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The important Code of Conduct

Here is some insight into the important Code of Conduct. These are the boring ‘legals’ you must understand prior to starting on cam.

Every legitimate and professional webcam site should have its Terms and Conditions (T’s & C’s), including its ‘Code of Conduct’ displayed and publicly available as a clickable link from the home page. 

A site’s T’s & C’s is the ‘small print;’ which is a list of guidelines and disclaimers including your legal obligations as a performer as well as the site’s legal obligations to you.

The important Code of Conduct lays out expected behaviours between perfomers and members. In addition, they lay out outline various things must not be discussed because they are against the Law.

Anyone and everyone, whether a model or a member signing up, must tick to agree to the T’s and C’s before committing to sign up. Most don’t even read them.

A site must fulfil its legal obligation and make these publicly available. If you cannot see these displayed clearly on the home page, be wary.

I cannot stress enough the importance of reading the small print on adult webcam sites. Don’t just read it, sink it in.

If the important Code of Conduct is not understood, the ignorance of individuals sees them slip into hot water and put themselves at risk.

Breaking the important Code of Conduct sees performers and members suspended or permanently banned from cam sites.

Worse still, in some cases it results in legal action. The extreme end of the sees involves reported to authorities to investigate.

An example of the danger performers can get into when they neglect to understand the Code; is being victims of coercion. This is when members try to entice them into discussing subjects that are against the law.

Subjects often at risk of coercion in performers include incest, sex with minors or animals. These subjects are against the law and therefore banned on cam sites across the board.

Coercion happens all the time because many models, espeically newbies, are naive. They go along with it if they are promised money.

For this reason every cam model, including new starters and experiences models, should take the time immediately. Read and make yourself well informed of the important Code of Conduct on whichever you join.

Aside of the legal ’do’s and don’t’s′, please undestand that you as a cam model do not have to do or discuss anything at all on cam – banned subject or otherwise – that makes you feel uncomfortable.

If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. You can always kick, ban or report users that try to encourage you down routes of discussion you’re uneasy with.

Aside from the important Code of Conduct, you have the right to set your own rules and must always stick to your own boundaries.

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