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Lovense not working? Fix it!

“My lovense is not working, how can I fix it?”

A camgirl’s biggest irritation: When the interactive toy purchased to help her make money, is not interactive.

Whether you have a Lush, a Domi, a Hush, a Nora; it is so disheartening when people tip and it does not vibrate.

Although we love our Lovense toys, there are many factors that contribute towards the success of them. Sadly its not just a case of charge up and go.

They are always awesome on manual control. However with interactive cam sites they can prove challenging, because they are ultra techy.

Certain variables always block them from working if you cannot get to the bottom of the communication breakdown between toy and cam site.

To help any and all cam models tackle this problem, I’ve put together my tried and tested troubleshooter advice.

N.B. This troubler shooter advice is relevant only to Lovense toys operated via the Lovense Connect smartphone app. This is not applicable to the Lovense browser.

1. Is your smartphone compatible with Lovense Connect?

Not all models of phones are compatible, check the latest information on compatible devices here under App Download – Compatible With.

2. Is the toy fully charged, and switched on?

Sorry if this is stating the obvious… You need to charge the toy fully and make sure it is switched on.

3. Do you have a strong Wifi signal to your smartphone?

Lovense toys will only work if there is a strong WiFi signal and the toy is in range.

NOTE: The smartphone must be on the same Wifi network as your laptop.

ALSO NOTE: Lovense Connect will not work on 4G data.

4. Is your Bluetooth enabled?

Lovense toys rely on Bluetooth to interact with cam sites. They have inbuilt Bluetooth receivers. Make sure the Bluetooth is switched on in the smartphone settings, and is discoverable.

Check your toy is recognised in your phone’s Bluetooth connections and shows as connected.

5. Is your toy connected correctly in Lovense Connect?

Go here and follow these setup steps. Note these are the instructions for CamSoda, which is the network we work with.

If you work on another site, please ask their model tech support team if they have specific guidelines to help you integrate Lovense Connect correctly with the site.

Make sure you are running the most up to date version of Lovense Connect. If in doubt, delete and reinstall the app.

1. Give your smartphone a hard reboot.

The method of doing this will vary dependent on the make of phone. Usually it’s a press and long hold of the on/off button, with some phones its a swipe.

If not sure, do a Google search under your phone’s make and model and research how to do a ‘hard reboot.’

A hard reboot clears any bugs and restarts the Lovense Connect app. The action resolves the issue in 95% of cases where all of the basic steps above are also satisfied.


2. Is the firmware up to date?

Check if there is a Lovense firmware update that has not automatically updated. This will be in Lovense Remote app. You will need to log out of Lovense Connect before logging onto Lovense Remote.

Hit the ‘me’ icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, then select ‘Settings.’ You will see any available firmware in this screen, it’ll say ‘firmware update’. Select and let the app do its thing, then reboot the phone.

3. Could it be a firewall issue?

It is possible that the Connect app is blocked within the broadband router supplied by your internet provider. Unfortunately some routers block access to apps they are not familiar with.

Call your internet provider to resolve. If they cannot provide a solution or you want to save yourself the awkwardness of calling them, upgrade the router yourself.

Purchase one that’s powerful and not controlled by a broadband service provider.

In my experience, Netgear routers are badass for camming, and Lovense-friendly. As an example, the Nighthawk has always worked faultlessly for me. This model is one of the more budget-friendly routers in their range.

4. Is your toy simply old, or broken?

Your toy has reached it’s end of life. This it likely the case if it used to buzz on tips, but does not any longer.

Sometimes components inside fail or break with wear and tear. You could expect to get 2-3 years use out of a Lovense toy providing you take good care of it.

5. If the Lovense is still not working and you can’t fix it… fake it!

At the end of the day, don’t fret too much! Providing the tips are registered by your site, you get paid regardless!

Do your best porn star moans, act along and have fun!

Stay sharp checking your user chat area to not miss the tip prompts. Missing tip prompts upsets users and they leave the room. They want to see their tips showing you a good time!

Now you better understand the techy factors that affect how well your Lovense works on cam….

Ultimately, the company’s offerings are FANTASTIC and I highly recommend them.

The Lush has proven to be the single most effective tipping prop I have ever discovered. For an investmet of around £100 on that little pink fella I was able to skyrocket my earnings to 6-figures a year!


So girls, persevere with these toys! They are extremely lucrative as a tool for making money online, whether they ‘buzz’ or not.

Get your Lovense toys here!

Lovense not working? Fix it! (or Fake it!)

To apply to work with us, head over to LVE Models.

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