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Nova: “You can be a successful camgirl with ADHD”

I’m Nova and I’m here to tell you, you can be a successful camgirl with ADHD.

ADHD and camming is a tough mix. Camming requires focus, attention and commitment to your planned work schedule. ADHD by nature, is the opposite of this.

I’ve struggled against ADHD fairly constantly through my four years of camming.

The fidgeting, the inability to focus when my room is quiet, the tired mornings due to my difficulty getting proper sleep.

Maybe the worst thing is the impatience and over-thinking that comes from the days I don’t do so well.

The good news is that when harnessed, ADHD can be a superpower for camming.

  • Thrive: When things are busy, we thrive! Our brain is wired for multi-tasking when the shows get going that other people don’t come so easily too.
  • Creativity: Our ADHD makes us creative and spontaneous! How could these not be a win for the work we are doing?
  • Emotion: People with ADHD are also naturally emotional, vulnerable and compassionate. This allows us to really connect to our fans when they decide to connect with us.

There are big struggles with ADHD. The four main things I attribute to my ability to harness it are:

1. Good sleep hygiene

I have some info that you should read about this:

2. Exercise

Get out that extra energy that gets bottled! Cause more often then not that turns into anxiety! 30 min of cardio a day is all I do and it makes all the difference.

3. Good diet

People underestimate the power our gut has over our changing moods. A healthy diet is so important if we want to have more positivity in our moods.

4. Schedule

Figuring out the daily/weekly schedules and routines that work best for me and BEING CONSISTENT WITH THEM! So many new models underestimate the power of consistency through the day off camera and through the live shows.

I write lists for things outside of the routine and work through those things when I have spare time for them. The routine comes first because without it, the dominoes start to fall.

As for keeping my attention in check when the room is quiet, practicing being present and mindful every morning before my shows is paramount.

Annabelle has a great article regarding pre-show self care and how to be the best you. It is incredibly comprehensive and on point. I very much suggest reading it. Here.

Beyond that I always have music playing that I truly love to dance to. When it’s quiet I sink completely into it and find my happiness in it. The fans feel that energy through the camera.

Painting works well, as do mini workouts (guys love to see your body work). Or just finding new ways to pose yourself on camera, appreciate your beauty and take that time to pour some love into you instead of your adoring fans.

If all else fails, take a little break, hype yourself up, change your outfit and try again.

This can refresh the energy and expose you to a new wave of online fans which can pull you out of the low feeling that comes with a slow room.

We are definitely wired different. But that doesn’t mean we can’t harness that unique programming and make it work for us.

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