resiliene and lack of imagination. Sometimes it is a lack of communication skills, the inability to engage with people.

In other cases, they just don’t come across as personable. As a result, they don’t succeed at gaining fans and regulars online.

I have seen gorgeous models with all the sparkle in front of a camera on photographic shoots.

Put the same girls in front of a webcam and a captive live audience, they cannot deal with it. They come across stand-offish and people don’t warm to them.

On the flipside I’ve seen cam models who do not fit the cam model stereo type in terms of looks and body shape.

These females possess all that is necessary to make it and these women consistently get online week after week. As a result they make very respectable payouts.

Such women I’m aware of include middle aged mothers and models who are plus-sized. They get online and rock the show with their body confidence.

Super inter-personal skills inner sparkle sees them exude sex appeal and win private shows.

To summarise… Being a top cam model is not all about looks. Irrespective of appearance and body shape, it is possible to be highly successful in this industry.

Primarily it is the non-physical elements of a person make up the right composition of attributes.

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