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How to deal with internet trolls

Do you know how to deal with internet trolls? Nobody should put up with poor treatment from others, on webcam sites or anywhere else. Here I explain how to tackle this problem.

Internet trolls can be overbearing, often a source of despair and drain for cam models. Here are some tips on how to deal with internet trolls and rude users in general.

Fortunately, in my experience of the site’s I have worked on, the majority of site members do adhere to the Codes of Conduct and behave respectfully. Most are pleasant to interact with and are careful not to overstep the mark.

Just like there is always a group of troublemaking kids in every school full of nice kids, it’s the minority that spoil it. A few will go out of their way to make others feel crappy.

On every webcam site there are always individuals who get kicks out of being unpleasant.

They will try to ruin someone else’s day or destroy their self-esteem. I wish I could wave a magic wand and stop this from happening, but I cannot.

Please understand that THEY are the problem, not you!


I can hand on heart tell you that in pretty much every case, a troll’s behavior is a reflection of the issues within their own lives.

They feel crappy about something, so tearing others down is their method of making themselves feel better about their own miserable existence.

Sometimes trolling is triggered by relentless boredom. It may be resentment for something that’s happened to them. In some cases it’s a mental health issue like narcissism.


Cam site trolls are detached from the fact that cam models are real people with living expenses and families to support.

They think shooting them down will solve all the problems in the world when in fact cam models are working, tax paying adults who deserve their rights to respect and privacy.

No matter how well webcam sites are policed by Admins, there are always going to be losers who attempt to breach these basic human rights of cam models. They will make stupid, insulting and down-right degrading comments.

Unfortunately there is no way to vet cam site members before they join in order to determine how they will behave, therefore sites will never be able to stop trolls from joining and skulking around on cam sites causing trouble.

All power to cam models, as the power is in their hands to take control of the ridiclous key board warriors!

Nip their nonesense in the bud by doing these three things:


If somebody is rude, no matter how much this catches you on the hot – show dignity. Do this because it demonstrates maturity and shows the person on the attack that you refuse to be torn down. As a result, they realise they cannot win.


Maintain a strong and calm stance. This sets the standard for the level of behaviour you expect in your chat room and shows anybody else who is witnessing the spectacle that you are a Queen!


Know how to deal with internet trolls. Understand you have the following methods for taking action. How you may wish to take action is down to you to determine the seriousness of their ‘crime.’


Ignore if a person does or says something that you find stupid, annoying or immature. This may not necessarily be rude enough to deserve a ban from your room.

Asking prying questions or making pointless remarks are examples. Not responding sends out the message that you are not keen for that particular discussion. They will likely just go away.


If someone is being annoying and persistent, tell them their behaviour is unacceptable and will see them reported and/or banned if they carry on.

This is the best option if someone is making demands without tipping or trying to coerce conversation about something that is against the side’s code of conduct.


If a user makes comments that blatantly step over the line of decency, block them from your chat. Remove them completely from your room so they can no longer view you online.

All webcam sites should have the function to ban users. If you are not already aware how to do this ask the site Admin team what the process is. This will prepare you going forward so somebody can be removed instantly if needs be.


In extreme cases you should report usernames to site Admins with details of what they user has said or done.

Take screenshots of the chat if you can. If the user is in serious breach of the Code of Conduct (and you have evidence) the Admin team should take this seriously.

Users found to be in serious breach are terminated. In some cases reported to the authorities or subject to legal action.

Now you know how to deal with internet trolls, remember that there is a problem with them, not you.

I know it’s tough but you have to try not to let their poor behaviour get to you.

In all my years of working in this industry I’ve experienced thousands of site members, including a number of trolls. I have banned many users over time, and because of these experiences I have grown a thicker skin.

I have learned to rise above their comments and move swiftly onto the next engagement.

With experience you will become hardened to this too. You will grow a strong backbone the longer you are in the industry!

Never lose site of the fact that for every one loser, there are 100 nice guys there to make your time online rewarding and fun!

Keep smiling, keep your head held high, and carry on making money!


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